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Public Education, Politics, (And Obama)

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/03

Indoctrinate the kids as soon as possible, preferably when the parents aren’t around to rebut and give correction.

Change “permission slips” to “non-permission slips” where without the former, the child is not permitted to attend and without the latter, the child is required to attend. “Tomorrow, we are going to give an assembly on why it is okay for you to have under-age sex. If your parents don’t want you to attend, have them sign this piece of paper.”*

Choose not to have text-books and teach from handouts that were printed out on the day of the teaching. Parents don’t really need to know what’s going on with their children’s education.

When a parent shows up, lambasting the non-education of his child, declare all your teachers are experts by the obvious fact they are teachers (thus implicitly demanding the parent is the least capable in the room). Nevermind that parent homeschooled his daughter 4 grades in 3 years.

“If you don’t like it, homeschool” as a libturd said. Well, guess what. Homeschool numbers are exploding. Here’s something else, the right to homeschool has had to be vigorously defended all the way up to state supreme courts because libturds in POWAH didn’t want parents homeschooling their kids in their state. And another thing, TN did this thing a while back where anyone who did NOT get a government education could NOT get a job with the state. Why? Because the state could not control the ed and “could not guarantee its quality.”

And, as pub ed has become more and more centralized, it has become less and less responsive to concerned parents. Pub ed becomes more expensive and less able to ed each year. Just recently, Southwestern City Schools in Columbus, OH failed a 2nd attempt to get a levy passed to get more money out of home-owners. So they killed all extra-curricular activities, sending other schools scrambling to fill voids in their sports schedules and sending football players scrambling to quickly find other schools to attend. They plan a 3rd attempt this year at getting more tax money in November. And I strongly hope they fail.

Let’s not fix the problem, just throw more money at it as the schools want. “Give me money and shut up or I’ll take the fun out of school.” If the schools were more responsive to parents and not beholden to NEA, AFT, libturds, the fed, schools could actually teach students. And with less money, and without punishing the students for the fact the parents and community are fed up with the bull.

Obama has chosen to do an end-run around every parent and go directly to the child while the parent is not there. Would you, as a parent, allow your grade-schooler to see a movie without you if you hadn’t previously seen the movie or if you hadn’t at least reviewed it? This is the same thing, only worse. No politician should be permitted unprotected access to our children. To allow such a thing is to become a totalitarian nation.

Two Obama demands to remember:
1) Leave my children alone. (His demand to all members of the press.)
2) (My opponents) should just shut up.
Both of those demands I am certain have been saved in audio format, likely video format.

I strongly suggest Obama should heed the first. And I strongly suggest Obama should try the second, while remembering the First Amendment.

*I remember a woman, fully supported by a “mainstream” organization (and I fully forget her name and the organization, but I believe it was Planned Parenthood) going around to all sorts of high schools and holding assemblies. It was purportedly a sex ed assembly, but was more accurately sexuality ed and even more accurately aberrant sexuality indoctrination. I actually heard excerpts of her poison. She actually said “The only inappropriate sex is when one partner is unwilling.” And she said this in public schools, paid for by tax dollars. She said this to under-age teens. By her definition, sex between a 50-year-old man and a 14-year-old either gender is appropriate if both consent. And she made it abundantly clear that their parents didn’t need to know, nor had the right to know, what they were doing.

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The Perils Of Using The Wrong Tool

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/03

There was this one time when I tried to do some upgrades to my woodwork, so I got my tools out and started working. I used my 10-pound sledge to pound the 4-penny finish nail into the woodwork. After viewing the result to the woodwork and to my hand, and after returning from the emergency room, I decided I was an idiot for using the wrong hammer. I should’ve used my 3-pound sledge instead. But I fixed my mistake. I got out my 6-inch paintbrush and gorilla glue and fixed the woodwork.

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