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Dressing Modestly

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/05/21

Little Miss Attila, who is no “right-wing fanatic” (unlike me), has a very good article up with lots of informative links for women who want to dress modestly. As she says, many of the modest attire rules don’t necessarily apply to real sportswear for activities such as marathoning. I’ll add swimming, cycling, gymnastics, surfing and many more athletic activities.*

As an old-school Evangelical/Fundamentalist Christian, I am all for dressing modestly — for women and men. (It may be my bias but I do believe the modesty thing is an issue for women much more than for men, but there are still modesty issues for men as well.) A modestly dressed woman can still be very pleasant to the eye without advertising too much.

Here’s where Little Miss Attila may or may not have an issue with me, but if so, I believe it will be due to a communication gap and not a philosophical difference of opinion. (Or I hope, anyway.) “Locks are meant to keep honest people honest.” A modestly dressed woman will help keep honest, responsible, appropriately behaved men honest, responsible and appropriately behaved. And may help keep dishonest, irresponsible, inappropriately behaved men from targeting her (as they look for targets). Is it the woman’s responsibility? Yes. But it’s also the man’s responsibility in how he acts.

*While an old-school Evangelical/Fundamentalist Christian, I still support women’s wrestling (the real stuff and not the tittilating stuff), women’s bodybuilding, women’s boxing (again, the real stuff), etc, which would also have attire for those activities that does not fit in the modest casual realm. The athletic activity attire is perfectly acceptable for the athletic activity but not for “clubbing.”

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Benjamin Netanyahu Whoops Barack Obama

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/05/21

… and did it impressively.

Yid With Lid (HT Little Miss Attila) has a very good summary.

The Prime Minister proceeded to give the President a dose of reality, and the President gave the PM a dose of his unhappy glare. …For there to be peace the Palestinians (and Obama) will have to accept some basic realities. Two of the three realities outline by Netanyahu were in direct conflict with what Obama said yesterday.

* Israel cannot return to the 1967 lines because they are indefensible, and he reminded the POTUS that those old boundries led to war many times before.

* Agreeing with the president, he reminded him that Israel cannot be expected to negotiate with the Palestinian version of al Qaeda.

* He reminded Obama that the 1948 attack on Israel resulted in two refugee problems, a Palestinian problem and a Jewish one. Tiny Israel absorbed the Jewish refugees, the Arabs refused to absorb the Palestinian ones. Any “right of return” must be implemented within the borders of a Palestinian State.

Do be certain to read all of it (and to watch the video).

When leaders of Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, Muslim Brotherhood, Iran, Syria, Palestinians thank Allah for bringing the Jews to the Middle East so the Jews can be more easily eradicated, those are people who should not be invited to dinner, much less to a negotiation with Israel. Let’s also not forget there are only two nations in the Middle East which have actual peace treaties with Israel — Egypt and Jordan. And the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is desirous to tear up that peace treaty. All the rest have cease-fires (which are not very well honored).

Sarah Palin has already declared her position regarding Israel: Israel is a strong ally and needs defended against the Islamic Terrorists, not thrown under the bus as Obama tried to do.

Doug Powers has video of Israel-born and former Obama voter Gene Simmons devastating Obama’s ignorance.

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McDonalds, Orbitz Fight Control Freaks; Graham Whines About Lack Of Control

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/05/21

There’s a saying with a lot of truth to it: Liberals want Conservatives to shut up; Conservatives want Liberals to keep talking.

Leftist groups have been attacking McDonalds. First, demanding McDonalds remove its toys from Happy Meals “for the children,” then demanding McDonalds retire Ronald McDonald “for the children.” McDonalds has basically told the Leftist control freaks to stuff it, and rightfully so. Ronald McDonald is staying where he is. And if the Leftist control freaks can’t play nice, they need to get out of the ball pit and throw their tantrums somewhere else.

The wholly dishonest, far-left, George Soros funded Media Matters opened up a new site called and they’re targeting Fox’s advertisers. (HT Hot Air news feed and Mediaite) It has long since been time for Media Mutters to lose its 501(c)(3) status as MMfA has for quite some time now not even tried to pretend it’s following the law regarding 501(c)(3) activities.

Media Mutters targeted Orbitz and a few other businesses in this latest campaign. And Orbitz came out swinging.

In Orbitz, though, DropFox may have already bitten off more than it can chew. The company is not only refusing to buckle under the pressure — which includes an online petition signed by 40,000 people asking it to ditch Fox News — but it is striking back at Media Matters, warning the organization it is risking its credibility by attacking Orbitz.

“This is a political organization that has been funded pretty extensively to go after one network, and we aren’t going to engage in that fight,” Orbitz spokesman Brian Hoyt said.

“We have a strict policy of tolerance and non-discrimination, and that means we don’t favor one political side over another. Tolerance is a two-way street,” he said. “We’re going to advertise on conservative TV stations, liberal TV stations and — if there are any out there — unbiased news broadcasts.”

“We haven’t bowed to any boycott in the past, and we won’t bow to these types of smear campaigns in the future,” Hoyt said.

“What they’re doing is distorting our record. We don’t care about your sexual orientation, religion or gender; we preach tolerance,” he said. “Our commitment to the LGBT community should not be at question — at all.”

Yes, Orbitz called Media Mutters intolerant. Orbitz called the Media Mutters campaign a smear campaign. Orbitz is right, of course. And Orbitz said it’s not going to be controlled by the intolerant Leftist control freaks.

Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who will be Primaried in 2014, had his whine on. Oh how terrible it is that we have that First Amendment thing. It’s getting in his way. And besides, the Framers wouldn’t have written that First Amendment thing if they knew about today’s technology.

My statement to my colleagues is even though people are loud, that doesn’t mean they’re the majority,” Graham continued. “So if you’re doing things that make sense, just trust the country to figure it out, but in this environment of constant media scrutiny it is very difficult. I don’t know how you would have written the Constitution in this environment.”

Yes, Lindsey, because the Founders and Framers were all about preventing the Country Class and the Press from interfering with you Ruling Class Aristocrats and your central power control — wait a minute. Strike that; reverse it. The Founders and Framers had precisely your type in mind when they wrote that First Amendment, to prevent precisely your type of Ruling Class mentality from getting a foot-hold in this country.

Lindsey Grahamnesty can whinge about the Press getting in his way and preventing his goal of ignoring the Law for millions of illegals all he wants. Grahamnesty can complain all he wants about the TEA Party having too much relevance and claim it’s going away. He’ll definitely find out by 2014 that his words and deeds will come back to bite him — hard.

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AARP Gets ObamaCare Waiver

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/05/21

AARP lobbied hard to get ObamaCare passed, despite the fact it would cost AARP members and employees more money. Then AARP got a waiver from ObamaCare.

Of course, AARP lost a large number of members due to its lobbying for the Liberty stealing, rights violating government empowering socialist ObamaCare. And when AARP held a “town hall” to push its propaganda, the people argued back. So, AARP took its microphone and went home instead of listening to the members.

As predicted, AARP joined the growing list of hypocritical organizations that pushed hard to pass ObamaCare and then got waivers from ObamaCare.

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I Believe Sarah Palin Is Running

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/05/21

Former Governor Sarah Palin hit the ball out of the park on Greta Van Susterin’s show. And Greta wasn’t exactly throwing softballs.

HT Tina Korbe

Sarahcuda said she definitely does have a “fire in her belly” about the direction of the United States. She declared that the US needs to return to traditional American values and to do that, Barack Obama needs to be booted out. She made only one minor hit on a Republican, Newt Gingrich, reminding Greta that he had told Sarah Palin to “slow down” and choose her words wisely, then Gingrich himself shoved both feet in his mouth. But the Sarahcuda followed that up with an “everyone makes mistakes” line.

Sarahcuda spent some time telling Greta what the media should be doing with the candidates and prospective candidates. Absolutely examine their records. Absolutely compare what they are saying with their records and what they said before. Absolutely examine the candidates’ agendas. And don’t go easy — on any candidate. Treat all candidates the same, unlike in 2008 when the press refused to examine Obama’s radical upbringing, Obama’s radical relationships, Obama’s record. (In fact, JournoList had their own agenda: if someone went after Obama for his relationship with the unrepentant terrorist William Ayers or the racist America-hating “reverend” Wright, the JournoListers should target any ol’ big-name Conservative person and accuse that person of being a racist.)

And the piddly junk, like going after the children, should be out of bounds.

The original Mama Grizzly said she is taking her family into consideration but I believe that will end up resolving itself. Sarah’s running. Let me explain my reasoning.

Track Palin really isn’t a lamestream media target and will continue to not be a lamestream media target. There’s nothing tittilating.

I don’t believe Trig Palin will have any emotional trauma whatsoever.

Bristol Palin survived the lamestream media storm in the 2008 cycle, on into 2009 and went on to do the Dancing With The Stars reality show. She has gone with her mother to international locations for charitable causes and has been in the background, fully supporting Sarahcuda with research, fixing the hair, etc. And now, Bristol has her own reality show contract dealing with her Charity. If Bristol wanted out of the tabloids, this isn’t the way to do it, so I don’t believe lamestream media blasting of Bristol will have any final impact on Sarah’s decision to run.

Of the children, that leaves Willow and Piper, both of whom have already cut their teeth with the media coverage and both of whom have shown a certain maturity level beyond their years. Piper was even a poster girl for an Alaska Pro-Life display.

That leaves husband Todd, who would feel cooped up in DC and would feel a fatherly and husbandly protective desire. But he has done a lot of work helping Sarah be on air and out in front in the media and in all her public presentations, so I doubt that’ll be that major a hurdle once all is said and done.

So yes, due to Sarah Palin’s fire in her belly for the good of the US, for the return of the US to traditional American values (which means voting Obama out of office and putting a strong Conservative in office), I believe Sarah’s going to run. And she can most afford to wait to announce of all the prospective candidates.

I’ve heard a rumor that there’s a July 4 deadline for lawsuits in Alaska, which she may wish to out-wait. And, yes, money would likely be an issue regarding that point because I believe she’d have to stop many of her own personal income-generating activities and would no longer have the necessary income to easily cover any more frivolous lawsuits. But that’s just my unlearned thinking on it.

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