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When I was in high school, I had an algebra teacher who liked to tell stories to “scare straight” his students. The first day of class, he told one such story.

“If I don’t like you, I’ll fail you. When I taught in Chicago, I had parents calling my house to complain about how I treated their kids. ‘You hate little Johnny,’ the mother would say. ‘You’re right. I hate little Johnny,’ would be my response. Why argue with her? It wouldn’t change her mind.”

Of course, little stories like this were meant to show he wasn’t going to be swayed by anyone in his decision-making process. His students followed the rules and did their work or they suffered the consequences. Protestations did not sway him at all.

I said that to say this: This is not a Free Speech Zone. This is my blog. This is my home. While I welcome and will accept dissenting opinions from many different perspectives, if I say something is out of bounds, it is. Protestations otherwise are irrelevant. For example: 9-11 Truthers and Trig Birthers are not welcome to push those agendas.

Note: I have chosen to avail myself of one of WordPress’ optional comment-screening methods. If you have never had a comment published here, your comments will automatically be held for moderation. If you have had a comment published here, the regular moderation and spam parameters will determine your comment’s fate–at least temporarily.

2 Responses to “Comment Policy”

  1. I noticed some traffic to our website,, from your blog, so I logged on. Great stuff, and thanks for the promo. We are driving the pro-abortion groups crazy. They even hacked our blog ( last summer! We replaced it, however, and now it’s much more secure. We have reached nearly 7 million teens with the pro-life message and saved hundreds of thousands from abortion, much to their dismay. By the way, one pro-abortion college professor did a study and found that teens like more than Planned Parenthood’s teen website, Gotta love it!


  2. Tom Hamilton said

    Re: Just Because:

    This is Monica Vitti, first lady of Michelangelo Antonioni’s existential films. Looks like it is “l’Avventura”—circa 1961…

    Antonioni’s great English success was “Blow-Up”…


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