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Don’t Link-Surf

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/01

It is obvious Republicans are racists (Sorry, only link I’ll provide in this article due to my connectivity issues. You’ll have to work a bit harder than normal.) to any liberal mind. It is very dangerous to follow any conservative links because we are highly likely to link to facts and history, and that only proves our evil, devious agenda.

You definitely do not want to go to the “Black & Right” website linked in the link I provided. He is an obvious racist, since he is a black conservative. Oops, he’s an obvious race-traitor, as agreed to by a liberal on “Sadly, No!” agreed, as excerpted and linked in my above link. And you definitely do not want to follow his links because they will force you to read facts and history. He even has video, which only serves to draw the lazy to watch instead of read, even more proof of his subversive intent on force-feeding you facts.

You definitely do not want to go to the “Wake Up Black America” site I have linked on my side-bar in my “Worthwhile Links” section. You can tell quite quickly just by the name of the site it is a racist site. You have to remember “Weird Al” was right in his song, “Dare to be Stupid” that it is highly important to judge a book by its cover. That site is highly racist. Oops, it’s run by a black man. That site is the site of a race-traitor. If you visit that site, you will be inundated with facts. He is horrifyingly subversive like that.

And, whatever you do, never follow the in-article links and side-bar links they provide. You will be faced with more racism and race-traitor factual and histo-factual information. Subversive cowardly race-traitors, they are, serving the powerful conservatives. They wouldn’t so cowardly serve the conservatives if only liberals had control of both houses of Congress and the presidency (don’t see my “liberals are racists” excerpt and link provided by my link above).

Definitely don’t follow my racist links to other conservative sites in my sidebar. And don’t follow links in any of my other articles. I have a hidden agenda, to give people facts and histo-facts. And whatever you do, never follow secondary and tertiary links provided, directly or indirectly, by my site or any other conservative sites. They are a poison to the well-being of humankind because they provide documentation and more fact-based analyses.

And, whatever you do, never, under any circumstances, follow my sidebar links to the wholly subversive US Constitution and US Declaration of Independence.

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