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I Remember When…

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/13

Consumering at my local gas station/convenience store, I often have conversations with the employees there. Now that I have a barely-above-minimum-wage job, I can once again buy the essentials: barley, hops, tobacco, etc. I was talking about the fact I cannot afford the cigarettes I bought 20 years ago, so I have to buy the “little cigars” that come 20 per pack and 10 packs per carton for $1.39 per pack instead of my preferred cigarettes, which cost $5.00 a pack. (And, no, I couldn’t kick the habit while getting no money. I turned in aluminum cans for money for smokes and recycled butts. (Loser that I am.))

The cashier talked about a memory of tins of snuff costing a pittance, but said that was when he was making $1.25 an hour. He then remarked that he remembered 25-cent gasoline, but again, that was when he was making $1.25 an hour. And that caused me to think.

I remember 23-cent-a-gallon gasoline in Texas when I was a kid-punk, and a gasoline war between 3 gasoline stations on 3 corners of an intersection in Texas during the 23-cent time, where gasoline cost 32 cents everywhere else. I don’t know what minimum wage was back then. But I remember having my 13-lawn-a-week mowing business as a youth when minimum wage was $3.35 an hour. I paid 57 cents a gallon in Ohio, which had higher gasoline prices than Texas. So, using quick math, that means six gallons of gasoline cost one hour of work.

Back then, a barrel of oil cost a bushel of wheat. Enter OPEC, fuel tax increases, minimum-wage increases, and many more liberal “for the people” mandates, and…

Today, in Ohio, the minimum wage is $7.30 an hour, fuel taxes are over 46 cents a gallon, and an hour of work only gets you less than three gallons of gasoline. So, all the benefits the liberals have given the every-day people have caused gasoline to be twice as expensive in relation to income than it was when I was an adolescent, mowing lawns.

All the tax increases, all the minimum-wage increases, all the liberal (unfunded) mandates have caused huge harm to the people the liberals and Democrats (apparently the same thing (see my post regarding Democrat disconnect)) purportedly are representing. Everything the liberals and Democrats (same thing?) have done has caused the price of goods to outpace the base pay rate. And that’s not even getting into all the jobs swallowed up by minimum-wage increases. Jobs that used to be double the minimum wage are now paid at minimum wage. Thank you, liberals and Democrats (same thing?), for torching this country.

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