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$9.5 Million?

Posted by Foxfier on 2009/09/29

a website should do my taxes, not just be searchable!

The site, unveiled today by the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, was revamped through the use of $9.5 million in stimulus funds. It provides easier-to-use tools, such as a ZIP Code search that shows stimulus projects in specific communities. The government also has set up a toll-free hot line (1-877-FWA-DESK) for reporting fraud, waste and abuse.

Sure, the site is pretty, but the click-through map is rather lack-luster–frankly, they should’ve just asked Google Maps if they could use their system, then make sites for each grant, loan or contract. Oh, wait, that’d be easy to link, without load time and scrolling a tiny window to the bottom….

H/t Doubleplusundead

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Laura Sent Me A Pic Of Her Prego Self

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/29

She’s definitely showing but if you didn’t know she was a size-zero (women will understand that, I don’t), you wouldn’t really be able to tell she’s showing. Her due date is in February. And she has a homework assignment: To give the full heritage of her child. Once she gives me her homework, I’ll reproduce it here (and if I’m begged hard enough, I’ll cross-post it).

SPC Hitchcock is pregnant!

SPC Hitchcock is pregnant!

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Your Email Addy And Why Blogs Want It

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/29

I fully understand why some people will decide to give a fake email addy when commenting on blogsites. I definitely desire my own privacy. And I definitely do not like getting spam-mail. My email addy receives roughly three times the spam-mail as it receives real mail. And the spam-mail would be a much higher percentage if not for the auto-mail I get each time someone comments on an article I write. Or each time I get an auto-mail from other blogsites that hit me every time someone comments on an article on which I commented. I am leery of giving out my email addy to sites I don’t know, but …

There are many reasons why blogs require an email addy from commenters. One reason is to aid in countering spam. Another reason is those with access can contact you if you’re having issues. If you publicly announce you’re having posting issues, someone with appropriate access can email you to try to resolve those issues. And, suddenly you have the email addy of someone with access. And that’s a carefully weighed decision as well. Especially if you’re the “enemy” on that blogsite.

This particular blogsite is an unknown blogsite. It gets around 500 visits per month right now. In the less-than-7 months it’s been running on wordpress, there have been 178 “comments” and 201 spam. Some of those “comments” have been author comments and some have been author-directed pingbacks/trackbacks. So the “comments” are effectively fewer.

On “small” known blogsites, the spam-to-comment ratio can be 5-to-1 or 10-to-1. As those who follow my “unknown” site know, I cross-post on a more known site sometimes. It is much more active and gets a lot more spam that I can search through for non-spam. But it gets enough spam, that a daily search is futile. And forget about searching through spam (just because) on large blogsites. Too much spam.

I follow four sites multiple times a day: This one, which is a virtual unknown, another virtual unknown that is better known than this site, a “small” site that gets a few thousand hits a month, and a “large” site that gets 11k hits a day. All four of these sites will protect your privacy, but all four sites require some sort of identification in order to comment. None of the sites spam commenters with junk-email.

As I said, the identification helps in a large way to rid the sites of spam. But it can also allow admin-type people to contact you privately, should you be having problems with your comments.

If you choose to use fictitious email addys, you may wish to change them to a real addy once you figure out the site has integrity, on the off chance someone may wish to contact you to resolve a tech issue.

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