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ObamaNation On Education

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/27

DRJ wrote an article on Patterico’s Pontifications, entitled Obama’s K-12 Education Plan that everyone should read. I have been all over this bovine byproduct for some time now. Let me be clear for the leftists who occasion this site, Obama, liberals, the NEA (education version), the AFT have no interest in real education. Many teachers who are in those unions I listed are, indeed interested in real education, but the unions themselves are not. The Head Cheeses at the public skools are not interested in real education but rather their own egos and liberal indoctrination.

It is a fact private Christian schools outscore public schools. It is also a fact home-school outscores private school. But liberals fight both private Christian schools and home-schools all the way to the courts and beyond. Some liberals will even get on blogsites that show this proof and loudly proclaim that Republicans (as if Republicans meant conservatives, despite all the evidence to the contrary) don’t care about educating children.

Some goof-ball will claim I have only been talking about it this year, but the truth is I have only been blogging this year. If you follow the links below, you will naturally see I have been all over it for a couple decades, and with actions, not merely words.

My list of articles on this foul pub-ed system:
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Raise Up A Child

Foxfier’s article concerning education:
‘Education’, or, ‘Escaping The Handbasket?’

On the Republican-Conservative disconnect, see:
Democrat Base Just Doesn’t Understand
Shut Up, Conservatives, Bush Did It Too

A related article I wrote:
It Won’t Make My Hamburger Taste Any Different

I hope you take the time to follow those links and do some research of your own. If you do follow those links and you link-surf from there, you will be very much better informed about this whole thing. And I hope you will better understand the callous lies the left constantly tell regarding education.

I remember years ago, hearing about the Second Humanist Manifesto. It is my understanding that a certain part of it, made a couple decades ago, said something along the lines of “Little Johnny may not be able to read and write but at least we will rid him of his superstitions (meaning Christianity). Well, little Johnny cannot read and write and little Johnny is indeed being force-fed liberal mumbo-jumbo in public schools in the name of “education” and the liberals blame Republicans and conservatives (they falsely lump together) for not spending even more money on the pub-ed system. Despite the incontrovertible fact that private schools and home schools outlandishly outperform public schools while using outlandishly less money.

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