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Posted by Foxfier on 2012/05/18


Also Geeky, but if that startles you, we clearly haven’t “met!”

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Comedy Central’s Cordova Is Les Nessman Funny

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/05/18

WKRP in Cincinnati had a serious newscaster by the name of Les Nessman. He was hilarious because he was so serious and so incapable of understanding anything. It was a great piece of comedy writing. Comedy Central has its own Les Nessman, but this time the hilarity is in the fact the dude’s actually serious. It isn’t an act. And he’s being a whiny little Leftist baby. Aww, poor thing.

Conservative Hashtag Games Are Ruining Twitter

Dude’s whine is very salty. Very salty, indeed. What’s even funnier than his whine — where he proves he doesn’t even understand the material he’s whining about — is the comment section on the Leftist’s whine. I read over 100 comments, and I think maybe two of them were from Liberals.

For the dude’s next Nessman writing, I suggest the header “Conservative Commenters Are Ruining My Articles”.

HT Hot Air Headlines

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Occupy Wall Street Clean Up Costs

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/05/18

A Google search for Occupy Wall Street clean up costs provides 6,270,000 results.

Occupy LA cleanup, repair cost at least $4.7M — KABC-TV 7, LA ABC station
The costs to the taxpayers for the irresponsible and criminally destructive occupods in LA are more than double the 2.3 million dollar figure CBS previously estimated.

As of 7OCT2011, the Zuccotti Park OWS mob had already cost NYPD 2 million dollars. And that says absolutely nothing about the actual clean up costs. Just the law enforcement costs.

Around Thanksgiving of last year, The Daily, in an article that appears to be very friendly to the occupods, declared the national taxpayer cost at over 13 million dollars. A look at their map shows LA cost to be “over 120,000”. I suppose, in some circles, that “over 120,000” fits the 4.7 million plus dollar actual cost. The Daily goes on to quote some outrageously insane occupods being outrageously insane.

New York City Councilman ​Ydanis Rodriguez, who was arrested during a police raid on Zuccotti Park earlier this month, told The Daily that all that police overtime could end up working in the movement’s favor.

“With all the extra money NYPD officers are earning this holiday season through the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations,” he said, “I think they’re likely to become some of Occupy Wall Street’s biggest supporters.”

Yes, Councilman Rodriguez, defecating on a police cruiser is exactly the way to make the police support your cause. Drugging up, raping people, murdering people, becoming a severe health hazard for the residents of the area are great ways to win support from the people who have to clean up after you.

The childish, repugnant, personally irresponsible, violent, destructive, drug-addled, anarchistic crowds have gotten lots of support from the Democrat power structure and the Mainstream Media (but I repeat myself). But they cost the nation’s taxpayers over 100 million dollars in Law Enforcement over-time and sanitation worker over-time. And the occupods turn off the people who have to live in the area. And they’re fizzling terribly.

On the other hand, TEA Party protesters (who are far and away more numerous and more law-abiding) do the Boy Scout thing: leave a place cleaner than they found it. And not only are they not fizzling, contrary to Mainstream Media and Democrat power brokers’ (again, I repeat myself), but they are turning the people against them.

The TEA Party, on the other hand, is not fizzling, despite the hard work of Mainstream Media and Democrats (repetition) to characterize the Conservative/Libertarian movement in such a fashion. The TEA Party is actively changing the lay of the political land, winning Primaries and General elections at an alarming (to the Media and Democrats (redundant again)) rate. Witness Deb Fischer and Mia Love, among a great many others.

The occupods, who can’t get the numbers their cheerleaders “expect”, are costing taxpayers at least nine digits in taxpayer dollars nobody can afford, and destroying lives (and violently ending some), while the TEA Party is effecting real change in the political landscape, saving the taxpayers billions in the process, and returning Constitutional freedom to everyone.

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