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Attention Yahoo!

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/05/15

I tried calling attention to Google, knowing full-well Google uses google-bots to fly all over the web and find stuff. I’ve seen their google-bots finding stuff. I get a huge percentage of my hits via people using the Google search engine. You could say market saturation or market superiority or market dominance or market ownership. Any which way you decide to call it, you likely wouldn’t be far off, at least based on the number of search hits that find TBD and which engine did the searching.

Google-bots will find this article, and fast. (In fact, they may have already found it, and I haven’t even published it yet. They’re that thorough.) And since Yahoo! and Google are the same company, the same ultimate top is responsible for both. I will not be linking my previous article yelling at Google because your google-bots have already found it. Now I’m yelling at Yahoo! And I know your google-bots have found it.

Why on Providence’s green Earth have you refused to attach a “contact us” that actually directly contacts you, or one at all, on your sites? Do you hate the idea of users who use your products actually having a direct, private (as in “the whole world doesn’t need to know you got huge customer aversion problems) email contact with you?

Do you have any idea how much fun it is to see the “create a new email and roll all your other emails into it” message? Do you have any idea how much fun it is to be forced to log-off one of my accounts you service in order to log-on to another of my accounts you service, only to find out the log-off (I absolutely do not want) did not actually take?

I have tried, repeatedly, to log-off the email service I never want to log-off so I could log-on to a peripheral email account. I tried in vain. I can’t even log-off that which I didn’t want to log-off in the first place in order to log-on to one of your accounts. The machine won’t let me.

The machine won’t let me.

The Yahoo!/Google machine won’t let me.

It won’t let me do what I don’t want to do but that I tried to do in order to get to more information I have received through your services but have been unable to know about receiving, much less seeing or reading.

Attention Yahoo!, Google, Puff Ho, or whoever you are!

Fix the problem! Cure the death-threatening disease you just planted! Contact me online! Because you’re not smart enough to realize you’re not all that smart. And you don’t know which single email address you have allowed to actually work. (In the event you are barely smart enough to figure that out, know I will publish your private email, so you may as well go public with your inanity.)

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Ropelight, Tell Us How You Really Feel

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/05/15

As for how the Obama Presidency stacks up against past Presidencies, that’s not a matter of speculation either: Barack Obama is the most arrogant, the most personally corrupt and officially destructive chief executive in our nation’s history, taken together his record in office indelibly marks him out as the worst President the American people have ever had to endure.

That ropelight quote was taken from the comment section on The First Street Journal. You can also find ropelight commenting at Patterico’s Pontifications, and I’m sure other places.

If you ever see ropelight online or in person, tell him, and I quote, “You are a great American.”

Now, “thank me for your call.”

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