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“Cultural Sensitivity”

Posted by Foxfier on 2010/09/15

AKA, profiling when liberals do it.

Listening to the news; they’re demanding cultural sensitivity training, so that when someone who looks like this:

comes at you with this:

refuses to drop it when you, holding a gun, tell him to several times, you… let him walk up to you?

By the way, that is not a “whittling knife.”  That is a 3 inch folding knife of the sort that usually has labels like “tactical” or “military” or “fighting” or “survival” on the package.

Technically, a “whittling knife” is a glorified exacto-knife; more generally, something general use, like an Old Timer folding knife (“jack knife“), might be called a whittling knife.

It is entirely possible to whittle with a folding tactical knife, or a box cutter, or a Ka-Bar, or Bowie or even a boot knife.  That does not make ANY of those “whittling knives.”

A few days ago, one of his friends insisted that he had mental health issues, but would never “really” hurt someone.

I’m glad we don’t have a dead cop.  It’s embarrassing when someone with a gun dies to someone with a knife.


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