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Comedy Central’s Cordova Is Les Nessman Funny

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/05/18

WKRP in Cincinnati had a serious newscaster by the name of Les Nessman. He was hilarious because he was so serious and so incapable of understanding anything. It was a great piece of comedy writing. Comedy Central has its own Les Nessman, but this time the hilarity is in the fact the dude’s actually serious. It isn’t an act. And he’s being a whiny little Leftist baby. Aww, poor thing.

Conservative Hashtag Games Are Ruining Twitter

Dude’s whine is very salty. Very salty, indeed. What’s even funnier than his whine — where he proves he doesn’t even understand the material he’s whining about — is the comment section on the Leftist’s whine. I read over 100 comments, and I think maybe two of them were from Liberals.

For the dude’s next Nessman writing, I suggest the header “Conservative Commenters Are Ruining My Articles”.

HT Hot Air Headlines

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