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I Am A Conservative Christian

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/30

I am a Conservative Christian. I make no bones about that. My about page reverses the terms. There, I wrote that I am a Christian Conservative. There is no difference, one from the other, as the terms are not organized hierarchically. And any honest person can understand that and fully accept that.

I have written many times that I am a Christian first, a Conservative second, a Republican third (but only because there are no viable Conservative parties). And I have written many times that I am a Conservative Christian. Clearly, these are not mutually-exclusive terms. And, clearly, “Conservative Christian” and “Christian Conservative” are fully interchangeable.

But recently someone has challenged my integrity, referring to my Conservative Christian position vs my hierarchical declaration. I consider such a challenge a weaker version of this. After I set the leftist commenter straight, giving the examples of African-American and hispanic American as other examples of non-hierarchical terms which virtually all fully accept as non-hierarchical, the commenter did not retract his accusation. But he did double down on his accusation that I am not a Christian. Because, he said, Jesus “the man” (wholly discounting His being God) was a pacifist and I am not.

Other leftists declared me not to be a Christian, or, as PIATOR put it, I worship mammon because I am against the government taking my money and giving it to someone else. I responded here, showing that Jesus was not at all a pacifist (how can a pacifist say something to the effect of “suffer from the weather so you can be armed”?) nor was He a leftist redistributionist. Of course PIATOR, a non-typical leftist (I hope) who has no interest in context but has the respect of the typical leftists, moved the goal-posts. But none addressed the points I made in any direct fashion (as of the date of this article).

As I’ve shown, liberals will always equate Conservatives with Republicans, despite Conservatives repeatedly pointing out what is well-known to Conservatives. Republican does not equal Conservative. And Republican leadership is more liberal than Republican base. As I clearly showed in another article I wrote.

The biggest problem I have had when dealing with non-Christians and liberals alike is their refusal to remember any previously-given information. A close second is their continual moving of the goalposts while debating (an action that is wholly indefensible and wholly disingenuous). Third, in the problem realm, is the left’s whole “let’s ignore anything before this statement was ever made” tactic of disingenuous debate.

It is nearly impossible to have an honest debate with these politically-ADD-style dishonest debaters. But the more their tactics become visible to people interested in learning facts, the more they push themselves into the realm of dishonesty and unbelievability. While debating leftists is often like trying to nail jello to the wall, you should not give up the fight. Inquisitive folk will be watching and learning where the integrity lies and where the integrity does not lie.

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