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Our mainstream media and you

Posted by Hube on 2011/10/03

They’re at it again. Surprise, that! They still beat the “racist” drumbeat against the Tea Party against all evidence (and/or lack thereof) so when there is ANY connection to a Republican with something obviously racist — no matter how remote — well, they’re gonna LET. YOU. KNOW!! Check it:

So, Rick Perry’s family had a hunting lease on a piece of land that featured a large boulder. On the boulder—either as signage, or a graffiti—was the term “Niggerhead.” As soon as Perry’s family started leasing the land, they painted the rock over. Yet the offensive name was still visible through the paint, and people saw it.

So the Perry family, which never owned this property, eventually turned the rock over to make sure that the offensive term could never be seen. (How much did that cost, by the way? Getting heavy boulder-turning machinery to a hunting camp couldn’t be cheap.)

The Washington Post was able to find multiple people who were willing to claim that the word was visible on the rock while the Perrys were leasing the property—and using it intermittently—back in the 1980s. What the people at the Post apparently cannot reproduce is a picture of the rock. Even though the legend was supposedly very prominent, possibly official signage for that hunting camp, and so difficult to paint over that the word showed through the paint.

Ironically, Perry was a Democrat during most (if not all) of the timeframe in question. That’s probably why it wasn’t worthy of a mention then, but is now, now that Perry is a member of the GOP.

Not to mention — where the f*** was the Post back during campaign 2008 with this story and photos? And back to the “racist” Tea Party, where is all the coverage of the actual hate and lunacy (and arrests!) evident at these Wall Street protests?

That’s right — doesn’t fit THE NARRATIVETM

4 Responses to “Our mainstream media and you”

  1. Yorkshire said

    And all the witlessnes’s were anonymous. Macaca


  2. DNW said

    “So, Rick Perry’s family had a hunting lease on a piece of land that featured a large boulder. On the boulder—either as signage, or a graffiti—was the term “Niggerhead.””

    It apparently was not graffiti as we usually think of it. According to the Post article, it was a very old term relating to a local geological or geographical feature which served as a reference point. Not quite the “staked plains”, or the White Mountains, but something along those lines.

    As I mentioned elsewhere, Morison’s “Admiral of the Ocean Sea” refers to anchor cable-cutting rock or coral formations found in shallow Caribbean waters, with the same word. However I can see how someone seeing the term for the first time might find it quite unsettling all the same.

    Though it is a much less egregious example of place naming, I think that just to be on the safe side, we better also ban the Grand Tetons as well. Blatantly hetero-sexist, and makes me think of an old Sophia Loren movie. The one where she sways along a wharf as she is being sprayed by water, rendering her clinging, bobbing, peasant blouse virtually … eh … uh .. eh …

    Anyway, I hate to think of what some malicious person might make of our old deer camp, Camp Buck Fever. One would hope that the worst of the old racist jargon (cite The Great Gatsby) would have been forgotten by now, and the correct meaning would be beyond mistaking … even by persons such as journalism majors, community college sociology instructors, or New Yorkers. That could mean the end of my Supreme Court ambitions.

    And Camp Stag Fever just doesn’t have quite the same ring. Sounds reminiscent of a German prisoner of war camp.

    That said, I did at one point, back in college, think of changing the name of the place to a deliberately anachronistic, and I figured, kind of more cool, “Deorhyrst” (Deer hurst).

    I was learning a little Anglo Saxon en passant as they say, and I put two and two together and came up with a name I thought was perfectly descriptive of the oak-beech moraines and the inhabitants.

    I gave up the idea when I discovered later that the name had already been taken by Edward the Elder or someone, for his royal lodge. That knowledge saved me from taking an unwitting step off into hoity-toity land. You never know when some scholar of pre-Norman England might try to make public hay of something you have thoughtlessly said or done.

    In any event, it is always best not to diminish the humanity of others. And if it is to occur, then to allow it to be done by the persons themselves, as is famously the case with those life-energy thieving, brood parasitical, values nihilist, totalitarian collectivist, organisms of the political left.


  3. AOTC said

    “grand tetons” and the 50’s thru 60’s

    two words: star trek

    apparently , deep space with its lack of gravity made for some mighty perky accoutrements on the female population.



  4. Now that right there is funny. I don’t care who you are. Also, it makes me want to meet a space chick. And sheds new light on “fly you to the moon” don’t it?


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