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Obama’s Great Intellect

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/22

(on the primary trail)
I’ve been to 57 states so far and I have one more to go . . .
*chuckles* My staff won’t let me visit Hawai’i or Alaska.

(in Europe, at “town hall” meeting)
I don’t know how to speak Austrian.

(On ABC) via Patterico
The fact you looked up the definition of “tax” means you’re stretching.

(On ABC) via Patterico
You know, it’s an interesting question. I — I mean I don’t mean to be immodest here, but I don’t think I’ve had that moment with a — with a world leader, where I said gee, you know — you know, we’ve got to really tighten things up.

Gift to Britain’s PM: 25 DVDs that don’t play in European DVD players.

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