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I would rather be right than popular


Posted by Foxfier on 2012/05/18


Also Geeky, but if that startles you, we clearly haven’t “met!”

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  1. Dana Pico said

    How is it that the only Star Trek actor portrayed as ever having children — in Star Trek: Generations, the helmsman, Lt Demora Sulu, is Hikari Sulu’s daughter — is the one who turns out to be homosexual?


  2. Foxfier said

    Yes funny, but the geek in me demands….

    Kirk had a son (that ended poorly), McCoy had a daughter (she graduated nursing school), Chief O’Brien had TWO kids (hey, he’s so awesome that he can be the only enlisted guy AND have a home-life), Spock was married at one point (Picard was there)…..

    Only reason I mention O’Brien, besides that he’s awesome, is that he’s the only one I can think of that’s married, has kids and didn’t divorce! (even though his wife reacts to the idea of touching raw meat the way a housewife might respond to the idea of hunting and butchering a cow)


  3. Dana Pico said

    You’re right about Captain Kirk, although I thought that Dr McCoy’s daughter was just in the books.


  4. Foxfier said

    Could be, been ages since I was as expert in TOS as I could be.


  5. Dana Pico said

    The original series episodes have been remastered to include up-to-date special effects, but they fouled up and failed to include the Deep Space Nine from Trials and Tribbleations in The Trouble With Tribbles. 😦


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