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Thinking Aloud, Radically

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/21

Here’s a radical idea. How about we create two new states within the contigual United States? No new land will be added, just an adjustment in state lines, which adds two states. First we let New York City and Long Island separate from New York State and form its own state. Second, we divide California in half, longitudinally, separating the coast from the interior.

That would allow the liberal bastions free reign to do what they want, unfettered by conservative values. And it would allow conservatives to have greater say in what happens to the rest of the (current) state, free of the weight of a limited sector of the (current) state.

I predict the two liberal states would quickly fall into disrepair while the two conservative states would greatly improve their condition. Re: North Korea v South Korea.

And, I’m one who believes Puerto Rico should become either a state or an independent country. No more “US Territory” for them.

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