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Let’s Talk About Racism

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/19

In my last full-time job, I had the wonderful privilege of hearing lots of racist slurs coming out of many mouths. I also had the wonderful privilege of being the only one to speak out against the racism spoken when I was within earshot. I got to hear the n-word (hereafter denoted as “n”) frequently. I also got to hear zebra used enough. It was actually this job where I found out what a zebra is. And a zebra is not a short-version striped horse-like animal. A zebra is a combination of “n” and whites.

There were two “n” in the company, one of which was also a zebra. They couldn’t make up their minds whether she was a “n” or a zebra when they talked about her. She is the daughter of a melanin-enhanced individual and a melanin-deprived individual. Now, the male “n” had been with the company for 35+ years, serving in every position from production employee to plant manager. And he was the plant manager on at least four different occasions, yo-yoing in management positions. The female “n” – who was also a zebra – had a couple different management positions.

Both of them played dirty hardball. While she was in-your-face about it most of the time, he was half in-your-face and half cloak-and-dagger. When she was in charge of the shipping department, she fired 30 people in a single year. Understand, there was no time when the shipping department had more than 15 people assigned to it. And she relied on a single person to be able to get all her responsibilities done since she didn’t actually understand how to do them.

It is very clear these two people had given people plenty of reason to be angry and bitter. But melanin content is not one of those reasons. A melanin content-based attack completely annihilates the attacker’s basis for the attack. In other words, if you use “n” or zebra in your attack, you just lost.

When I heard someone using “n” I would speak out very strongly. I would loudly declare that my daughter had dated several black men with my explicit approval. Suddenly, they would invariably say something like “Not all blacks are ‘n’” or “I have black friends, too” sometimes combined with “and they aren’t ‘n’”. I would also hear “there are black ‘n’ and white ‘n’”. Of course, those are absolutely worthless lame attempts at back-tracking.

This black man and mixed-heritage woman were hard core Democrats. Surprisingly, or actually typically, the ones using “n” were also hard core Democrats. Go figure. In fact, nearly everyone at that company were hard core Democrats. I was the third shift union steward, so I had to attend the labor-management meetings. Two first shift union stewards, two out-of-town union representatives, the plant manager, the HR manager, the company President (or usually the production supervisor (above plant manager) in his stead) were all Democrats. I was the only conservative in the meeting, and I was there in my capacity of union steward. In the casual discussions before the meeting officially started, there was always a political conversation. And it was always anti-GOP, usually filled with BDS.

At this place of business, the targets of racist smears and the purveyors of racist smears were all Democrats thru-and-thru.

A recent short-term temporary job I had was a bit different. All the temps worked second shift. There were two production lines running on second shift; one was filled with full-time employees and the other had only the full-time working supervisor and twelve temps. And we generally took breaks in a segregated fashion: the temps (and working supervisor) sat in one place and the full-timers sat in another. With the exception of myself and one other, all the temps were under 25. And they were all apolitical. They had no interest in politics whatsoever. They were more interested in telling stories of drunkenly picking burning sticks out of campfires or driving dirt-bikes and quads while drunk and “horizontal PT.” And in talking about planned events for this irresponsible nonsense. Clearly, they were of the “very unprincipled” variety.

One of these drinking-age juveniles used “n” in my presence once. I quickly said my daughter has dated several black men. He started to give a racist quip. It went something like “I feel sorry for you.”

And that set me off. I loudly declared that my daughter had my permission to date black men. I declared I had given her permission to date anyone of her choice, within age and morality reasons, regardless of skin-coloration, even before she was allowed to date. I further declared that there is no such thing as race since every living soul can trace his lineage back to four men: Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth. And I stated, loudly and warningly, that if anyone has a problem with that, they have a problem with me.

When I was done, I could swear I heard crickets.

As a pre-teen, my family would go to visit friends of the family for pizza for all and euchre for the four adults. Or for bricking the friends’ house. Or for slaughtering the pig or steer. On one occasion, the man said “I have nothing against blacks but my daughter better never bring one home with her.” I have no recollection how the subject was broached but I can recall, even then, I was greatly offended. Of course, being a pre-teen around four adults, I chose not to utter a sound of protest. But I was highly offended by the bigotry that came out of his mouth.

The first group of people, as I stated, were loud Democrats and loud about their BDS. The second group, while they couldn’t care any less about politics, were highly unethical, unprincipled, “me first” as opposed to “you first” types, typical of the modern-day liberal. The third man? I do not know what his politics were. But I do not see any conservative or Christian values among the lot.

As I’ve shown in my previous articles, such as Democrat Civil Rights History and Liberals Are Racists, and in this personal anecdote, it is the Democrat and liberal who is the racist, and not conservatives. And yet those self-same Democrats and liberals accuse every Republican and every conservative of being racist. They accuse us of using code-words that nobody would catch to show off our racism. And why? Perhaps to hide their own racism. But more likely, they are trying to divert attention from our message they cannot defeat. And the liberal-owned mainstream media is only too willing to carry their water for them.

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