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GIVE Act Signed Into Law

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/04/22

On 21 APR 2009, President Barack Hussein Obama signed HR 1388, the GIVE Act, aka the mandatory volunteer act, into law. There are a lot of delicious items in the new law. Six billion dollars are allocated to build this monstrosity, with paid positions to shepherd even larger numbers of “volunteers.”

‘(f) Plan for Approved National Service Positions- The Corporation shall–
‘(1) develop a plan to–
‘(A) establish the number of the approved national service positions as 88,000 for fiscal year 2010;
‘(B) increase the number of the approved positions to–
‘(i) 115,000 for fiscal year 2011;
‘(ii) 140,000 for fiscal year 2012;
‘(iii) 170,000 for fiscal year 2013;
‘(iv) 200,000 for fiscal year 2014;
‘(v) 210,000 for fiscal year 2015;
‘(vi) 235,000 for fiscal year 2016; and
‘(vii) 250,000 for fiscal year 2017;
‘(C) ensure that the increases described in subparagraph (B) are achieved through an appropriate balance of full- and part-time service positions;
‘(2) not later than 1 year after the date of enactment of the Serve America Act, submit a report to the authorizing committees on the status of the plan described in paragraph (1); and
‘(3) subject to the availability of appropriations and quality service opportunities, implement the plan described in paragraph (1).’.

As you can see, this new law requires the machine to get very big very fast. And, as you can see, that $6,000,000,000.00 is only the tip of the iceberg in the actual cost required to manage the mandatory growth in the mandatory “volunteer” machine. Of course, there are many other tentacles in this thing.

‘(B) ACTIVITIES- An Education Corps described in this paragraph may carry out activities such as–
‘(i) tutoring, or providing other academic support to elementary school and secondary school students;
‘(ii) improving school climate;
‘(iii) mentoring students, including adult or peer mentoring;
‘(iv) linking needed integrated services and comprehensive supports with students, their families, and their public schools;
‘(v) providing assistance to a school in expanding the school day by strengthening the quality of staff and expanding the academic programming offered in an expanded learning time initiative, a program of a 21st century community learning center (as defined in section 4201 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C. 7171)), or a high-quality after-school program;
‘(vi) assisting schools and local educational agencies in improving and expanding high-quality service-learning programs that keep students engaged in schools by carrying out programs that provide specialized training to individuals in service-learning, and place the individuals (after such training) in positions as service-learning coordinators, to facilitate service-learning in programs eligible for funding under part I of subtitle B;
‘(vii) assisting students in being prepared for college-level work;
‘(viii) involving family members of students in supporting teachers and students;
‘(ix) conducting a preprofessional training program in which students enrolled in an institution of higher education–
‘(I) receive training (which may include classes containing service-learning) in specified fields including early childhood education and care, elementary and secondary education, and other fields such as those relating to health services, criminal justice, environmental stewardship and conservation, or public safety;
‘(II) perform service related to such training outside the classroom during the school term and during summer or other vacation periods; and
‘(III) agree to provide service upon graduation to meet unmet human, educational, environmental, or public safety needs related to such training;
‘(x) assisting economically disadvantaged students in navigating the college admissions process;
‘(xi) providing other activities, addressing unmet educational needs, that the Corporation may designate; or
‘(xii) providing skilled musicians and artists to promote greater community unity through the use of music and arts education and engagement through work in low-income communities, and education, health care, and therapeutic settings, and other work in the public domain with citizens of all ages.

As the Education Secretary said, school needs to be year-round and the school day needs to be longer. Well, here is the beginning of it (in vi and II). And we have the government paying for environmentalist wacko activists. And the government is paying people to train people to train people to be big-government activists on the backs of the citizens.

‘(B) ACTIVITIES- A Healthy Futures Corps described in this paragraph may carry out activities such as–
‘(i) assisting economically disadvantaged individuals in navigating the health services system;
‘(ii) assisting individuals in obtaining access to health services, including oral health services, for themselves or their children;
‘(iii) educating economically disadvantaged individuals and individuals who are members of medically underserved populations about, and engaging individuals described in this clause in, initiatives regarding navigating the health services system and regarding disease prevention and health promotion, with a particular focus on common health conditions, chronic diseases, and conditions, for which disease prevention and health promotion measures exist and for which socioeconomic, geographic, and racial and ethnic health disparities exist;
‘(iv) improving the literacy of patients regarding health, including oral health;
‘(v) providing translation services at clinics and in emergency rooms to improve health services;
‘(vi) providing services designed to meet the health needs of rural communities, including the recruitment of youth to work in health professions in such communities;
‘(vii) assisting in health promotion interventions that improve health status, and helping people adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles and habits to improve health status;
‘(viii) addressing childhood obesity through in-school and after-school physical activities, and providing nutrition education to students, in elementary schools and secondary schools; or
‘(ix) providing activities, addressing unmet health needs, that the Corporation may designate.

And here we have the beginnings of socialized healthcare and recruitment for future government-paid healthcare providers.

‘(x) providing service through a full-time, year-round youth corps program or full-time summer youth corps program, such as a conservation corps or youth service corps program that–
‘(I) undertakes meaningful service projects with visible public benefits, including projects involving urban renewal, sustaining natural resources, or improving human services;
‘(II) includes as participants youths and young adults who are age 16 through 25, including out-of-school youth and other disadvantaged youth (such as youth who are aging out of foster care, youth who have limited English proficiency, homeless youth, and youth who are individuals with disabilities), who are age 16 through 25; and
‘(III) provides those participants who are youth and young adults with–
‘(aa) team-based, highly structured, and adult-supervised work experience, life skills, education, career guidance and counseling, employment training, and support services including mentoring; and
‘(bb) the opportunity to develop citizenship values and skills through service to their community and the United States;
‘(xi) carrying out other activities, addressing unmet environmental and workforce needs, that the Corporation may designate.

Does anything in that look familiar? Full-time, year-round youth corps that is highly structured and run by the federal government? Teaching “citizenship” values? Indoctrination?

‘(2) MATCHING REQUIREMENT- In making a grant to a State under this subsection, the Corporation shall require the State to agree to provide matching funds from non-Federal sources of not less than $1 for every $1 provided by the Corporation through the grant.
‘(3) ALTERNATIVE- Notwithstanding paragraph (2), the Chief Executive Officer may permit a State that demonstrates hardship or a new State Commission to meet alternative matching requirements for such a grant as follows:
‘(A) FIRST $100,000- For the first $100,000 of grant funds provided by the Corporation, the State involved shall not be required to provide matching funds.
‘(B) AMOUNTS GREATER THAN $100,000- For grant amounts of more than $100,000 and not more than $250,000 provided by the Corporation, the State shall agree to provide matching funds from non-Federal sources of not less than $1 for every $2 provided by the Corporation, in excess of $100,000.
‘(C) AMOUNTS GREATER THAN $250,000- For grant amounts of more than $250,000 provided by the Corporation, the State shall agree to provide matching funds from non-Federal sources of not less than $1 for every $1 provided by the Corporation, in excess of $250,000.’;

And here we have the federal government mandating that the various state governments pump in billions of state tax dollars.

‘(a) Prohibited Activities- An approved national service position under this subtitle may not be used for the following activities:
‘(1) Attempting to influence legislation.
‘(2) Organizing or engaging in protests, petitions, boycotts, or strikes.
‘(3) Assisting, promoting, or deterring union organizing.
‘(4) Impairing existing contracts for services or collective bargaining agreements.
‘(5) Engaging in partisan political activities, or other activities designed to influence the outcome of an election to Federal office or the outcome of an election to a State or local public office.
‘(6) Participating in, or endorsing, events or activities that are likely to include advocacy for or against political parties, political platforms, political candidates, proposed legislation, or elected officials.
‘(7) Engaging in religious instruction, conducting worship services, providing instruction as part of a program that includes mandatory religious instruction or worship, constructing or operating facilities devoted to religious instruction or worship, maintaining facilities primarily or inherently devoted to religious instruction or worship, or engaging in any form of proselytization, consistent with section 132.
‘(8) Consistent with section 132, providing a direct benefit to any–
‘(A) business organized for profit;
‘(B) labor union;
‘(C) partisan political organization;
‘(D) nonprofit organization that fails to comply with the restrictions contained in section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, except that nothing in this paragraph shall be construed to prevent participants from engaging in advocacy activities undertaken at their own initiative; and
‘(E) organization engaged in the religious activities described in paragraph (7), unless the position is not used to support those religious activities.
‘(9) Providing abortion services or referrals for receipt of such services.
‘(10) Conducting a voter registration drive or using Corporation funds to conduct a voter registration drive.
‘(11) Carrying out such other activities as the Corporation may prohibit.
‘(b) Ineligibility- No assistance provided under this subtitle may be provided to any organization that has violated a Federal criminal statute.
‘(c) Nondisplacement of Employed Workers or Other Volunteers- A participant in an approved national service position under this subtitle may not be directed to perform any services or duties, or to engage in any activities, prohibited under the nonduplication, nondisplacement, or nonsupplantation requirements relating to employees and volunteers in section 177.’.

That’s right. If you’re part of any organization in this monster, you cannot write a letter to your congressman or senator to try to get a bad bill voted down. You cannot be a Sunday School teacher.

This thing is so full of poison, I barely scratched the surface of it. And it’s the law of the land. Bob Unruh at World Net Daily has more information.

UPDATE: From the above World Net Daily link (that was broken but isn’t anymore):

Solomont warned that people shouldn’t be “fixated” on such apparently small numbers.

“We hope sooner or later this will be a part of every citizen’s experience,” he said.

WND reported when the bill began its quick trip through Congress, and its original language called for a study of how best to implement a mandatory national service program for citizens of the United States.

Later the language was dropped from that bill, only to appear at the same time in another legislative proposal. That plan, H.R. 1444, now is in committee.

So, this bill started out as mandatory volunteerism but, as pointed out, the mandatory language was stripped. So it isn’t mandatory volunteerism quite yet. If HR 1444 passes, it will be. I was in error in calling this particular completed bill mandatory volunteer.

4 Responses to “GIVE Act Signed Into Law”

  1. The Center Square said

    Why do you call this the mandatory volunteer act? I don’t see anything mandatory. Did I miss something?


  2. John Hichcock said

    You didn’t miss anything. The mandatory portion was stripped out and put in a different bill that is currently in committee. I missed that revision. (Updated in my post.)


  3. The Center Square said

    Good, thanks. [Although, FYI, the opening line of this post still reads: “On 21 APR 2009, President Barack Hussein Obama signed HR 1388, the GIVE Act, aka the mandatory volunteer act, into law.”]

    The ‘mandatory service’ idea was floated by Conyers and Rangle, and was NEVER endorsed by Obama. It would be dishonest to imply that Obama ever favored such a thing.


  4. John Hichcock said

    I am none too certain that Obama does not favor such a thing. I will agree the opening line can be misleading but the GIVE Act does still have that aka, despite the language strip. That aside, the act is poisonous enough as a stand-alone without HR 1444.


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