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Hold To The Bible Or The Torah? You’re An Abomination!

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/03/31

Thus saith the absolute relativist Perry Hood!

First off, let’s get a couple facts straight.
1)Falsehood is not the opposite of Truth.
2)Evil is not the opposite of Good.
Both are purity twisted to become impure. Neither evil nor falsehood can claim originality, as both have to depend on originality (that being Good and Truth) for their twisted power. And that makes it impossible for them to be the opposite of the original (since they copied and twisted the original).

I have previously shown where Perry Hood is willing to break his promises willy-nilly whenever his promises inconvenience him. I have written about his multiple years long lie that Conservatives and Libertarians don’t have a budgetary plan for the US. I have written about his hatred of Israel (and this is a Pro-Israel site (see the above blog page header)). In fact, I have written multiple articles concerning the radical Leftist and absolute relativist Perry Hood, oftentimes discussing his elitist snobbery. For instance, according to Perry Hood — who lives in the state of Delaware — there are some states that count and some states that don’t (and his state counts).

Now I get to write about his anti-Jew, anti-Christian hatred of anyone who holds the Torah or the Bible as Truth. First my comment in its entirety:

John Hitchcock says:
March 31, 2012 at 10:31

For the record, and in repetition, I hold to the Bible, which declares homosexuality to be:
1) An abomination
2) A sin against Providence, others, and your own self
3) A decision to cast out that which is natural and to replace it with that which is unnatural.

Tammy Bruce is a homosexual. And I have, multiple times, declared my high regard for her.
Aphrael is a “married” homosexual Liberal. And I have, multiple times, declared my respect for his debating.
Jeff is a strong supporter of the homosexual political agenda. And I have, multiple times, declared my respect for his debating.

Now here comes Wagonwheel, who sees the Editor write about a group of public universities which are considering the possibility of requesting an applicant provide his or her sexual preference on college application forms, and decides to comment. Does Wagonwheel say it’s none of the universities’ business what sexual preference the applicants have? No! Instead, Wagonwheel accuses the Editor — who said it’s none of the universities’ business what sexual preferences the applicants have — of being hateful in not supporting a position of DEMANDING PEOPLE DECLARE THEIR SEXUAL PREFERENCE in order to go to college. Talk about a warped sense of propriety! Talk about a warped mind! Wagonwheel has that, in spades! (Next up: Wagonwheel accuses me of being racist and using dog-whistles only unhinged Leftists can hear, because I used the colloquial expression “in spades”.)

Note, I am holding to both the Torah and the Bible. Not also, it’s the Torah part of the Bible that declares homosexuality to be an abomination. And here is why I said evil and falsehood are not the opposite of Good and Truth but merely a twisting of both as a result of evil and falsehood being incapable of originality. Here is Perry Hood’s comment in its entirety:

Wagonwheel says:
March 31, 2012 at 11:27

“For the record, and in repetition, I hold to the Bible, which declares homosexuality to be:
1) An abomination
2) A sin against Providence, others, and your own self
3) A decision to cast out that which is natural and to replace it with that which is unnatural.”

You are the abomination, Mr Hitchcock, for considering these words in the Bible, which has been written by men, to be some sort of a truth from god. And then you attempt to smooth over this abomination by making a list of a few homosexuals whom you tolerate. Instead of being a loving Christian, you are evil incarnate, with regard to this particular extremist attitude of yours toward homosexuality, a trait which has to do with the genetic makeup from birth. Shame on you, Mr Hitchcock!

Emphasis mine, by the way. And there you have it. Perry Hood had to make use of my language I got directly from the Torah (which is part of the Bible) in order to twist it into something it isn’t. Perry Hood had to take Truth and turn it into a Lie. Perry Hood had to take Good and turn it into evil. But the point is, while Perry Hood likes to be able to tell Christians they aren’t Christians due to their rejection of his Socialism he purports to be a position Jesus had 2,000 years ago, Perry Hood has declared all who hold to the Bible and the Torah to be abominations for holding to the Bible and the Torah.

Thus Perry Hood’s words regarding Christianity, Christians, Israel, Jews, Israelis, the Bible, the Torah can all be rejected out of hand. Because Perry Hood has absolutely no love for the Sacred Scriptures, but is, rather, full of hatred toward them as they get in his way with every step he takes and every breath he takes.

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Ya Picked A Fine Time Ta Leave Me, Loose Wheel

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/03/30

Not the words I was looking for.

You picked a fine time to leave me, loose wheel
Four rusty lugnuts and a spare that won’t seal

You picked a fine time to leave me, loose whee.

But this song will do in a pinch (if that’s what they’re calling it these days).

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Word Of Honor? Or Contract?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/03/29

Which is more valuable to you? Your word of honor or a legally binding contract you sign? There is at least one modern, industrialized nation that to this day culturally values your “gentleman’s handshake” more greatly than your signature on a piece of paper. Likely, there are more than one, due to a cultural thing.

From my reading and from my experience, Japan is such a place. And I expect it’s a trans-national cultural thing, and something we used to have in the US, before people of low morals de-stigmatized breaking one’s word of honor.

In Japan, your signature on a piece of paper carries much less weight than your actual word of honor, your actual promise. If you break your promise (which would be lying), you dishonor yourself. You also dishonor your employer and your associates and your friends. But most importantly, you dishonor your family (sometimes irreparably). You become an absolute disgrace to all who have connections to you, and they will do their best to distance themselves from you. And, ya know, I think that ain’t such a bad idea, yo. If people who break promises became Pariahs, the world would become a much healthier place.

In my last Ohio job, I worked for a Japanese-owned company. A large percentage of the employees there were Japanese citizens on US work visas. They absolutely valued personal honor. They absolutely valued your word. And if you broke your word you were a disgrace, not to be trusted in anything at all.

What brought this up? That’s the wrong question, actually. As the saying goes, “the answer is only important if the right question is asked”. Who brought this up? Perry Hood brought this up. If you’ve been a follower of this site for any time, you’ll know Perry Hood is a radical Leftist “absolute relativist” who comments on The First Street Journal under the name “Wagonwheel” (generic link in deference to the blog owner, who allows anonymity, even of malignant sorts, on his site (which means this link will not trackback to any article there)). Perry Hood made a promise some time ago not to comment on my articles, in my threads. He has previously “accidentally” done so, and when called on it, he has “given permission” for me to delete his comments. But in each of the most recent three days, Perry Hood has knowingly and intentionally commented on my TFSJ articles, claiming he has chosen to retract his promise (as if that is even honorably possible).

What made the difference? Convenience. Perry Hood found it highly inconvenient to keep his promise to not comment on my articles, thus Perry Hood decided he would be Dishohorable and disgrace himself by breaking his sworn oath not to comment on my articles. And in doing so, Perry Hood tried to lay the blame on others because I have forced him to keep his promise (by deleting all or most of each of his comments) and because the site owner has given me leeway to enforce Perry Hood’s promise.

In Modern-Day Japanese culture (and likely in the culture of the entirety of the Pacific Rim, as I have found occasion to speak in-depth with a Filipino businesswoman who lives in the same culture and has traveled to the US (only to be disgusted by San Fransisco elevator eyes)), Perry Hood would be a Pariah, a disgrace to himself, his family, his associates (and his employers if he weren’t already retired), and be cast out of civilized conversation and associations, due specifically to his Dishonorable actions. But, in Modern-Day radical Leftist US culture, it’s perfectly alright to lie and make an oath that you repeatedly break later under one condition: Keeping the oath you made inconveniences you to any degree whatsoever.

So, Perry Hood, the radical Leftist, self-proclaimed “Progressive” (read Socialist) from Delaware, has declared his promises to not be worth the breath it takes to make them, if they inconvenience him in the least, and that everyone else is to blame if they even deign to hold him to his self-admitted oaths.

I received a query from someone on FaceBook for whom I have great respect. The query went along the lines of “Isn’t a written contract a verbal agreement, only in writing?” That is absolutely right in an American world. And the written contract holds much greater weight in an American world, because it provides proof of the agreement. I’ll note that the promise Perry Hood made was, actually, in writing and posted for the entire world to see. So, that difference does not provide a mitigating factor for Perry Hood.

But let’s take it out of the Dishonorable Perry Hood realm (where he fails on both counts) and into the hypothetical realm, comparing cultures.

In much of modern, industrialized Japan: (In many areas and in many families)

A business contract is business.
If you violate that contract, it’s business and to be dealt with as business.

If you give a personal promise, it’s you, standing there naked with just your honor to clothe you.
If you dishonor your personal promise in any way, YOU are dishonored by your own actions.
If your family does not disown you and turn you into a Pariah, your family is likewise dishonored by accepting you. And they forever live in the shame and dishonor you have heaped upon them as being family of a loathesome, dishonorable person. (Think Star Trek TNG and the Klingons.)
If your friends and acquaintances do not turn their backs on you, they, too, become dishonorable because they kept their ties with a dishonorable person.
Likewise, a business who honors the dishonorable is dishonorable.
And the snowball grows large enough to tear an automobile from the road, sending it and its occupants into destruction.

No, in some cultures, even modern industrialized cultures, it is far worse to dishonor your personal oaths than to violate your business agreements.

And that is exactly what Perry Hood did, in intentionally violating his personal oath at least 5 times in 3 consecutive days. He not only brought shame upon himself but upon all who closely affiliate themselves with him, and upon all with whom he closely affiliates himself.

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Several Pro-Life Women (And One Pro-Abort Man)

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/03/27

The pro-abort crowd is very vociferous in their hate-filled attitude that men have no voice whatsoever in “a woman’s choice” (unless that man is pro-abort). The pro-abort crowd is also very vociferous in claiming Pro-Life women are merely “men with fun bags” as I clearly showed in my previous article referencing Philadelphia Democrat Legislator Babette Josephs. So the pro-abort crowd only accept the opinions of pro-abort women and pro-abort men (who very much wish not to be saddled with any responsibility related to their conquests of morally challenged women).

I have some photos that I picked up from ChristianProLife, who picked them up from Abolish Human Abortion.

And now, the type of “man” the pro-abort crowd finds acceptable.

Pro-aborts always say a man’s contrary opinion doesn’t count, so why would a man’s opinion count at all? Oh, I know. So it gives cover for all the irresponsible women who want to kill their babies. But seriously, why would any pro-abort seek the aid of that “man” above? He’s a dog who has no chance at all of bedding an educated, refined woman. He’s dregs of society and the women he beds are also dregs of society. Neither of them have any interest in being personally responsible for their actions, or in obeying society’s rules.

But according to Babette Josephs, Democrat Pennsylvania Legislature and Dem leader in a certain committee in the Pennsylvaia Legislature, Pro-Life women are actually men with ta-tas. So every photo above, according to Babette Josephs — herself a useful tool in scaring away rats — is of men, and mostly men with melons, or who will have melons.

Talk to the Pro-Abort women and they’ll tell you “I’m not a snob! Just ask anyone! Anyone who counts, that is!”

The Other McCain has placed this article in its “Headlines” section! Thank you, RS McCain!

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March Madness 2012: The Final Four

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/03/27

THE Ohio State University enters its 11th Final Four. As the Kentucky fanatic and esteemed co-blogger Dana Pico said, I went 3 for 4 in my Elite Eight predictions. I predicted Florida would beat Louisville, but I was wrong.

Ohio State lost to and beat Indiana, who beat and lost to Kentucky. Ohio State also lost to Kansas by double digits in Kansas while Jared Sullinger was sidelined with an injury. Had Sully been healthy and playing, the outcome would’ve been different. Would Ohio State have won? I don’t know, but the outcome still would’ve been different.

Now, we have the 2012 edition of the Final Four.
Kentucky faces Loisville in a Kentucky grudge match. It is highly unlikely that Kentucky mash will be involved, but since the game will be in New Orleans, it is a possibility, if you know what I mean.
Ohio State faces Kansas in a rematch. This time, outside of Kansas and with Sullinger playing.

My Final Four Predictions:
1 Kentucky beats 4 Louisville by double digits.
2 Ohio State beats 2 Kansas by 6.

And 2 Ohiio State beats 1 Kentucky by 3, possibly in overtime, to get their first Title since the early 1960s.

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Is ‘Pro-Life Woman’ Even Possible?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/03/27

Pennsylvania Legislator Babette Josephs (D - Phila) (click to embiggen, if you dare)

Not according to a Democrat Pennsylvania Legislator from Philadelphia.

‘I don’t believe they’re really women. … I believe they’re men with breasts.’

Baby killer Kermit Gosnell, who did his heinous deeds in Philadelphia, and those like him thank you for all the business you send their way.

Where are all the feminist organizations? Why have they not denounced this Democrat misogynist, and stridently so? Oh, that’s right. The feminist organizations aren’t actually out to support all women or to protect all women from misogynist attacks. They only wish to protect Leftist women from misogynist attacks.

My mother is Pro-Life. My sister is Pro-Life. My daughter is Pro-Life. My cousins, both male and female, both by blood and by marriage, are Pro-Life. In fact, I don’t know a single member of my nuclear or extended family that is pro-abortion. And babs is accusing all the female members of my extended family of being men with boobs. But she gets a pass from the “don’t say bad things about women” crowd because she is a Leftist saying bad things about Conservative women (who don’t really count as women).

When you target a group of people as the source of your woes, then you dehumanize those people, you can kill those people without a pang of guilt, because you have rotted your own brain and propagandized the populace into rotted brains. And when people stand up and rehumanize those you dehumanized, you need to dehumanize the defendants of your victims you had previously dehumanized. And this is exactly what rotted-brained radical Leftists like Babette Josephs are busily doing. They have to dehumanize and de-womanize women who stand up for the Truth: that unborn babies are in actuality humans. Because the radical Left cannot stand for the Truth to be told or to be shown to those who have bought into the pro-abort Lie.

Target a group of people, blame them for holding people down, turn them into non-persons, turn society against them, then exterminate them, all legal-like.

And when people stand up to your evil, Alinskyite, satanic agenda, dehumanize them as well! Just like Babette Josephs is doing to women who refuse to toe the radical Leftist line. But she is not the only radical Leftist woman de-womanizing Conservative women. You remember that Tennessee Democrat who declared you have to lift the skirts of Republican woman voters to prove they’re women (because they don’t vote like women)? If you’re a politically astute Conservative, you absolutely know about that incident. But if you’re a radical Leftist, or if you’re one of millions of uninformed people (that would be ignorant people), chances are you haven’t heard much, if anything, about that. But I’ve covered that incident previously. And on more than one occasion. So has Michelle Malkin, Hot Air, Red State, Free Republic, Rush Limbaugh, and many, many others. (About 14,300,000 results in the above-linked search.)

As Tina Korbe in the very first link said,

Make no mistake: Feminism in its present day iteration does not teach us to use our freedom for something other than motherhood or for something in addition to motherhood. We all know women are capable of bearing fruit in a myriad of ways — not just by having children — and that they should not be denied opportunities to contribute to society in ways other than motherhood.

No, feminism seeks to actually take that freedom from us by obscuring the terms of the debate. A woman who does not know reality has no meaningful freedom to speak of because she has only false choices. A woman, for example, who thinks that she can become pregnant without becoming a mother is unable to make a meaningful choice between non-motherhood and motherhood.

Oh women, please don’t buy the lies! Wake up and claim the freedom that is your due!

What’s Babette complaining about? Women sponsored a Bill in the Pennsylvania Legislature that would require abortionists to show women the ultrasound videos of their babies they are planning to kill. And Babette tried to make that demand for information to be proof that these “men with breasts” don’t believe women can make informed decisions! The requirement to provide information the radical Left don’t want provided is proof that those who require that information be presented to women want women to be ignorant! Who, in his or her right mind, can actually claim that requiring information is a demand that people be uninformed? Only radical Leftists would make that claim!

Oh, and for a bit of Rule 5, a commenter on Hot Air provides the ultimate. Read the rest of this entry »

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Last Frontier Women Don’t Tolerate #Misogynists

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/03/24

Full text of Sarah Palin’s FaceBook Post (and if you don’t follow her FaceBook posts, Whatsamattah U?):

by Sarah Palin on Saturday, March 24, 2012 at 11:03am ·

Two fellow Alaskan women, Kirsten Powers and Penny Lee, penned a letter to the New York Times calling out misogynist attacks on women in public life.

They included this interesting aside: “Coincidentally we both hail from Alaska — where women are treated as equals — so perhaps our threshold for this kind of behavior is less than here in the Lower 48.”

As an Alaskan woman, I completely agree. Women up here do not tolerate the sexist stereotyping and behavior.

Up here, I’m constantly around commercial fishermen who curse like sailors, oil field workers with hardcore blue collar work ethics, tattooed-up soldiers serving on our military bases, long-haul truck drivers, motorheads, hunters and sport fishermen; and yet I don’t know anyone who talks about women the way these misogynists on TV do with their degrading comments, which includes comments mocking those with special needs.

I grew up hunting, fishing, playing sports, plowing snow, and chopping wood just like the guys. My parents raised my sisters and me to never consider gender an unequal element in anything. (In fact, today is my Dad’s birthday, and I want to give him a shout out because as a science teacher and track coach, he treated all of his students and athletes equally with respect and encouragement.) My daughters have participated on football, hockey, and wrestling teams just like the guys. We even dress like the guys at times (or they, like us) in warm camo hoodies and Carharts. It’s accepted up here because the environment is rugged and real, and our Alaskan elements are a great equalizer.

Women and men are equals in every way in the Last Frontier, and real men are not threatened by strong women. Real men don’t insult women with gross sexist comments meant to demean and objectify them.

These misogynists wouldn’t know how real men behave. I cannot imagine them working on my commercial fishing skiff in Bristol Bay, or driving our trucks to haul gear out to a remote cabin, or fueling up the float plane, or even having a tinge of grease under their fingernails which symbolizes the hard work needed to fuel the nation’s economy. And yet these are all things average Alaskan women do everyday. If these misogynists said one of their disgusting comments up here in person to an “Alaskan chick,” they would have to replace their veneered teeth.

I personally do not seek an apology from these narrow-minded men. With a full family and productive “to-do” list everyday, I just don’t have time for them. But I do feel sorry for them and for their obvious need to compensate for something that’s missing in their own lives, which compels them to belittle others in order to feel big. And I feel sorry for our culture for having to listen to them. America deserves better. I applaud Kirsten and Penny for taking a stand when too many feminists don’t speak up when the attacks are directed at their conservative sisters. And unfortunately too many men, like our president, will only defend certain women, not all women.

– Sarah Palin

(Sarah’s title altered a mite for Twitter purposes.)

I cannot really add any more to that, but to say when you have the Liberal Kirsten Powers and the TEA Party grass-roots Conservative Sarah Palin blasting you, you’re in deep doo-doo. And to add lumber to the funeral pyre, I already linked Bristol Palin’s article blasting the outright misogynist and million-dollar Obama donor Bill Maher.

Kirsten Powers, a Liberal woman, is blasting the misogynistic Liberals for their misogyny (that’s just one of multiple occasions where Powers blasted Liberals), and naming names, but not taking prisoners. Sarah Palin, more highly favored among Republicans than any Republican candidate for President, is blasting the misogynistic Liberals for their misogyny. Bristol Palin, who like her mother was and is a victim of some of the most offensive misogynistic attacks from Liberals, is blasting the misogynistic Liberals for their misogyny.

If Obama were smart (fat chance), he’d demand his Super PAC (you know, that place that allows million-dollar donations, like what Obama basically claimed was evil until he realized he needed them to get re-elected) return that million dollars it received from a radical Leftist misogynist who delved into the worst kind of misogyny to date. But since Obama ain’t all that brilliant, if he does demand that money be returned, it’ll be multiple months late and multiple dollars short (interest accrual, anyone?).

No, the absolute worst misogynists are members of the Democrat Party, hands down. (Or hand’s down, so they can understand what I said.) And that is further proof that the Democrat leadership and the outspoken Liberals are (nearly) all hypocrites. Those like Kirsten Powers (who may yet be turned to the good side and become a dreaded neo-con (do look up the term, Leftists and Paulbots, before you make udder fools of yourselves), aphrael, Jeff, and a great many 2008 Liberals who have become neo-con since are likely all having their eyes opened by the vile spewings of the Liberal leadership. Ad if Obama wants to win later this year, he needs to spew them out of his mouth.

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March Madness, 2012 Edition — The Elite Eight

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/03/24

The Elite Eight is set, and boy was I wrong. This is why I’m not a sportscaster. Well, one of the reasons, anyway. It’s why I don’t enter any sports pools (other than the fact they are mostly “wink and nod” illegal). I’m not very good at it.

I predicted Ohio State would beat Cincinnati by 6. Ohio State lost a 12-point lead and trailed Cincinnati before getting their blue-collar work ethic back and winning going away, by 15.

I predicted North Carolina would rest their starters around mid-way through the second half against Ohio, and win in a laugher. Ohio took North Carolina into overtime before succumbing.

I predicted Xavier would beat Baylor in overtime. Baylor won by 5 in regulation.

I predicted North Carolina State would beat Kansas on a final shot. Kansas beat NC State by 3.

I predicted Kentucky would beat Indiana by 4. Kentucky won by 12.

I predicted Syracuse would be the most likely 1 seed to fall, and gave Wisconsin even odds of accomplishing it. Syracuse won by a single point. Not a bad prediction on its own, but…

I predicted meatchicken state would beat Louisville (my declared weakest 4 seed in the Sweet 16) by 8. Louisville won by 13.

I predicted Florida would beat Marquette by double digits. Florida won by … 10. (Hurray, me.)

So, my Elite Eight predictions. And this time, no victory margins.

1 Kentucky beats 3 Baylor.
7 Florida beats 4 Louisville.
2 Ohio State beats 1 Syracuse.
2 Kansas beats 1 North Carolina.

That would leave 2 SEC teams, a Big Ten team, and a Big Twelve team.

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Wisconsin Most Improved State

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/03/22

Boots & Sabers (an Army Proud blog site, by the way) links to a article noting the Philadelphia branch of the Federal Reserve Bank showed Wisconsin’s economic forecast to be the most improved in the US.

The Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank released a new economic growth forecast for states yesterday. The report forecasts Wisconsin to grow 1.95 percent over the next six months. It is the best economic forecast for the state since 2003. Wisconsin also experienced the most improved forecast in the nation.

“It is the best economic forecast for the state since 2003.” That means the economic forecast for Wisconsin is better than 2004, 2005, 2006, when the US economy was much stronger than it is today. Governor Walker and the Republican-led Wisconsin Legislature’s work in the area of economics, while making Union goons squeal like stuck pigs, is doing great work for the economic health of Wisconsin.

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Supreme Court Spanks The EPA

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/03/22

In a ruling that sides with the American people and against the bloated Federal Bureaucracy, the US Supreme Court has declared that Americans do, in fact, have a right to take the EPA to court, contrary to the position the EPA held. That’s right, the US EPA held the position that US citizens did not have the right to court remediation of EPA power-grabs. And the Supreme Court said “not so fast there, bub” or something to that effect. Not only that, but SCOTUS has once again overturned a Ninth Circus Circuit decision. The US Ninth Circus Circuit, based in San Francisco I do believe, is the most overturned Circuit Court in the US. And with good reason: It is the least Constitution-friendly court in the US.

From The Blaze comes the information. The Supreme Court case is called Sackett v EPA What was the EPA’s argument in front of the Supreme Court? It was that “allowing property owners quick access to courts to contest federal orders would compromise the agency’s ability to deal with water pollution via the Clean Water Act.” Did you catch that? The US EPA said allowing people their day in court would prevent the EPA from doing what it wanted to do. And SCOTUS sided with the People and with the Constitution against the bloated bureaucrats of the US EPA.

Justice Scalia wrote the majority opinion. How could this be a majority opinion? Seriously, why wasn’t this a unanimous decision? And why would the Ninth Circus Circuit declare property owners did not have court access to appeal EPA rulings? Oh, wait, I already answered that last question. And what did Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg have to say? You’ll be shocked when you find out. From the Blaze article:

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said in a separate opinion that the only issue decided by the court was a property owners ability to contest the EPA findings specifically concerning the Clean Water Act.

“On that understanding, I join the court’s opinion,” she said.

Bloated dictatorial EPA power just got deflated a wee bit, and the US Constitution just got upheld, to the chagrin of bureaucrats everywhere.

From The Wall Street Journal, the SCOTUS decision actually was 9-0, adding just a bit more sting to the spanking it gave both the US EPA and the Ninth Circus Circuit Court.

Ed Morrissey picked up the ruling on Hot Air and states:

The Obama administration’s argument boils down to the idea that due process and a legitimate appeal process for Americans challenged by agencies is too big a cost for the government, and it shouldn’t have to deal with oversight on its decisions. Needless to say, that kind of argument won’t ever be popular with any court. As I mention in the [The Fiscal Times] column, the court’s unanimous decision had to have come in part from the offensive notion that citizens were being extorted by massive fines to stay out of court at all.

As I pointed out above, the US Ninth Circus Circuit Court ruled in favor of the EPA and against the Sacketts, thus, the clown court out west most definitely viewed the EPA’s argument very favorably.

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Unfortunately, you cannot idiot-proof government.

Posted by Dana Pico on 2012/03/21


Regulatory Insanity, 2: A $17,000 Dumpster Ramp for the Handicapped

Filed under: General — Patterico @ 7:31 am

A reader from somewhere in Southern California writes to lament the regulatory roadblocks that are severely delaying the opening of his business:

We submitted our building construction plans for the restaurant last year to the county. We had over fifty revisions including a request that the trash dumpster have an enclosure. We stated that the dumpster had a walled enclosure of six feet in height and that the dumpster was rain proof. The County stated that we must have a roof over the trash dumpster. We had the architect draw it up. The plans returned rejected.

The County now rejected the dumpster enclosure because it violated the Americans with Disabilities Act. They required that we build a ramp with a locking gate at the top of the ramp for any wheelchair-bound employee. We argued that the public did not have access to the enclosure and we would not ask any employees in a wheelchair to throw out the trash. The County stated that the lack of a ramp would create a barrier to hiring a handicapped person.

The additional ramp with locking gate increased construction costs by $17,000 and it will take my employees longer to throw out the trash on a daily basis.

Much more at the original, as well as some sound discussion, but Patterico is primarily concerned with the idiocy of foisting unnecessary regulations in a manner which will increase costs to businesses. Roughly five out of every six Americans who have jobs work for private businesses, and adding additional, unnecessary regulatory burdens places additional costs on just the people we want, and need, to create new jobs.

I noticed something a bit different.

We stated that the dumpster had a walled enclosure of six feet in height and that the dumpster was rain proof. The County stated that we must have a roof over the trash dumpster.

Think about how a dumpster is emptied. The truck comes, with the forks, which it puts in the slots on the side of the dumpster. The driver then picks it up and dumps the contents into the truck. If the dumpster pad has a roof on it, the truck must pick up the dumpster a few inches, then back out before it can raise the container and dump the garbage into the truck, lower the container, and then pull forward to place the container back in the enclosure. This is an additional burning of Gaia-harming diesel fuel, spewing yet more CO2 into the atmosphere where it will melt Antarctica and drown all of the penguins!

That, of course, is if the business owner is lucky. If he isn’t lucky, the truck won’t back up far enough, and when it raises the dumpster, it will tear the roof all to pieces, spreading debris and rusty nails and splinters all over the parking lot, where some customer will step on a nail or puncture a tire. And if he is really unlucky, in the process of destroying the roof, it will somehow snag the dumpster, and throw it to the ground, upside down, scattering all of the garbage through the parking lot.

In construction, you try to idiot-proof as much as you can. Unfortunately, you cannot idiot-proof government.

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Hey, Do You Want To See Hate?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/03/21

If you want to see vile hatred directed at someone in the blogosphere, check out Bristol Palin’s new blog site.

If you want to see vile hatred directed at someone in the blogosphere, check out the articles Mr. President, When Should I Expect Your Call?, Responding to the Viral Sensation, Loving my Brother, and Celebrate Life with Me Today on Bristol Palin’s new blog site.

If you want to see vile hatred directed at someone in the blogosphere, check out the comments from Leftists in the comment section of those three articles. Bristol said she has chosen to allow many of the hateful comments to pass through moderation, more to show what the Left is about, but a great many were eliminated due to their graphic nature on her family-friendly blog site. But you can easily see what the Left is about in the comments she has let through.

The Left is absolutely dispicable, hateful, deranged, disgusting. Of that, I have no doubt. Oh, there are a few honorable Liberals, such as aphrael and Jeff, but the majority of the outspoken Liberals are the most diseased people I have ever read. And the comment threads on those three Bristol-written articles are absolute proof.

Here is an extremely mild sample:

glenn lester says:
March 21, 2012 at 1:37 pm

trig is a robot that is battery operated

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The Sweet Sixteen Is Set

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/03/19

Day 1 of the field of 64 saw very few upsets, and those upsets were mild. Day 2 of the field of 64 saw major upsets, with two 2-seeds and a 4-seed falling. Then came the round of 32.

Day 1 of the round of 32 saw very few upsets, while Day 2 of the round of 32 once again saw the more major upsets.

And the Sweet Sixteen has been set.

Of the remaining 16 teams, four are from the Big Ten and four are from Ohio. That makes 7 of the 16 teams remaining from either the Big Ten or Ohio. In the case of THE Ohio State University, it is from both. And it’s guaranteed an Ohio team will be in the Elite Eight. It’s impossible not to be. Because THE Ohio State University faces Cincinnati in the Sweet Sixteen.

The 16 teams that remain:
Kentucky (number one overall, 1 seed in the South, SEC, 34-2, lost to Indiana by 1 and Vanderbilt by 7)
Indiana (4 seed in the South, Big Ten, 27-8, 11-7 in the Big Ten, defeated then-number 1 Kentucky and then-number 2 Ohio State)

Baylor (3 seed in the South, Big Twelve, 29-7, 12-6 in the Big Twelve, lost to Missouri by 1, 15, 15, lost to Kansas by 18, 14, beat Kansas by 9)
Xavier (10 seed in the South, an Ohio team, Atlantic 10, 23-12, 10-6 in the Atlantic 10, beat Vanderbilt by 12 in overtime, beat Cincinnati by 21, beat Purdue by 3)


Meatchicken State (1 seed in the West, Big Ten, 29-7, 13-5 in the Big Ten, Big Ten co-champs (with Ohio State and Meatchicken), Big Ten Tourney champs, lost to North Carolina by 12, lost to Duke by 5, beat Wisconsin by 3 (OT), 14, 13, beat Indiana by 15, lost to Indiana by 15, beat Ohio State by 10, lost to Ohio State by 2, beat Ohio State by 4)
Louisville (4 seed in the West, Big East, 28-9, 10-8 in the Big East, beat Vanderbilt by 2 (OT), lost to Kentucky by 7, lost to Marquette by 11, beat Marquette by 13, lost to Syracuse by 1, 9, lost to Cincinnati by 4, beat Cincinnati by 6, beat Ohio by 5)

Marquette (3 seed in the West, Big East, 27-7, 14-4 in the Big East, beat Wisconsin by 7, lost to Vanderbilt by 17, lost to Georgetown by 7, beat Georgetown by 14, lost to Syracuse by 7, beat Louisville by 11, lost to Louisville by 13, beat Cincinnati by 17, lost to Cincinnati by 11)
Florida (7 seed in the West, SEC, 25-10, 10-6 in the SEC, lost to Ohio State by 7, lost to Syracuse by 4, lost to Vanderbilt by 10, lost to Kentucky by 20, 15, 3)


Syracuse (1 seed in the East, Big East, 33-2, 17-1 in the Big East, beat Florida by 4, beat Marquette by 7, beat Georgetown by 3 (OT), beat Louisville by 1, 9, beat Cincinnati by 7, lost to Cincinnati by 3, beat 16-seed UNCA by 7)
Wisconsin (4 seed in the East, Big Ten, 26-9, 12-6 in the Big Ten, lost to North Carolina by 3, lost to Marquette by 7, lost to meatchicken state by 3 (OT), 14, 13, lost to Ohio State by 6, beat Ohio State by 3, beat Indiana by 7, 8, beat Vanderbilt by 3)

Cincinnati (6 seed in the East, Ohio team, Big East, 26-10, 12-6 in the Big East, lost to Xavier by 21, beat Georgetown by 4, 2 (2OT), beat Louisville by 4, lost to Louisville by 6, lost to Marquette by 17, beat Marquette by 11, beat Syracuse by 3)
THE Ohio State University (2 seed in the East, Ohio team, Big Ten co-champions (with meatchicken and meatchicken state), 29-7, 13-5 in the Big Ten, beat Florida by 7, beat Duke by 21, lost to Kansas by 11, lost to Indiana by 6, beat Indiana by 17, beat Wisconsin by 6, lost to Wisconsin by 3, lost to meatchicken state by 10, beat meatchicken state by 2, lost to meatchicken state by 4)


North Carolina (1 seed in the Mid-West, ACC, 31-5, 14-2 in the ACC, beat Wisconsin by 3, lost to Kentucky by 1, beat Florida State by 33 (yes, 33), lost to Florida State by 3, beat North Carolina State by 19, 12, 2, lost to Duke by 1, beat Duke by 18)
Ohio University (13 seed in the Mid-West, Ohio team (and my youngest brother is a tenured English professor there), MAC, 28-7, 11-5 in the MAC, lost to Louisville by 5, beat meatchicken by 5)

North Carolina State (11 seed in the Mid-West, ACC, 24-12, 9-7 in the ACC, lost to Vanderbilt by 7, lost to Indiana by 11, lost to Syracuse by 16, lost to North Carolina by 19, 12, 2, lost to Duke by 5, lost to Florida State by 14, beat Georgetown by 3)
Kansas (2 seed in the Mid-West, Big 12, 29-6, 16-2 in the Big 12, lost to Kentucky by 10, beat Georgetown by 4, lost to Duke by 7, beat Ohio State by 11, beat Baylor by 18, 14, lost to Baylor by 9, lost to Missouri by 3, beat Missouri by 1 (OT))


Having spent my first 44 years in central Ohio (with an exceedingly brief few months in Fort Wayne prior to reaching school age), I am a Buckeye through-and-through. That means I’m also a major fan of the Big Ten Conference (which has 12 teams; go figure). That also means that I know Ohio State’s loss to Kansas occurred at Kansas while Jared Sullinger, who is not long for college ball despite his sophomore status, was sidelined with injury.

Of the top seeds, Syracuse is absolutely the weakest and absolutely the most vulnerable. And they are going up against a Wisconsin team that is exceedingly dangerous. This is the most likely upset of a 1 seed in the Sweet 16. I’ll give even odds in this game.

Kentucky, the number 1 overall, faces an Indiana team that already beat Kentucky in Indiana. It is exceedingly difficult to defeat a strong team twice in one season, and this game will be on a neutral court. Kentucky by 4.

Louisville is, in my book, the weakest 4 seed remaining. Meatchicken state is a very strong team. Meatchicken state by 8.

North Carolina against Ohio? I predict North Carolina pulls its starters with 7 minutes remaining. Tarheels in a double-digit walk.

Having spent so many years living in Ohio, I know Xavier tends to be more powerful than its appearance. So, despite my daughter’s two step-sons rooting for Baylor, I’m calling Xavier an over-time win.

When Marquette is good, the team is very good. But when Marquette is bad, it stinks. It will be a double-digit victory for whoever wins. And I predict Florida will win.

Cincinnati and THE Ohio State University are both strong teams. Absolutely no team can match Ohio State’s starting five, but Ohio State always has an exceedingly shallow bench, due to the 1-and-out (this year, 2-and-out) players Ohio State gets, which is very detrimental to a deep run in the NCAA Championships. Ohio State by 6. (And there’s a strong likelihood in my book that at least one starter from each team will foul out.)

Kansas is the weakest 2 seed in the tournament, but has lucked out in facing a 10 seed. But NC State is a 10 seed that is peaking at just the right time. This game will come down to the final shot. The ghost of Jimmy V will once again run across the floor, desperately looking for someone to hug.

And there are my predictions for the Sweet 16.

NCAA brackets and results.

March Madness, Round Of 64

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Truer Today Than in 1948 – …. isms

Posted by Yorkshire on 2012/03/18

This animated production was made in 1948 concerning the creeping stealing of rights. Incrementally it has been done. It’s like a drip in a 55 gallon drum. One drop means virtually nothing, but eventually that drum will be filled and it will overflow. Or it’s been like boiling frogs. Put a few frogs in a pot of cold water and very slowly raise the heat under the pot to the point where the frogs don’t notice it, but by the time they do, they’re boiled. We’ve seen this in the last few weeks where a few words in legislation the majority did not want, is trying to strip first Amendment rights away from us. All of this has been going on since President Wilson, then pulled back, then President FDR, and half pulled back, and it seems each President has been taking a little bit here, a little bit there until we’re close to being the boiled frog. This animation is truer today than it was in 1948. “Make Mine FREEDOM”

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March Madness, Round Of 64

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/03/17

So, the first day of March Madness had relatively few upsets, and those upsets were excessively mild according to their seeding. But the second day had some major upsets. Second-seeded and perennial ACC powerhouse Duke got ousted out of the South Regional in its first-round game by 15th-seeded Lehigh. Second-seeded and Big 12 powerhouse Mizzou got ousted out of the West Regional in the first round by Norfolk State. Fourth-seeded and Big 10 co-champion (along with Ohio State and Meatchicken State) Meatchicken got ousted out of the Mid-West Regional in its first round game by Ohio University (where my brother is a tenured professor).

So, how many of you have already had your brackets busted by those 2, 2, 4, losses in the first round?

Link to the brackets and results.

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