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Life Of Naomi: Fate Worse Than Death

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/05/12

Naomi faces a fate worse than the almost assured death before the age of five that she previously faced. It is absolutely horrendous, as the Puff Ho commenters made very clear. She is being forcefully made healthy and whole, against the wishes of the Leftists at Puff Ho. She is gaining weight from her previous 2-year-old, 14 pound condition, against the wishes of the Leftists at Puff Ho. Her fate of a healthy life and a long, healthy future is far worse than her all-but-guaranteed death by emaciation she had previously faced, according to the Leftists at Puff Ho.

What am I talking about? Bristol Palin, that evil hypocritical Christian Conservative Republican of the Palin lineage, in the Reagan mold, the adopted sister of Jesus Himself, linked to an article written by her co-author Nancy French, another evil Christian Conservative Republican and adopted sister of Jesus Himself.

What was Nancy’s crime that got the Liberal blogosphere all incensed? She and her Christian husband had the audacity to adopt a 2 year old, 14 pound Ethiopian girl and rescue her from certain death. As far as the Leftosphere is concerned, it would have been better for Naomi, the black emaciated Ethiopian girl, to have died than to be raised by white Christian Conservative adoptive parents!

The next time some arrogant arse like Perry Hood of Lewes, Delaware arrogantly ignores all facts in order to accuse Republicans of raaaaacism because we disagree with Obama’s Socialist agenda, remind that arrogant arse just who the racists truly are. It’s the Liberals. It’s the Democrats (as shown in my left-hand side-bar). It’s why I have a link-list specifically dedicated to “race traitors”, a name Liberals give to all non-white Conservatives.

It is to spit.

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It’s In The Numbers

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/05/12

Bristol Palin, whose blog I very highly recommend reading, is wise beyond her years. It has been rumored that she is shacking up with her current boyfriend. She has directly confronted and denied that salacious rumor. She has come out against shacking up before marriage and has used statistics to back up her position. In her conclusion statement, she wrote:

These so-called “trial marriages” hurt men, women, and children. So, all of you girls who’ve said yes to sex in the wrong context know this: you don’t have to say yes to living with someone in the wrong context too.

I guess it’s unanimous. Because now we have the Bible, the New York Times, and even Beyonce suggesting the best way to secure relationship success is to… “put a ring on it.”

Of course, many hateful, vindictive Leftists had to come out of the woodwork to attack her. How dare she, an unwed mother who got herself pregnant as a teenager, declare that shacking up is wrong! I responded to one such vindictive, hateful Leftist who goes by the online moniker “jessicaski” to prove how idiotic her hateful, vindictive attack was.

jessicaski says:
May 11, 2012 at 11:25 am

Since when do you have a no sex before marriage policy? Pretty sure sex comes before the baby…

John Hitchcock says:
May 12, 2012 at 2:09 am

Since when did you determine recovering drug addicts have no right to tell people to say no to drugs?

Since when did you decide that convicted felons in prison cannot participate in the “scared straight” programs to keep young first-time offenders out of prison?

Since when did you determine only sinless people can tell others not to sin?

Since when did you decide it was not okay for someone to say “don’t make the same horrible mistakes I made”?

Seriously, Jessica, grow up and quit being a petulant brat.

It is very easy to see the vengeful hatred coming from the hypocritical libertine Leftists. And it is very easy to call them out on their vengeful, hypocritical, dishonest, libertine hatred. But let’s look at some numbers, shall we?


75% of children/adolescents in chemical dependency hospitals are from single-parent families. (Center for Disease Control, Atlanta, GA)

1 out of 5 children have a learning, emotional, or behavioral problem due to the family system changing. (National Center for Health Statistics)

More than one half of all youths incarcerated for criminal acts lived in one-parent families when they were children. (Children’s Defense Fund)

63% of suicides are individuals from single parent families (FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin – Investigative Aid)

“Separation, divorce and unmarried parenthood seemed to be a high risk for children/adolescents in these families for the development of suicidal behavior”. (Atilla Turgay, M.D.American Psychiatric Association’s Scientific Meeting, May 1994)

75% of teenage pregnancies are adolescents from single parent homes (Children in need: Investment Strategies…Committee for Economic Development)

“Gang recruitment is a powerful lure for the products of broken homes and single-parent households” as gang members are likely to “receive little guidance or attention from family members at home.” (Chicago Crime Commission Report,1995)

From the Daily Mail (UK):

On crime, [Iain Duncan Smith] said children from broken homes were more than twice as likely to live in poverty than two-parent families.

‘Only 30 per cent of young offenders grew up with both parents. Children from broken homes are nine times more likely to become young offenders.’

He added: ‘This is not some abstract debate. Family life affects all of us – what happens on our streets; in our communities; and in our economy. What you learn from a very early age has a great deal to say about the person you will eventually become and the life you lead.’

It is very clear statistically that children in single-parent households are far more likely to have emotional problems, much more likely to commit suicide, much more likely to commit crimes, much more likely to join gangs than children in traditional homes where the mother and father are both present. It’s an undeniable statistical fact.

From the California State Senate Republican Caucus (yes, there are Republicans in the Senate of the abysmally failed state of Kalifornia, but they’re as rare as a Bald Eagle in Dover):

  • On average, children with married parents have higher grade point averages and test higher than those in other family structures, the lowest being among children with divorced parents.4
  • High school graduation rates for children from two-parent families reach 90 percent, while for children from never-married-mother families only 69 percent graduate.5
  • Children in divorced families are nearly twice as likely to be expelled from school than those in married families, and children in single-parent, never-married families are over four times likely to be expelled.6
  • Rates of incarceration among those raised by one parent only are twice as high as for those raised in intact married-parent families.7
  • Both substance abuse and early sexual activity are associated with a single parent upbringing, and women from single-mother families have about twice the chance of having a child out of marriage by age 20 than women from two-parent families.8
  • Compared to adults raised in two-parent families, those raised in single-parent families earned, on average, $5,015 less per year than their peers.9

Clearly, children raised in two-parent families tend to exhibit behavior that better prepares them to be positive contributors to society, and this is borne out by comparisons of adults based on family structure.

From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (a Government agency):

Birth rates for unmarried women have varied fairly consistently by race and Hispanic origin. The rates for Hispanic women (106 births per 1,000 unmarried women in 2006) and black women (72 per 1,000) were highest. Birth rates for unmarried non-Hispanic white (32 per 1,000) and Asian or Pacific Islander (API) women (26 per 1,000) were much lower.

From Discover The Networks:

In mid-1960s America, the nation’s out-of-wedlock birth rate (which stood at 7.7 percent at the time) began a rapid and relentless climb across all demographic lines, a climb that would continue unabated until 1994, when the Welfare Reform Act put the brakes on that trend. Today the overall American illegitimacy rate is about 33 percent (26 percent for whites). For blacks, it hovers at near 70 percent—approximately three times the level of black illegitimacy that existed when the War on Poverty began in 1964.

Illegitimacy is an important issue because it has a great influence on all statistical indicators of a population group’s progress or decline. In 1987, for the first time in the history of any American racial or ethnic group, the birth rate for unmarried black women surpassed that for married black women, and that trend continued uninterrupted until the passage of welfare reform. The black out-of-wedlock birth rates in some inner cities now exceed 80 percent, and most of those mothers are teens. Because unmarried teenage mothers—whatever their race—typically have no steady employment, nearly 80 percent of them apply for welfare benefits within five years after giving birth to their first child. No group can withstand such a wholesale collapse of its family structure without experiencing devastating social consequences.

Crime rates are higher among those raised in single-parent households.
Suicide rates are higher among those raised in single-parent households.
Psychological problems are higher among those raised in single-parent households.
Poverty rates are higher among those born to single parents than those born to a father and mother.
Black women are more likely than white women to give birth outside wedlock.
Prior to the Republican-forced Welfare Reform that the Democrat Clinton vetoed twice before finally succumbing and signing when presented to him a third time, black out-of-wedlock child-birth surpassed in numbers black married child-birth.

As we know, the crime rate among the black population is much higher than among the white population, as is the incarceration rate. As the above very clearly shows, the black population is more likely to have out-of-wedlock births than married births. As the above also clearly shows, the black population is more likely to have out-of-wedlock births than the white or Asian populations. So it stands to reason that the drop-out rate, the crime rate, the poverty rate all are higher among the black population than the white population, as very clearly declared by the correlation to the lack of proper traditional family structure.

It is also worth noting that 97 percent of blacks and 70 percent of high school drop-outs voted for Barack Obama in 2008, when Obama got less than 55 percent of the popular vote.

You want to win the war on poverty? You want to win the war on crime? You want to win the war on illiteracy and educational failings? You want to win the war on mental health failings? Fight for traditional family structures, which are statistically proven to be far superior to anything else. Who fights for the traditional family structure? That would be Conservatives. Who fights against the traditional family structure? That would be Democrats and Libertine Leftists (but I repeat myself).

Stand on the side of statistical fact, and stand against the Libertine Left. (Doing the former will automatically mean doing the latter.)

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