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What a gal

Posted by Hube on 2011/11/29

After being given an almost one million dollar severance package, former Philly schools Superintendent Arlene Ackerman has … filed for unemployment compensation.

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  1. AOTC said

    apparently she did not get the liberal memo:

    “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money” -Obama:


  2. Hoagie said

    The hypocracy of the left knows no bounds. A millionaire taking UE benefits off the back of working hamburger flipperss, house painters and Wal-Mart greeters. It’s time for those who have lived off their “work” in government to “pay back” and “pay their fair share”.


  3. Hoagie said

    Funny, I just turned on Fox Business to check the market and they had gone national with the Ackerman story. Now Philly looks like a bunch of fools before the entire nation. Good move Nutter. The greed, covetousness and entitlement mentality of those on the left is pathetic.


  4. Dana Pico said

    And the school district agreed to it; maybe they thought that Dr Ackerman was just too classy to file:

    District agreed to allow Ackerman’s unemployment claim

    You didn’t think you’d heard the end of Arlene Ackerman, did you?

    As the Daily News has reported, the controversial former Philadelphia School District superintendent has applied for unemployment benefits. That’s on top of the payout of nearly $1 million that she got as a result of her separation agreement.

    It’s a shock. But if you read Ackerman’s separation agreement carefully, you saw this coming.

    The district “agrees not to contest any claims which Dr. Ackerman may make for unemployment compensation benefits…”

    The maximum unemployment benefit in Pennsylvania is $573 per week, or $29,796 a year. Or. looked at another way, she’d be paid at the hourly rate of $14.325 for a 40 hour week.

    Of course, she might need it. After all, with her record, she’s toxic; no sensible school district will hire her when tere are other, better candidates available.


  5. Hube said

    Tom Blumer at Newsbusters posted that it really is up to the STATE to turn Ackerman down … and they can indeed!


  6. Hoagie said

    Dana said: “…no sensible school district will hire her when tere are other, better candidates available.”

    Au contraire, mon ami. She’s a woman, black, a failure, a Democrat and a leftist. What school district COULD turn her down with those qualifications? As soon as her 99 weeks go by she’ll be working in Detroit, or Chicago.


  7. AOTC said

    several years ago when mr aotc was doing a little substitute teaching (to do his part in being involved in re-instilling interest in the trades in our area )a long tenured ‘teacher’ scolded mr aotc not to bother teaching one of the kids how to figure roll dimensions with a sine plate. this ‘so called teacher’ told him, ‘that kid isn’t going to amount to anything anyhow”. the truth came out later when it was discovered that this ‘tenured, so called teacher’ did not, himself, know how to calculate a roll dimension. this ‘teacher’ cannot teach the basics, let alone any new technology. yet he remains and cannot be removed. he is putting in his time till he takes his retirement. he wont quit, despite many calls from other teachers and parents for it.

    i get it that there are many teachers who care. but any system that protects a leech without regard to the actual education of the kids is an evil system. there is no other word for it. evil. thieves,they actually steal the futures from other peoples kids. this ought to infuriate the citizenry.

    apparently it has become equally taboo to insinuate a teacher for wrongdoing as it is to criticize a black liberal president, in either case facts do not matter. you cannot indict a member of the ‘protected class’ regardless of the behavior. they are vindicated merely based on their class status.

    i despise liberal ideology. its evil. EVIL


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