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Isn’t It Interesting How Liberals…

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/05/08

Isn’t it interesting how Liberals go infest Conservative blogs and spew their emotionalist Big Government Socialist class-envy (which is a sin) bile and then whinge that Conservatives are citing Conservative sources (the Liberals refuse to read) on Conservative sites? And when it is pointed out to the Liberals that they’re not even bothering to read the linked articles, they often whinge that the Conservatives aren’t following the Liberal links the Liberals provide.

Excuse me, Liberals, you came to the Conservative sites to push your blather. We didn’t go to your sites, you came to ours. That means if you want to be honest, since you ventured to the right blogs, you need to read the right cites in order to have an honest conversation regarding what the right are saying on their blogs. Reciprocation isn’t necessary because it’s a right site but that doesn’t preclude some reciprocation.

If I were to go to a Liberal blog and refuse to read any Liberal source material or reject it out of hand, the Liberals would obviously not take me seriously at all. It’s uncouth. And not discussing with any semblance of integrity to ignore the right-leaning cites on right-leaning sites just because you’re a radical Leftist.

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“Tough” guys

Posted by Hube on 2011/05/08

Translation of an al Qaeda statement on the offing of Osama bin Laden:

Even when the Americans managed to kill Osama, they managed to do ONLY that by disgrace and betrayal. Men and heroes only should be confronted in the battlefields but at the end, that’s God’s fate.

WTF?? Says the scum who hijack airliners, plant clandestine explosive devices, bomb embassies, bomb trains, bomb subways, bomb buses, and murder/mutilate women for not being completely subordinate to their barbarian will?

Yeah … that’s “tough,” alright.

(h/t to Campaign Spot.)

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I Don’t Wanna Dance

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/05/08

Dance with ya baby, no more.

Is there a story there? I’m not tellin’.

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Tell Laura I Love Her

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/05/08

Yeah, it’s a sad song and you’re sick of it. Sue me. 😉

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Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/05/08

You would’ve been 21 and a half and you would’ve been sick of hearing this song.

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