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Does the Cabin Boy™ Doubt Acme?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/30

My grandmother (msrip) used to have a Texas Turd Bird sitting on her TV. I thought it was stupid when I was 8. This gag gift is stupid, too. But the Mayonnaise Mauler is totally unhinged. Nobody is more deserving of that particular type of stupid gift than him.


He’s seeking second opinions.

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I Finally Physically Met Someone I Met While Blogging

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/22

And it took traveling to the Philippines to do it. I met Climate Destruction DENIER from Twitchy here in the Philippines. He, his wife, and his Philippine family were very gracious hosts, providing far more food than could be eaten in 3 sittings. And that was only the lunch. We also went sight-seeing so I could better understand circumstances as they relate to my own business ideas for the Philippines. Climate Destruction DENIER likes my ideas, and has started the process of information gathering in an effort to implement my ideas — with his alterations — here on Luzon.

But the important thing is I have found a family in Luzon that I can really talk business plans and culture differences with. I hesitate to call him an ex-pat because there are negative connotations with that term among some people. He’s a US citizen with a lovely Pinay wife, living on Luzon.

I hope to learn a lot more from him, and to further develop our acquaintance relationship into a solid friendship. He’s very clearly good people, despite some of our disagreements. Actually… I like the fact we have disagreements. Two of me in the same room for any length of time would result in one of me in that room.

I definitely have business plans aiming more than one direction for the Philippines. I also have business plans, aiming basically only one direction in the US, and I am actively working to make the US plans work, despite some setbacks. The destruction of my credit history, which started in November 2008, is a major stumbling block, at least for my US LLC. If I can get these multiple plans working, I can be officially retired at a younger age than most Americans, while continuing to do some heavy work while retired.

It is much less expensive to live in the Philippines, and the people, for the most part, are much friendlier than what you’ll find in the US. And now that I’ve met Climate Destruction DENIER and his family in person, I also have an anchor of sorts in the Philippines. Things are looking up, with multiple hurdles to … hurdle, but looking up, nonetheless.

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The Sad Thing Is…

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/19

Our media, our Colleges, our public education are the most depraved, anti-American they have ever been in the history of the US. And the sad thing is…

In 15 years, I’ll be able to say the same thing with complete accuracy.

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Listen up, rubes! Nancy Pelosi has a question for you ‘executive action’ haters

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/19

The German nationals in Arizona and the Americans with squint eyes during the racist FDR’s Presidency would like to have a word with you, Nazi Peelousy.

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‘Hope you die soon!’: Treehuggers target bear hunter Eva Shockey

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/18

“You better keep it civil or I’ll demand that you die!” Sincerely, typical tolerant Leftist.

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In case you wondered what left-fascism actually looked like.

Posted by DNW on 2014/11/18

A reminder that big business and the free market are not the same thing, as we see the Lords of Crony Capitalism collaborate with Welfare State Diktat, and declare it “Good”.

“Insurers and the government have developed a symbiotic relationship, nurtured by tens of billions of dollars that flow from the federal Treasury to insurers each year,” said Michael F. Cannon, director of health policy studies at the libertarian Cato Institute.

So much so, in fact, that insurers may soon be on a collision course with the Republican majority in the new Congress. Insurers, often aligned with Republicans in the past, have built their business plans around the law and will strenuously resist Republican efforts to dismantle it. Since Mr. Obama signed the law, share prices for four of the major insurance companies — Aetna, Cigna, Humana and UnitedHealth — have more than doubled, while the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index has increased about 70 percent.”


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‘Gruber gremlins?’: Jonathan Gruber videos reportedly disappearing from university websites

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/17

The Stalinizing of US universities and @TheDemocrats.

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William Schmalfeldt, Eat Your Heart Out

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/16

I am far less active these past two years than I was in 2012 and prior, due to my work (which has put me solidly in the middle class, whatever that is), and my blog’s hit-count and “other author activity” have taken a large toll, since my original article writing has dropped off precipitously. I do not claim to be a journalist. I have not fail-doxxed anyone. I have not tied my caboose (which is not nearly as sizeable) to a terrorist bomber/drug smuggler/perjurer/alleged pedophile/lawfare warrior (who loses his lawsuits)/fail-doxxer’s choo-choo. I have not been an adjudicated harasser in any state, much less multiple states. I have not been ordered to stop printing other people’s work. I have not tried to make money by printing other people’s work. I have not superimposed other people’s heads (and possibly photos of minors’ heads) on homoerotic pron. I don’t have a huge mock-worthy name among the blogosphere and among certain court-houses.

But I do have 156 blog followers, 50 facebook followers (for the website, many other “friends” who catch my feed that way), and year-to-date 80 page-views a day. Schmalfeldt only wishes he had that much of a following. And I’m a super-cereal micro-blog.

So, William Schmalfeldt, and Candy the TK bandit, eat your collective hearts out. I win.

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We Could Annex The Northern Half Of It

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/16

Back when we had control of the northern half of it, we should’ve annexed it then. But we didn’t, and we’ve been suffering for it since. And what is “it”, you ask? “It” is this.

And I know certain empty heads will esplode because I wrote this.

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Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/15 just declared I am George H W Bush! The evils of that are astounding. First of all, I said I am Conservative. GHWB was and is no Conservative. He is not Conservative. Can you hear me? None of the Bush family are Conservative. Get that through your thick skulls.

I am not like GHWB. Ronald Reagan was too far Left for me, and I said so in 1985. GWHB was, clearly, to the left of Ronaldus Maximus, and was selected to appease the Statist Republicans.

Take the quiz yourselves, if you dare.

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Patrick Grady’s Story

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/15


The following is a guest post by Patrick Grady:

I flew into BWI late Thursday night. John was waiting at baggage claim for me. This had been arranged by an offer from a truly gracious host, and not by request. After a full day of work and half a night of travel, I was very, very grateful.

John drove me to the motel where I now sit typing this. If Bill knew how close I am … well, suffice it to say that I am glad this motel sits on top of a good sized hill next to the highway. I checked in, hung my suit, cursed myself for the one medical incidental item I forgot (guess all you want – I’m not saying), improvised a solution, and crashed hard.

Woke up this mornin’, got myself a gun …  (Sorry. Soprano’s reference). Went downstairs and availed myself of the free…

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Obamacare architect Jon Gruber calls voter ‘adolescent child’ in 5th video

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/14

Hey Perry Hood, you sick, demented near-octogenarian Socialist from Lewes, Delaware, are you following what Jon Gruber, the architect of ObamaCare has been saying about you?

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Prevarication Du Jour

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/14

If Bill Schmalfeldt couldn’t lie, harass, infringe copyrights, make (possibly pedophilic) fake porn to harm good people, he would have no ability to do anything at all. And there’s that hope, that that will be the case in the not to distant future.


Remember so long, long ago—way back yesterday—when the Cabin Boy™ announced that he was leaving the Interwebz for good? Well, just when you thought it was safe to get back onto Twitter …CBPR201411142230Z

Some of us don’t know that Patrick Grady didn’t come to Maryland because we saw him here today. I saw him when we left BWI airport together just after midnight this morning. I saw him again at Einstein Bros. while we had bagels for brunch. I saw him at the Howard County District Courthouse this afternoon. So did Deputy Sheriff Mays, who served the formal paperwork for The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt’s peace order petition. (Deputy Mays signature is on the return of service paperwork.) So did Judge Mary Reese, before whom Mr. Grady appeared this afternoon.

Of course, there’s also the paperwork trail of a ticket from Midway to BWI on Southwest, the receipt for lodging at the Holiday…

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In Re Schmalfeldt v. Grady

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/14

Where William Schmalfeldt chooses not to show up in court for a vexatious peace order lawsuit that William Schmalfeldt filed, but bravely shows up (with other members of Team Kimberlin, it appears) to bravely downvote comments regarding such.


The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt was a no-show. The peace order petition was dismissed.

More later.


Cowardly no-show
Bogus petition dismissed
FroYo and mayo

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Fading Harry Reid says he’ll let ‘Goddess of the Senate’ Elizabeth Warren be Elizabeth Warren

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/13

House Dems let Nancy Pelosi keep her leadership after they were booted from majority under that leadership. Senate Dems saw how well that worked out and kept Harry Reid on as their leader. Sounds like a good idea.

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