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What Man Made Climate Change

Posted by Yorkshire on 2013/05/30

Who Da Thunk! We’s wuz right afterall. All the time we lived in reality, and Algore’s of the world wuz wrong!!!!

Oops! UK Climate Change Czar: Humans May Not Be Responsible For Global Warming After All

Michael Miller
On May 30, 2013

Holy carbon offset, say it ain’t so, Al! The UK’s Energy and Climate Change czar said this week that although he still believes the earth’s temperature is rising, “natural phases” may be to blame.

Translation: We didn’t do it. (Al Gore unavailable for comment.) From The Telegraph:

Ted Yeo, an environment minister under John Major, is one of the Conservative Party’s strongest advocates of radical action to cut carbon emissions. His comments are significant as he was one of the first senior figures to urge the party to take the issue of environmental change seriously.

He insisted such action is “prudent” given the threat climate change poses to living standards worldwide. But, he said, human action is merely a “possible cause.”

Read it all (plus cartoon)

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Memorial Day 2013 – Marine Corps Monument – Iwo Jima Flag Raising

Posted by Yorkshire on 2013/05/27

Note the size of the monument to the Marines. Just outside of Ft. Myer, VA near Arlington National Cemetery.

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I’m Not Dead Yet

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2013/05/27

I’m sure many of you have been wondering whatever happened to me. Well, my life went through another major upheaval. I no longer work for Reynolds Consumer Products and I no longer live in Texas. I don’t live in any state now, actually, although my official state of residence is once again Ohio. After spending 15 years or so outside the trucking industry, I’m once again driving a truck cross country. I have not yet gotten a new phone with unlimited data or hotspot capability so I’m effectively without the internet for the time being (I’m writing this from a Utah motel room). I hope to get semi-active again in the near future but for the time being, suffice to know I’m still alive and kicking and occasionally talking to Dana over the phone about what I’m finding while driving.

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Might Want To Read

Posted by Foxfier on 2013/05/05

It's That "Content of Their Character" Thingy…Again.

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