Truth Before Dishonor

I would rather be right than popular


I created this blog to provide a means for me to refute assertions I believe to be untrue and to forward information I believe to be important.  Some of the posts may be more frivolous and some may be wholly opinion, but my main goal is to provide another outlet to honest information.  My views are not necessarily the views of any others.  When and if other authors add their own posts, they will not necessarily espouse the same views I hold.

I welcome contrary commentary but I reserve the right to edit or remove inappropriate comments, in whole or in part.  Keep it clean, folks, and avoid sock-puppetry, and you will likely not have any cause for concern.

20090904: As a note of clarity, I am most assuredly a Christian Conservative. As of this date, there are three who are authorized to post articles on TBD, two who are Catholic and myself, a Protestant.

I, John Hitchcock, am a former member of the USMC (reserves) and the father of a woman who spent 15 months in Iraq at the invitation of the US Army. One of the other two authors is the father of a woman who is a PFC and a member of the ROTC. The other is a former member of the US Navy and a current Navy wife. All three of us have experience involving the military in one form or another and experiences regarding the military and current events.

20090915: If your sole reason for posting is to get your site linked from the comment section of my site, don’t waste my time. I have no patience for baseless attacks, empty “thank you” notes, dishonest backtracks and the like. If that’s all you want to do, go spam some site not named Truth Before Dishonor because you dishonor yourself and your site.

20110513: I have added Hube to the stable of authors and he has already provided two worthwhile articles. He is very much a Conservative with whom I disagree on a subject or four. As with the other two authors I have added, we have our disagreements but we are all Conservative and we all share the value of “Truth Before Dishonor”.

20110609: DNW has recently joined TBD as an author.

John Hitchcock is a former USMC reservist with a daughter who served honorably in Iraq and is in the process of being discharged from the US Army. He is a solid 3-prong Conservative and a Protestant Christian.

Dana Pico has two daughters in the military reserves, one of whom is in the ROTC and will likely be one semester short of getting her Commission as she is expected to be activated for deployment. He is an anti-Death Penalty 3-prong Conservative and a Catholic Christian.

Foxfier is former Navy and a current military wife and mother of two beautiful pre-school daughters. She is a 3-prong Conservative and a Catholic Christian.

Hube is in the education field. He is a strong Conservative with Libertarian leanings.

DNW is, I suspect, a Conservative Libertarian. He prefers his anonymity in nearly all aspects of his life, and that preference is to be respected by all commenters. His writing is often the most intellectual-based and professorial of the authors.

Yorkshire is a one-legged man who jokes often about his one-leggedness. He was a US Army reservist from 1969 to 1975. He recently retired from the Army Corps of Engineers. He is also the photographer of the bunch (while others do post their photography from time to time). He is a solid 3-prong Conservative. Yorkshire quote for this update: “Favorite misleading true statement that while with the Army, during the War, I lost my leg. Sounds like I lost in the war, but the war had nothing to do with it. Dr. Bill got his Sawz-All out in 2006 (war was on and worked for the Corps) and stole it while I was sleeping.”

Our authors and readers range from recently hired “lower class” to entreprenurial “upper class” with business, government, education fields all represented from a Conservative/Libertarian perspective — with the occasional Liberal commenter peeking in (and we need more intellectually honest Liberals commenting here). We are constantly watching for possible new authors and always seeking new commenters (who can follow the rules).

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