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Outstanding, Marine!

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/05/23

Sergeant Thomas Brooks, I have two words for you: Semper Fi. You should be proud of your fiancee as she is of you.

And visitors should click through to the Hot Air article.

The Armed Forces Foundation is doing a wonderful job. And various businesses’ aiding the AFF should be commended as well.

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Comment Rescue: JudgeRight on Liberal Racism And Historical Revisionism

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/05/23

JudgeRight posted a comment on my article Liberal Racism And Historical Revisionism which I believe deserves a second look. As he was commenting on a new (to him) site, he didn’t make use of paragraph breaks (Some sites don’t allow for paragraph breaks. Crazy but true.) but his words rang true then and still ring true now. And with everything going on in the world and in the US, his words should be seen again. And that’s why I’m posting them now.

Its painfully obvious to me, John that Ben is religiously Liberal Democrat. No evidence will suffice for him. It was Zo from Zonation now on PJTV which turned me on to the correct history of civil rights. With a little deeper study, I learned the first black representative serving in Congress was in 1822 long before the Civil War. Blacks have a proud history of service in the United States Government and all were Republican because the Democrats initiated the KKK as an organization to assassinate Republicans who supported the black inclusion in American culture on equal basis. Since all blacks were Republican, they were easier to identify and thus, the plethora of evidence of persecution against the blacks was by Democrats. However, the Democrats created cards with names and addresses as well as pictures of prominent Republicans they wanted targeted by those KKK members. The more you know, the more you distrust liberals. The uninvolved, uninformed, uninterested voter is the most dangerous element in American culture today. I have learned everything I thought I knew about everything was a pack of lies. Jesus did not mean for Christians never to use their judgment. America is not an imperialist, expansionist, genocidal, culture and government. Anti-religion forces shed vastly more blood over the 20th century than all the religions combined over the rest of history. The Crusades did involve terrible abuses, particularly of Jews, however they were preceded by 400 years of Islamic murderous aggression in Christian lands and thus was a defensive endeavor. Creation has better evidential scientific support than evolution. Palestinians are Arab and are refugees not because of Israel but because of Arabs. You should never accept even expert advice without skepticism. Appeasing a bully makes the bully meaner and bolder. Appeasing a despot or a genocidal maniac or even a junk yard dog is no different. Sometimes, fighting (war) is the only answer. Work is ennobling, business is not inherently evil, government is inherently evil. And thousands of other liberal reversal nuggets.

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