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I Am A Conservative Christian

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/30

I am a Conservative Christian. I make no bones about that. My about page reverses the terms. There, I wrote that I am a Christian Conservative. There is no difference, one from the other, as the terms are not organized hierarchically. And any honest person can understand that and fully accept that.

I have written many times that I am a Christian first, a Conservative second, a Republican third (but only because there are no viable Conservative parties). And I have written many times that I am a Conservative Christian. Clearly, these are not mutually-exclusive terms. And, clearly, “Conservative Christian” and “Christian Conservative” are fully interchangeable.

But recently someone has challenged my integrity, referring to my Conservative Christian position vs my hierarchical declaration. I consider such a challenge a weaker version of this. After I set the leftist commenter straight, giving the examples of African-American and hispanic American as other examples of non-hierarchical terms which virtually all fully accept as non-hierarchical, the commenter did not retract his accusation. But he did double down on his accusation that I am not a Christian. Because, he said, Jesus “the man” (wholly discounting His being God) was a pacifist and I am not.

Other leftists declared me not to be a Christian, or, as PIATOR put it, I worship mammon because I am against the government taking my money and giving it to someone else. I responded here, showing that Jesus was not at all a pacifist (how can a pacifist say something to the effect of “suffer from the weather so you can be armed”?) nor was He a leftist redistributionist. Of course PIATOR, a non-typical leftist (I hope) who has no interest in context but has the respect of the typical leftists, moved the goal-posts. But none addressed the points I made in any direct fashion (as of the date of this article).

As I’ve shown, liberals will always equate Conservatives with Republicans, despite Conservatives repeatedly pointing out what is well-known to Conservatives. Republican does not equal Conservative. And Republican leadership is more liberal than Republican base. As I clearly showed in another article I wrote.

The biggest problem I have had when dealing with non-Christians and liberals alike is their refusal to remember any previously-given information. A close second is their continual moving of the goalposts while debating (an action that is wholly indefensible and wholly disingenuous). Third, in the problem realm, is the left’s whole “let’s ignore anything before this statement was ever made” tactic of disingenuous debate.

It is nearly impossible to have an honest debate with these politically-ADD-style dishonest debaters. But the more their tactics become visible to people interested in learning facts, the more they push themselves into the realm of dishonesty and unbelievability. While debating leftists is often like trying to nail jello to the wall, you should not give up the fight. Inquisitive folk will be watching and learning where the integrity lies and where the integrity does not lie.

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$9.5 Million?

Posted by Foxfier on 2009/09/29

a website should do my taxes, not just be searchable!

The site, unveiled today by the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, was revamped through the use of $9.5 million in stimulus funds. It provides easier-to-use tools, such as a ZIP Code search that shows stimulus projects in specific communities. The government also has set up a toll-free hot line (1-877-FWA-DESK) for reporting fraud, waste and abuse.

Sure, the site is pretty, but the click-through map is rather lack-luster–frankly, they should’ve just asked Google Maps if they could use their system, then make sites for each grant, loan or contract. Oh, wait, that’d be easy to link, without load time and scrolling a tiny window to the bottom….

H/t Doubleplusundead

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Laura Sent Me A Pic Of Her Prego Self

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/29

She’s definitely showing but if you didn’t know she was a size-zero (women will understand that, I don’t), you wouldn’t really be able to tell she’s showing. Her due date is in February. And she has a homework assignment: To give the full heritage of her child. Once she gives me her homework, I’ll reproduce it here (and if I’m begged hard enough, I’ll cross-post it).

SPC Hitchcock is pregnant!

SPC Hitchcock is pregnant!

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Your Email Addy And Why Blogs Want It

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/29

I fully understand why some people will decide to give a fake email addy when commenting on blogsites. I definitely desire my own privacy. And I definitely do not like getting spam-mail. My email addy receives roughly three times the spam-mail as it receives real mail. And the spam-mail would be a much higher percentage if not for the auto-mail I get each time someone comments on an article I write. Or each time I get an auto-mail from other blogsites that hit me every time someone comments on an article on which I commented. I am leery of giving out my email addy to sites I don’t know, but …

There are many reasons why blogs require an email addy from commenters. One reason is to aid in countering spam. Another reason is those with access can contact you if you’re having issues. If you publicly announce you’re having posting issues, someone with appropriate access can email you to try to resolve those issues. And, suddenly you have the email addy of someone with access. And that’s a carefully weighed decision as well. Especially if you’re the “enemy” on that blogsite.

This particular blogsite is an unknown blogsite. It gets around 500 visits per month right now. In the less-than-7 months it’s been running on wordpress, there have been 178 “comments” and 201 spam. Some of those “comments” have been author comments and some have been author-directed pingbacks/trackbacks. So the “comments” are effectively fewer.

On “small” known blogsites, the spam-to-comment ratio can be 5-to-1 or 10-to-1. As those who follow my “unknown” site know, I cross-post on a more known site sometimes. It is much more active and gets a lot more spam that I can search through for non-spam. But it gets enough spam, that a daily search is futile. And forget about searching through spam (just because) on large blogsites. Too much spam.

I follow four sites multiple times a day: This one, which is a virtual unknown, another virtual unknown that is better known than this site, a “small” site that gets a few thousand hits a month, and a “large” site that gets 11k hits a day. All four of these sites will protect your privacy, but all four sites require some sort of identification in order to comment. None of the sites spam commenters with junk-email.

As I said, the identification helps in a large way to rid the sites of spam. But it can also allow admin-type people to contact you privately, should you be having problems with your comments.

If you choose to use fictitious email addys, you may wish to change them to a real addy once you figure out the site has integrity, on the off chance someone may wish to contact you to resolve a tech issue.

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ObamaNation On Education

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/27

DRJ wrote an article on Patterico’s Pontifications, entitled Obama’s K-12 Education Plan that everyone should read. I have been all over this bovine byproduct for some time now. Let me be clear for the leftists who occasion this site, Obama, liberals, the NEA (education version), the AFT have no interest in real education. Many teachers who are in those unions I listed are, indeed interested in real education, but the unions themselves are not. The Head Cheeses at the public skools are not interested in real education but rather their own egos and liberal indoctrination.

It is a fact private Christian schools outscore public schools. It is also a fact home-school outscores private school. But liberals fight both private Christian schools and home-schools all the way to the courts and beyond. Some liberals will even get on blogsites that show this proof and loudly proclaim that Republicans (as if Republicans meant conservatives, despite all the evidence to the contrary) don’t care about educating children.

Some goof-ball will claim I have only been talking about it this year, but the truth is I have only been blogging this year. If you follow the links below, you will naturally see I have been all over it for a couple decades, and with actions, not merely words.

My list of articles on this foul pub-ed system:
Public Education, Politics, (And Obama)
GIVE Act Signed Into Law
We Is More Smarter Today
Year-Round School
Stop Government Funding of Post-Secondary Schools
Raise Up A Child

Foxfier’s article concerning education:
‘Education’, or, ‘Escaping The Handbasket?’

On the Republican-Conservative disconnect, see:
Democrat Base Just Doesn’t Understand
Shut Up, Conservatives, Bush Did It Too

A related article I wrote:
It Won’t Make My Hamburger Taste Any Different

I hope you take the time to follow those links and do some research of your own. If you do follow those links and you link-surf from there, you will be very much better informed about this whole thing. And I hope you will better understand the callous lies the left constantly tell regarding education.

I remember years ago, hearing about the Second Humanist Manifesto. It is my understanding that a certain part of it, made a couple decades ago, said something along the lines of “Little Johnny may not be able to read and write but at least we will rid him of his superstitions (meaning Christianity). Well, little Johnny cannot read and write and little Johnny is indeed being force-fed liberal mumbo-jumbo in public schools in the name of “education” and the liberals blame Republicans and conservatives (they falsely lump together) for not spending even more money on the pub-ed system. Despite the incontrovertible fact that private schools and home schools outlandishly outperform public schools while using outlandishly less money.

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Why Are These Different?

Posted by Foxfier on 2009/09/26

Coyote Blog asks:

I must say that I do find it interesting that a few heated verbal exchanges and one guy carrying a gun peacefully somewhere near where the President was speaking is considered a looming threat from the right to civil society while lefties physically clashing with police and destroying property (again near the President) is treated as ho-hum, more leftish rioting.

Same reason a right-wing person speaking up about their views at a dinner party is blink-worthy, while a left-wing person holding forth on the their views is expected.

Same reason my mom bites her tongue when the whiskey gets flowing at ranch BBQs and speaks no ill of the President, while our liberal friends use to say the most vicious, untrue things about former President Bush after just a beer or two, no matter how many times we would politely disagree.

Same reason why after eight years of “Bush lied, people died” and “Bushitler” accusations, an amusing story so old there’s a 2001 book named for it is suddenly a unique insult against the office of the President, and his person.

Left always does this stuff; right never does. Odd actions are noteworthy.

Doesn’t make it any less of a bitter pill to swallow.

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My Daughter Carries A BIG Stick!

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/26

As a refresher, I have pics of my daughter, stories of my daughter on this blog. She is in the Army and spent 15 months in Iraq. And she just got done handing out multiple beat-downs on my “open letter” thread over on Common Sense Political Thought.

She did me proud in these wee hours. But she’s done me proud with most of what she’s done.

I strongly advise everyone to see her in action. If you have conservative views, you’ll be pleased. If you’re a liberal, quake in your boots as a 21-year-old female soldier blasts your coconut out of the park!

(Look for Laura in the comment section and enjoy.)

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Let Me Be Clear

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/24

I have never been among the “rich.” Last year, I made 34k in 11 months. Then I lost my job (the Monday before Thanksgiving) in such a way that I was ineligible for unemployment benefits. I went till June before getting a short-term temporary job. That means December till mid-June, I had zero income whatsoever and I had to depend mostly on my mother and sister for food. The second half of July and the first half of August, I was again without a job and without unemployment. I now have a temporary job which should last six months, at barely above Ohio minimum wage, a fifty percent plus cut in pay.

When I lost my job, I lost my health insurance that I had for nearly nine years. I still have no health insurance and I cannot afford to pay the debts on my credit. I lost my Jeep Commander. And I am four-square against the taxpayers buying my health insurance or anything else.

What the current Democrats and Obama (who I don’t consider a Democrat) are trying to foist on the citizens of this great country is so anti-American it makes me sick and very angry. It has been the Democrat policy for the past 40 years or more that has crippled this country. And Obama’s socialist/fascist/totalitarian agenda is the logical extrapolation of that policy.

The fact that millions of otherwise quiet people have taken to the streets in Tea Parties, Town Hall meetings and the DC 912 gathering (which was upwards of 1.5 million, not the 70 thousand the “in the bag” mainstream media claims) shows that real America is not willing to be subjects but prefer citizen status, as prescribed in the Constitution and Declaration.

It is the populace who embodies patriotism, and not the anti-Constitution Pelosi-Reid-Obama faction of the far-left Democrat party who now hold court in this rapidly-becoming-banana-republic.

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Dear President Obama

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/24

Unlike you, I respect the Office of the President of the United States.
Unlike you, I value the Oath of Office of the President, the Vice President, the cabinet and Congress above a single person.
Unlike you, I value the Military Oath above a single person.
Unlike you, I value the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

You have lied and broken laws every step of your way to your current position.
You lied when you took your Oath of Office as US Senator.
You lied when you took your Oath of Office as President of the United States.

Your myriad czars are an intentional end-run around the Constitution, and a violation of the Constitution.
Your turning on its head the bankruptcy laws to take control of US car-makers and give the union money and power, despite bankruptcy laws, is a violation of the Constitution.
Your faux stimulus bill is a violation of the Constitution.
Your attempt to nationalize the health insurance industry is a violation of the Constitution.
Your desire to have the ability to shut down portions of the internet on wholly fictitious grounds is a violation of the Constitution.

You have sided with dictators and would-be dictators trying to subvert their own Constitutions.
You have abandoned true democracies the world round.
You have tossed previously oppressed peoples aside, to likely become re-oppressed and mass-murdered.

You surround yourself with unrepentant terrorists, and more than one.
You surround yourself with rabid racists.
You surround yourself with self-proclaimed socialists and communists.
You surround yourself with sexual deviants.
You surround yourself with criminal entities.

You are unfit to be the President of the United States of America, heretofore the greatest, most free nation in the world. And, day by day, more people are realizing this.

I hope and pray we can fix Congress before you do irreparable harm to the greatest, most free nation in the world.
I hope and pray we can throw you out of office before you can do irreparable harm to the greatest, most free nation in the world.

Dear President Obama, you are unfit to be the dog-poop extractor in a small town dog pound. And the sooner you pound sand, the better for this great country.

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Obama’s Great Intellect

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/22

(on the primary trail)
I’ve been to 57 states so far and I have one more to go . . .
*chuckles* My staff won’t let me visit Hawai’i or Alaska.

(in Europe, at “town hall” meeting)
I don’t know how to speak Austrian.

(On ABC) via Patterico
The fact you looked up the definition of “tax” means you’re stretching.

(On ABC) via Patterico
You know, it’s an interesting question. I — I mean I don’t mean to be immodest here, but I don’t think I’ve had that moment with a — with a world leader, where I said gee, you know — you know, we’ve got to really tighten things up.

Gift to Britain’s PM: 25 DVDs that don’t play in European DVD players.

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Thinking Aloud, Radically

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/21

Here’s a radical idea. How about we create two new states within the contigual United States? No new land will be added, just an adjustment in state lines, which adds two states. First we let New York City and Long Island separate from New York State and form its own state. Second, we divide California in half, longitudinally, separating the coast from the interior.

That would allow the liberal bastions free reign to do what they want, unfettered by conservative values. And it would allow conservatives to have greater say in what happens to the rest of the (current) state, free of the weight of a limited sector of the (current) state.

I predict the two liberal states would quickly fall into disrepair while the two conservative states would greatly improve their condition. Re: North Korea v South Korea.

And, I’m one who believes Puerto Rico should become either a state or an independent country. No more “US Territory” for them.

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I Recommend . . .

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/20

I recommend following Patterico’s Pontifications, Common Sense Political Thought and Head Noises, the three sites (other than my own) I watch several times a day. PP and CSPT both have multiple authors. PP is a large-type blogsite and CSPT is considered to be a small-type blogsite, but both are well-traveled. Head Noises is a single-blogger site but has loads of valuable input and loads of valuable links to other sites.

If you’re looking for echo-chamber conservative sites, don’t go there. PP has a few liberals who debate honestly and several trolls who refuse honest debates. CSPT has a large number of liberals who comment regularly to the conservative authors. While Head Noises has a limited amount of commentary (which is unfortunate, considering her articles), her articles and side-bar linkage are superb and worthy of full-spectrum commentary and debate.

If you want a feel for the real world, I suggest reading those three blogsites daily. And please feel free to add your own perspective to the discussions. Get involved. Politics is real life. And all three sites add articles wholly unrelated to politics. Well rounded, they are (to use a Yoda-ism).

All three sites can be found on my sidebar.

Disclaimer: I am listed as an author on CSPT. I cross-post some of my articles from here over there. But I am a lesser author over on CSPT.

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Thicker Than Water, A Review

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/20

I recently bought a “Hallmark Four Pack” from K-Mart (I do my best not to give Wally World a dime). In that Four Pack is the movie “Thicker Than Water.” The back of the dvd case says:

Thicker Than Water
A faded photograph leads powerful attorney Natalie Jones to the bittersweet secrets of her late father’s past – where horses run free, families are bound by honor, and true love really exists. Starring Melissa Gilbert, Brian Wimmer, and Lindsay Wagner. 87 min / Color / Widescreen / Not Rated / Dove “Family-Approved” for All Ages [author’s note: I don’t know where “Jones” came from.]

Whenever I watch a movie, I expect to see a Liberal agenda. If you’re a low-to-mid-level actor and you are a Conservative, “you’ll never work in this town again.” While there may be a perceived underlying liberal bias in the movie if you look very closely, there is nothing whatsoever that this Christian Conservative can argue against. Nothing at all. The hint of liberal bias actually fits well within a Christian world view.

Enough of the political side of the review.

This movie is definitely in the genre of “chick flicks.” And I like “chick flicks.” I expect people drawn to chick flicks will need the Kleenex nearby. I could’ve used some, but my sleeve did the trick. The movie is romantic in the classical sense.

The movie begins after the funeral of a highly-respected judge and the execution of his will has already occurred. Natalie, the successful attorney-daughter of the judge finds out he had a past. He was married to someone else before he was married to her (deceased) mother. And it moves from there. She is thrust into a very rural environment in her search for the truth.

There are 3, 4, 5 love stories intertwined. Maybe more. There is the history of modern-style romance. And there is a new modern-style romance added into the story. But the modern-style romance isn’t the driver of the story. The other, non-romantic, love stories drive this movie.

There is the woman who had a hard life but has been truly charitable despite her lack of resources. There is her refusal to be paid back for her charity, despite her definite need for resources the “pay back” would help alleviate. There is the woman’s devotion to keep a promise someone else made. There is the stewardship of the land despite the hurdles placed in front of her. There is the “right thing to do” aspect, even though “the right thing to do” will cost someone a fortune. And there is, as expected, a growth in understanding and priority-organization.

I consider this a “must see” movie, and not only because Melissa Gilbert (who couldn’t love her work?) stars. It is very family-friendly and very date-friendly. And, husbands, your wives will thank you for suggesting you two watch the movie together. It’s better than a bunch of pretty plants that are already dead.

But, keep that box of Kleenex handy. You’ll need it.

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Double Entendre Three-peat

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/20

This British article had me nearly fall off the futon. I won’t reprint any of it here for what will become obvious reasons if you follow the link. All it took was the lede, the sub-lede and the byline. That’s it.

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Let’s Talk About Racism

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/19

In my last full-time job, I had the wonderful privilege of hearing lots of racist slurs coming out of many mouths. I also had the wonderful privilege of being the only one to speak out against the racism spoken when I was within earshot. I got to hear the n-word (hereafter denoted as “n”) frequently. I also got to hear zebra used enough. It was actually this job where I found out what a zebra is. And a zebra is not a short-version striped horse-like animal. A zebra is a combination of “n” and whites.

There were two “n” in the company, one of which was also a zebra. They couldn’t make up their minds whether she was a “n” or a zebra when they talked about her. She is the daughter of a melanin-enhanced individual and a melanin-deprived individual. Now, the male “n” had been with the company for 35+ years, serving in every position from production employee to plant manager. And he was the plant manager on at least four different occasions, yo-yoing in management positions. The female “n” – who was also a zebra – had a couple different management positions.

Both of them played dirty hardball. While she was in-your-face about it most of the time, he was half in-your-face and half cloak-and-dagger. When she was in charge of the shipping department, she fired 30 people in a single year. Understand, there was no time when the shipping department had more than 15 people assigned to it. And she relied on a single person to be able to get all her responsibilities done since she didn’t actually understand how to do them.

It is very clear these two people had given people plenty of reason to be angry and bitter. But melanin content is not one of those reasons. A melanin content-based attack completely annihilates the attacker’s basis for the attack. In other words, if you use “n” or zebra in your attack, you just lost.

When I heard someone using “n” I would speak out very strongly. I would loudly declare that my daughter had dated several black men with my explicit approval. Suddenly, they would invariably say something like “Not all blacks are ‘n’” or “I have black friends, too” sometimes combined with “and they aren’t ‘n’”. I would also hear “there are black ‘n’ and white ‘n’”. Of course, those are absolutely worthless lame attempts at back-tracking.

This black man and mixed-heritage woman were hard core Democrats. Surprisingly, or actually typically, the ones using “n” were also hard core Democrats. Go figure. In fact, nearly everyone at that company were hard core Democrats. I was the third shift union steward, so I had to attend the labor-management meetings. Two first shift union stewards, two out-of-town union representatives, the plant manager, the HR manager, the company President (or usually the production supervisor (above plant manager) in his stead) were all Democrats. I was the only conservative in the meeting, and I was there in my capacity of union steward. In the casual discussions before the meeting officially started, there was always a political conversation. And it was always anti-GOP, usually filled with BDS.

At this place of business, the targets of racist smears and the purveyors of racist smears were all Democrats thru-and-thru.

A recent short-term temporary job I had was a bit different. All the temps worked second shift. There were two production lines running on second shift; one was filled with full-time employees and the other had only the full-time working supervisor and twelve temps. And we generally took breaks in a segregated fashion: the temps (and working supervisor) sat in one place and the full-timers sat in another. With the exception of myself and one other, all the temps were under 25. And they were all apolitical. They had no interest in politics whatsoever. They were more interested in telling stories of drunkenly picking burning sticks out of campfires or driving dirt-bikes and quads while drunk and “horizontal PT.” And in talking about planned events for this irresponsible nonsense. Clearly, they were of the “very unprincipled” variety.

One of these drinking-age juveniles used “n” in my presence once. I quickly said my daughter has dated several black men. He started to give a racist quip. It went something like “I feel sorry for you.”

And that set me off. I loudly declared that my daughter had my permission to date black men. I declared I had given her permission to date anyone of her choice, within age and morality reasons, regardless of skin-coloration, even before she was allowed to date. I further declared that there is no such thing as race since every living soul can trace his lineage back to four men: Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth. And I stated, loudly and warningly, that if anyone has a problem with that, they have a problem with me.

When I was done, I could swear I heard crickets.

As a pre-teen, my family would go to visit friends of the family for pizza for all and euchre for the four adults. Or for bricking the friends’ house. Or for slaughtering the pig or steer. On one occasion, the man said “I have nothing against blacks but my daughter better never bring one home with her.” I have no recollection how the subject was broached but I can recall, even then, I was greatly offended. Of course, being a pre-teen around four adults, I chose not to utter a sound of protest. But I was highly offended by the bigotry that came out of his mouth.

The first group of people, as I stated, were loud Democrats and loud about their BDS. The second group, while they couldn’t care any less about politics, were highly unethical, unprincipled, “me first” as opposed to “you first” types, typical of the modern-day liberal. The third man? I do not know what his politics were. But I do not see any conservative or Christian values among the lot.

As I’ve shown in my previous articles, such as Democrat Civil Rights History and Liberals Are Racists, and in this personal anecdote, it is the Democrat and liberal who is the racist, and not conservatives. And yet those self-same Democrats and liberals accuse every Republican and every conservative of being racist. They accuse us of using code-words that nobody would catch to show off our racism. And why? Perhaps to hide their own racism. But more likely, they are trying to divert attention from our message they cannot defeat. And the liberal-owned mainstream media is only too willing to carry their water for them.

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