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But, how can this be?

Posted by Dana Pico on 2014/05/18

I spoke with John Hitchcock yesterday, and discovered something new. Mr Hitchcock, despite some smidgen of Indian in his ancestry, is as white a white man as there could be, mostly Irish, fair skinned and red haired. As as everyone who has read his work, on the now-defunct Common Sense Political Thought, on The First Street Journal, and here, is aware, he is as conservative as conservative comes, TEA Party through and through.

According to the left, that means that he must, simply must, be a total racist, nativist, sexist and utter patriarchist. But, if you look at his Endorsements section on the right-hand sidebar of this site, you’ll see four listings, all from 2012:

  • (Sarah) Palin/ (Allen) West for President 2012
  • Ted Cruz for US Senate (Texas)
  • Jamie Radtke for US Senate (Virginia)
  • Mia Love for US House (Utah 4)

So, looking at that list, and those are the only four endorsements he has, I see

  • A white woman and black man;
  • A white Hispanic man;
  • A white woman; and
  • A black woman.

I’m trying to find the racism and sexism in that list, and can’t seem to find it!

But, of course, those are political endorsements, and who knows how nefarious those racist, sexist patriarchists can be in concealing their perfidy. Well, Mr Hitchcock has taken a further step to disguise his racism, because Jessica, his new girlfriend, isn’t white and she isn’t an American! How devious, how Machiavellian, how outrageous, the depths to which a Christian, white American conservative will sink to hide his cisheteronormative patriarchal makeup.
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5 Responses to “But, how can this be?

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  2. Foxfier said

    Ah, but those folks don’t “act ___” so they aren’t really whatever minority. Didn’t you watch the video of that Portland “white privilege” lecturer? “White Privilege” can apply to ANYONE, so long as they “act white” and thus signal they’re taking on those advantages…..,


  3. I’ve just got one response:
    Joshua shrugging it off.


  4. Heh, just as I suspected, once my girlfriend (who speaks English fluently as a third language) found out Dana wrote about her on my site, she’s been checking in often to see what’s on my site. And no, I’m not going to post a picture of her. I want her all to myself and don’t want to have to fight off a passel of suitors.


  5. I told my mom I don’t want Jessica getting anywhere near my sister, because then Jessica won’t give me mani/pedis or cook my food or do the dishes or do the laundry. Jessica asked why that would be, and I told her it’s because a few minutes after talking with my sister, she’d be telling me “I’m not your servant!” Her response: What about “I’m your wife?”

    Jessica then went on to explain that a wife’s job is to take care of her husband, the house, and the children. And she explained she keeps a clean house and doesn’t like dirty or smelly, to which I replied “Oh no, that means you’ll be yelling at me when I track my dirty feet across your freshly mopped floor.”

    Jessica said that I was right about that, so I said she’s gonna have to start washing my feet then. Her response: “I’m not your servant!”

    Rats! My sister already got to her!

    (The above pic is of my grandson, by the way.)


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