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Which Side Are You On?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2015/01/16

As for Truth Before Dishonor, we know which side we are on.

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Jew-Hating Mainstream Media Used As Human Shields. Will They Become #Pro-Israel?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/08/04

Yeah, like that’s ever gonna happen. But seriously, Hamas used the media as human shields as they launched a rocket aimed at Israel from the Gaza hotel that the media uses.

Will the media wake up to the Truth? Is the Pope Hindu?

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Where Hamas Hides Their Missiles Used In Killing Children

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/07/14

Any questions?

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Sorry, Israel, You’re On Your Own

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/11/07

We tried and failed. We on the Right worked hard to rid our government of the man who would deign to utter the words “The Future Must Not Belong to Those Who Slander the Prophet of Islam”, in complete rejection of our First Amendment and complete rejection of Judaism and Christianity. We tried and failed.

And just as we Christians and the practicing Jews here in the US are having our Religious Freedoms stripped from us by the Obama administration are left further unprotected and unsafe and unfree, so are you, Israel. You’re on your own. For the next four years, you cannot count on the US to help keep you safe from the Mohammedan terrorists surrounding you who want nothing less than your total annihilation.

You are now “a nation of unwalled cities” and only Providence can help you now. You have no friendly nations to come to your rescue.

But you still have many millions of people here in the US who are praying vehemently to Adonai on your behalf. The US will fail you, and just did. But Yahweh will not. Even as the followers of the evil, genocidal, pedophiliac, burning in Sheol Mohammed redouble their efforts to destroy you, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph will be there for you. As He promised.

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The End Times Are Fast Approaching

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/09/13

As the Mohammedan, anti-Christian, anti-Israel, anti-Jewish uprisings and terror attacks greatly increase such as the multiple attacks on US embassies and consulates on the anniversary of 9/11 and the greatly expanded attacks since; and as the US, under Obama, has shown great weakness in the face of the Mohammedan terrorists and even animosity toward Israel, it is again important to note that all this stuff was prophesied.

I cannot spell out the upcoming events any better than Professor Johan Malan did in March of 2011, so I’ll let him spell it out.

The Russo/Arab invasion of Israel

According to Ezekiel 38 and 39, various Arab countries will attack Israel under the leadership of Russia, in an effort to bring them to their knees and wipe Israel off the map. Gog, of the land Magog, (that is modern Russia in the land north of the Caucasus Mountains) will join forces with Persia (Iran), Togarmah (Turkey), Ethiopia, Libya, and Gomer (Germany or one or other East-European nation) to invade Israel. Other nations will also join them to form a very big and formidable power.

Israel’s enemies plan to obtain the participation of Russia for this big war. To Russia there is the benefit of interests in the Middle East oil fields. They would also want to prevent China from rendering military aid to the Arabs, should Russia itself refuse to do so. Although reluctantly, Russia will, according to the Bible, agree to participate in a war of annihilation against the Jewish state (Ezek. 38:4).

The war of Ezekiel 38 and 39 is steadfastly approaching. The Lord will reveal Himself in a very definite and unmistakable way through preventing this war (Ezek. 38:16). The sudden supernatural destruction of the invading forces by fire is clearly mentioned (Ezek. 39:4-6). There will also be a very big earthquake in Israel (Ezek. 38:19).

Russia, Israel and all the nations will recognise God because of this very clear supernatural intervention. That will bring about a major change in thinking as most of the peoples of the world, including Israel, have largely lapsed into agnosticism, materialism and humanism and consequently rejected, ignored or degraded the Triune God and His Word. Virtually all of them regard Christianity to be on an equal level with the pagan religions. In a typical postmodern fashion they view the religious statements and moral guidelines of the Bible as old-fashioned, irrelevant and obsolete.

With the supernatural destruction of Israel’s enemies, the nations will acknowledge that the God of Israel and the Bible is the true God who should be feared and worshipped. That will override atheism, agnosticism and secularism. There will however be such feeble knowledge of God that they will accept the wrong person, the Antichrist, as Christ and representative of God. He will exploit the nations’ veneration for supernatural signs and, together with the false prophet, present a spectacle of signs and wonders (2 Thess. 2:9-10; Rev. 13:12-14). Humanity will accept it in reverence and awe.

The signs and wonders of the Antichrist and false prophet will be so amazing, and the claim by the Antichrist that he is a descendant of King David who was sent to the world on behalf of all faiths, will sound so convincing, that even Israel will be deceived into accepting him as their promised Messiah (John 5:43). He will claim credit for the sudden termination of the threatening war in Israel, and that will overnight propel him to the position of prince of peace and unchallenged world leader. The Gentile nations will join Israel in concluding a seven-year treaty with him and recognise him as their leader. They will follow him in amazement (Rev. 13:3-4) and hail him for delivering humanity from a threatening third world war, averting a certain economic collapse, and restoring the ailing world economy and getting it back on track.

Where are Israel’s allies and defenders? Who will come to her side? The obvious answer is nobody will come to Israel’s aid because all have abandoned her. But Providence, the One True God, will indeed do so in a very obvious manner. Enter the Anti-Christ and False Prophet to take the credit, and the 7-Year Tribulation begins.

Look at what is happening in the Middle East, in Russia, in China, in Europe, and in the US. “Study to shew thyself approved.” End Times Prophecy will happen, and is happening right before your eyes.

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Celebrating The 64th Anniversary Of The Rebirth Of Israel

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/04/24

I’m on Arutz-7’s mailing list. I get Israel News Network mailings and mailings from some of their advertisers. And intentionally so. I got an email from people who want to teach me Hebrew online (and I would love to learn the Holy language of Hebrew but have neither the time nor the financial ability currently) announcing the celebration of 64 years after Israel’s “birth” which is, actually, Israel’s rebirth since Israel herself is thousands of years old. In that email was an offer of free Israel photos if I fill out a form. I did so. Beautiful photos.

"A land flowing with milk and honey."

Turning the desert wasteland into life-sustaining land.

Thriving Tel Aviv on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea

Israel's Capitol yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.

Turning barren wasteland into a land teeming with life.

64 years ago, Jewish people who had suffered one of the most aggressive attempts to annihilate Jewry in the history of the world came flowing into their ancient homeland against all odds and against the wishes of the international community. From that point until today, and continuing onward into the future, Israel has had to defend herself from the massively superior — both numerically and in firepower — enemies in the region and across the world who want nothing short of the total annihilation of Israel and Jewry. And Israel has been extraordinarily successful, beyond that which is even remotely humanly possible. Because Adonai is with them. Because Yahweh will not allow His Chosen People to be extinguished. Period. (Full stop, for those using The King’s English.) Not only has Israel succeeded beyond human capacity in defending herself from all her foes wishing her total destruction, she has also turned a barren, life-killing desert wasteland into “a land flowing with milk and honey.”

Barren land that Israel gains becomes agriculturally rich and self-sustaining land in very short time. And the reverse is also true. Land that Israel has turned into agriculturally rich and self-sustaining land; land that Israel has turned into money-making tourist destination; land that Israel has turned into economically booming land; that land, when turned over to Israel’s enemies in the hopes of shalom become barren once again. But it becomes worse than when Israel possessed it as it is not only barren, but filled with the ruins of a previously highly successful society, all the while housing large numbers of people who are absolutely incapable of sustaining themselves, but are only intent on eliminating Israel and Jewry from the face of the world map.

When Israel gained control of the Gaza Strip in a self-defense war to keep herself from being wiped off the map, the Gaza Strip was a barren desert that could not, at all, sustain life. Israel made it “a land flowing with milk and honey.” When Israel turned it over to the Palestinian terrorists in the hopes of shalom, the Palestinian terrorists who had no desire at all for shalom not only destroyed the land’s ability to sustain the people but also turned it into a terrorist haven from which to further its hate-filled goals to kill all Jews and to destroy Israel.

Israel pumps hundreds of millions of gallons of the life-blood of all peoples — fresh water — into lands that don’t have that life-blood, lands that want nothing less than for Israel to cease to exist and for all Jews to be eradicated, in the hopes for shalom. Israel is prosperous because of her people’s blood and sweat. Israel is an agricultural behemoth because of her people’s blood and sweat. Israel is a massive exporter of fresh water because of her people’s blood and sweat. Israel is in existence today despite the gargantuan odds against her because of her people’s blood and sweat. And all of this also because Providence will not let those who curse Israel — His Chosen People — succeed.

Israel, a land roughly the size of New Jersey, has succeeded against all human and Satanic odds against her, yet she only wants shalom. She has given up massive chunks of land for shalom. She has given up the Golan Heights for shalom. (The Golan Heights are Israel’s Sudetenland (see: Hitler and Czechoslovakia).) But all the nations surrounding Israel, all the Communist nations, all the Liberals in the US, especially Barack Obama and the absolute nutball Ron Paul, are arrayed against Israel. They have absolutely no desire for shalom in Israel. They want Israel dead.

“I will bless those that bless you and curse those that curse you.” — The Almighty, speaking to Israel.
For more Israel pictures like the ones above, register here.

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Syria Misses Bush

Posted by Yorkshire on 2011/12/20

Found on Facebook from the Weekly Standard.

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The Hate Surrounding Israel

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/09/22

The Palestinians are trying to force UN recognition of them as a Nation. That cannot happen else Israel will indeed be faced with another war for her survival. Let’s look at some facts, shall we?

The Weekly Standard (HT Hot Air Headlines) has the logo of the “Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to the United Nations” straight off their webpage, which I will not link because I don’t want to help publicize their hate-filled site.

Israeli land without Israel

Absent from the logo is any hint that Palestine consists of anything other than Arab territory. No nod is given even to the U.N.’s 1948 decision to divide the region into Jewish and Arab sectors. As for the shape of Israel by the time it was forced into waging the defensive Six Day war in 1967: irrelevant. The logo illustrates that the Palestinian bid before the U.N. for support of a unilateral declaration of statehood is disingenuous and dangerous.

There is not too much left to the imagination here: Israel is “wiped off the map.”

Matthew Knee clarifies the issue:

The root of the conflict is not that Israel currently controls the West Bank. The root of the conflict is that the Palestinians and their allies are still unwilling to accept that Israel exists at all.

Ivy League law professor William A Jacobson responds to an Atlantic article:

Obama assured the rise of Hamas? Hamas has already risen. Obama legitimated violence in the pursuit of Palestinian political goals? Have you been sleeping the last 60 years? Really, can’t The Atlantic do better than this nonsense? Bring back Andrew Sullivan, the relative voice of sanity.

The “occupation” is the cause of all the problems?. Oh wait, Israel withdrew unilaterally from Gaza and Gaza now is an Iranian missile base. Oh wait, the effort to drive the Jews into the sea started before the 1967 war, indeed, prior to the creation of Israel; just ask the Jews who used to live in the centuries-old Jewish community in Hebron before the 1929 Arab riots and massacre. Oh wait, Hamas does not agree to the existence of Israel. Oh wait, Abbas said just a few weeks ago he never — as in never — will accept Israel as a Jewish state.

Land for peace is risky enough; land without peace is a suicide pact.

And Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian leader of the West Bank who will never accept Israel as a Jewish state, has been declared to be one of the “moderate” Mohammedans in the region.

Hube, at Colossus of Rhodey (I suggest you read his article), linked to a Cal Thomas commentary surrounding this issue.

Israel — like the Jewish people for centuries — has become the fall guy for people who prefer their anti-Semitism cloaked in diplomatic niceties. The Palestinians could have peace any time they wish and probably a state, too, if they acknowledged Israel’s right to exist and practiced verbal, religious and military disarmament. One has a right to question the veracity of a people who claim they want peace, while remaining active in ideological, theological and military warfare aimed at its publicly stated objective: the eradication of the Jewish state.

Before Israel is allowed to disappear again (as Palestinian maps and school textbooks already depict) and the Jews who survive are sent into exile (who would take them?), it is worth noting a few of the numerous contributions Israel has made to the world, compared to what the Arab-Muslim-Palestinian culture has contributed.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad once again denied the Holocaust ever happened on the floor of the UN today. The man who is pumping massive amounts of military grade weapons into Syria, Lebanon, the West Bank, Gaza so Mohammedan Terrorists can keep murdering Israelis continues to be a Holocaust denier, believing the history is all made up by Westerners and Jew-lovers.

No, since the Reconstitution of Israel, these people have been all about wiping Israel off the map. Even before the Reconstitution of Israel, these people have been all about the genocidal eradication of the Jews.

Israel won the Sinai Peninsula in a defensive war against Egypt. Israel offered it back to Egypt in return for a Peace Treaty. Israel offered Jordan a continuous supply of water, huge amounts continuously flowing out of Israel and into Jordan, for a Peace Treaty with Jordan. Those two Middle East countries are the only two who have agreed to peace with Israel. Israel unilaterally pulled out of Gaza and got in return Palestinians stepping up their terrorist attacks on Israel.

As the radical Leftist commenter at Common Sense Political Thought (Perry) constantly says, don’t look at Israel; look at the other side. Well, I have looked at the other side. I have examined the histo-facts. I have examined current events. And I say it is foolhardy for anyone to require Israel to negotiate with terrorists who want nothing less than the annihilation of Israel. And until the Palestinians repent of their desire to wipe Israel off the face of the map, I say do not negotiate with the genocidal terrorists.

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Israeli Atrocities?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/06/17

This is supposedly a photo of an Israeli soldier with his foot on a Palestinian girl.

What’s wrong with this photo? Find out below the fold.

Read the rest of this entry »

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NEWSFLASH: Syrian Journalist Starts Facing Facts

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/06/05

From Ed Morrissey at Hot Air:

Via Carl in Jerusalem, this can almost literally be called a Road to Damascus moment — or perhaps a Road to Hama moment, as troops loyal to Syrian strongman Bashar Assad are now surrounding the city where his father killed 10,000 people by dropping bombs on them. The Dubai-based Gulf News, which has no problem running Holocaust-denial columns on occasion and accusing Zionists and Nazis of conspiring to create a Holocaust hoax, published a column this weekend in which a Syrian journalist is shocked, shocked to discover that Arab dictators are much more brutal than Israelis have ever been…

Even so, al-Qasim tells Arabs that claims of Israeli brutality in the context of Arab treatment of their own people are just rubbish:

It is true that Israel is forcing an embargo on Gaza, but I do not think that the Israelis are preventing the Palestinians from getting their daily bread, whereas the security services in some Arab countries stopped cars carrying food from entering certain areas. Nor are the Israelis cutting off electricity, telephone and other communication services from houses, hospitals and schools.

It has been reported that the security services stopped nurses and doctors from treating the injured during certain Arab demonstrations as a punishment for rising against the ruling regime. The thugs contracted by the police to help quell protests went even further. They shot at ambulances.

Unlike in some Arab countries, Arabs living inside Israel can organise sit-ins very comfortably. And when the Israeli police intervenes, they never beat demonstrators to death. And if we compare how Israel treats Shaikh Raed Salah with the way some Arab dictators treat their opponents, we will be horribly surprised, as the Israelis are very much less brutal.

Al-Qasim concludes with an even more honest context:

Israel can always claim it is facing an enemy, whereas Arab dictators are facing their own people.

Israel is facing an enemy — an enemy that wants to exterminate them — and yet act with much more humanity than their enemies. That’s not shocking to the rest of the world. Maybe Arabs should start asking themselves why they’re just discovering this, and why they’re at war with Israel rather than the dictators that oppress them.

So, a Syrian journalist writing for an Arab newspaper that is willing to push Holocaust Denial begins to face facts: Arab dictators (and the Libyan dictator) are far more brutal and far less interested in human life than [people claim] the Israelis are. That’s a definite step in the right direction. Now, if he could only continue on for fuller truth: that the claims of Israeli brutality and disdain for human life are lies perpetrated by Israel’s enemies. Even so, Al Qasim goes far beyond what the American Left is willing do to face up to the actual truth. It doesn’t fit Teh Narrative, so the American Left will continue to ignore the ugly truth about their Middle East champions and the ugly truth about their own misrepresentation of Israeli activities, past, present and future.

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Palin Remembers Jerusalem

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/06/02

That’s John Hinderaker’s title over at Power Line (click over for a photo of Palin wearing her necklace). On Sarah Palin’s One Nation Bus Tour, she visited Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, proudly displaying a Star of David Pendant on her necklace.

NBC New York asked Palin about the significance just as she board her bus outside Fox Newschannel to head off to Boston. “Today is the 44th anniversary of Jerusalem being reunited,” she said. “We want to call attention to that.”

As John Hinderaker noted:

In fact, if you have followed Palin’s career, you know that she displayed an Israeli flag in her office when she was Governor of Alaska, before she became a figure on the national scene. This, to me, exemplifies the most striking thing about Sarah Palin: she is not as articulate as one would like, but her instincts about large matters of policy, and about right and wrong, are remarkably good.

The contrast between SarahCuda and Barack Obama cannot be any more stark and the choice between the two any more clear. As Barack Obama is trying to pull a Chamberlain-Sudetenland style deal with the Arabs, making Isreal undefendable against overwhelming foes whose sole intent is to see Israel destroyed and the Jews annihilated, surrendering Old Jerusalem without a fight in the process, Sarah Palin remembers and celebrates the 44th anniversary of Jerusalem’s unification.

In a day and age when so many Americans complain about the Republicrat party, there being essentially no difference between the two machines, Sarah Palin gives a clear option, a clearly different position than the Democrats and the Central Power Republicans on an ever widening array of issues. It is truly getting to the point where you can have Democrat or Democrat Lite — or Sarah Palin.

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Benjamin Netanyahu Whoops Barack Obama

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/05/21

… and did it impressively.

Yid With Lid (HT Little Miss Attila) has a very good summary.

The Prime Minister proceeded to give the President a dose of reality, and the President gave the PM a dose of his unhappy glare. …For there to be peace the Palestinians (and Obama) will have to accept some basic realities. Two of the three realities outline by Netanyahu were in direct conflict with what Obama said yesterday.

* Israel cannot return to the 1967 lines because they are indefensible, and he reminded the POTUS that those old boundries led to war many times before.

* Agreeing with the president, he reminded him that Israel cannot be expected to negotiate with the Palestinian version of al Qaeda.

* He reminded Obama that the 1948 attack on Israel resulted in two refugee problems, a Palestinian problem and a Jewish one. Tiny Israel absorbed the Jewish refugees, the Arabs refused to absorb the Palestinian ones. Any “right of return” must be implemented within the borders of a Palestinian State.

Do be certain to read all of it (and to watch the video).

When leaders of Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, Muslim Brotherhood, Iran, Syria, Palestinians thank Allah for bringing the Jews to the Middle East so the Jews can be more easily eradicated, those are people who should not be invited to dinner, much less to a negotiation with Israel. Let’s also not forget there are only two nations in the Middle East which have actual peace treaties with Israel — Egypt and Jordan. And the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is desirous to tear up that peace treaty. All the rest have cease-fires (which are not very well honored).

Sarah Palin has already declared her position regarding Israel: Israel is a strong ally and needs defended against the Islamic Terrorists, not thrown under the bus as Obama tried to do.

Doug Powers has video of Israel-born and former Obama voter Gene Simmons devastating Obama’s ignorance.

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The American Dream

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/05/19

For 400 years, people have been coming to America in search of the American Dream. Millions have fled their homelands, seeking to escape oppression. They fled religious oppression. They fled economic oppression. They fled genocidal oppression. They fled tyrannies of all manner, shape and form. And they came to the United States.

In the 17th century, people left Europe and braved the dangerous journey across the Atlantic Ocean to come to a brave new world, a rugged, hearty and dangerous new world, seeking religious freedom. They wished to practice their Christian faith in a way they saw proper to Providence. One of the first colonies, the Plymouth Colony, started out with a Christian Socialism. It failed miserably, as Jerry Haas explains.

Our forefathers, the pilgrims who left England and traveled to the new world in 1620, did so with optimism. They did it to escape religious persecution and establish a colony based upon communal precepts. While they did enjoy the absence of religious persecution, they soon discovered that communalism (e.g. socialism) did not work.

The communal nature of the new Plymouth colony required all of the crops produced, game harvested, fish caught and products made by one to be shared with all. This led to laziness, lack of initiative and starvation. Half the colonists did not survive the winter of 1620-21, and starvation continued through the winter of 1622-23. William Bradford, governor of the fledgling colony, recognized it was this communal structure that took away the incentive of people to produce, and made the decision in the spring of 1623 that ultimately saved the colony.

Bradford distributed plots to each family. Whatever a family produced would be used as that family saw fit. It was a free-market model in which people would retain whatever they grew, harvested, caught or produced. They then were free to use it as trade and barter for other goods and services, as well as to feed their own family.

The yield was more than expected. Not only was starvation staved off, but the bountiful harvest enabled them to barter and exchange their crops with others. In fact, the harvest was so bountiful by 1624 that the colony began to export crops.

In arguably the best of circumstances — a devout Christian society essentially separated from the rest of the world — Socialism failed miserably. It caused many deaths and much more suffering. Without a personal stake in their productivity, even some of the most devout Christians lost interest in being productive. The Collective was not enough to cause a productivity level strong enough for survivability. As soon as the governing philosophy was switched to one of individual ownership of land and fruits of labor, the colony became so productive they exported their goods.

Even Christian Socialism required others to do for you. “From each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs” was practiced at the beginning of the Plymouth Colony. And it failed. When “you have to do for me” was changed to “you keep what you can produce,” the dismal life-killing failure became a huge success. And everyone was better off for it. It was this rugged desire for Liberty and this rugged independence and self-dependence that created the success, the “better life in the New World.”

Communist countries have built up armed borders to guard against invasion, yes, but perhaps more importantly to keep their own people in. The Berlin Wall wasn’t built to keep West Berliners out of East Berlin and East Germany. It was built to keep East Germans from escaping to West Berlin. East Germans attempting to flee the oppressive Communist regime were shot and killed by East German troops.

For thousands of years, people have fled one form of oppression or another. But where people flee to is almost as important as where people flee from. And for the past 400 years, the United States (or the land that would eventually become the United States) has been the desired destination of a statistically outsized proportion of immigrants. It is due to the American Dream that this is the case. Where you get to keep the product of your labor and you are not forced to give it to someone else who did not earn it. Where you can practice your faith and not be killed by the government for it. Where if you’re industrious enough and wise enough, anyone has the opportunity for wealth.

But wealth is not the American Dream. A right to someone else’s work product is not the American Dream. The opportunity to gain wealth by your own work without governmental interference is part of it. And today’s Liberals are busily trying to kill the American Dream with their over-regulation, with Socialized Medicine (where the Left thinks they have a right to force someone to treat them), with San Fransisco looking to make circumcision (a religious requirement) illegal.

The US became the world’s greatest and wealthiest and most generous nation of all time, and it was due to the American Dream. All the socialist “entitlement” programs have been eroding that wealth for 70 years, and the time is almost upon us when all of it is gone… unless we refudiate the Left.

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Hamas And Hezbollah Join Forces. Hurray!

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/05/17

Hamas and Hezbollah have decided to link up in Palestinian territory. And that’s supposed to be a good thing? Robert Stacy McCain has a piece of recent history for you revisionist Israel-hating Leftists.

Her Name Was Simona Rudina …

Tel Aviv, June 10, 2001 (Photo by IDF)

The beachfront disco that Simona visited that night in June 2001 was at the Dolphinarium, scene of one of the most heinous atrocities of the Second Antifada — a suicide bombing that killed 21 people, 16 of whom were just teenagers. Simona was killed, and her friend Rita was among the scores horribly wounded by the blast:

The terrorist mingled with a large group of teenagers, who were standing in line to enter the disco. While still in line, he detonated the explosives strapped to his body. The explosive charge contained a large number of metal objects – including balls and screws – designed to increase the extent of injuries.

Most of those killed were youngsters from the former Soviet Union who had planned to attend a dance party at the Dolphin disco.

Simona’s killer was Sa’id Hasan Houtari. Both Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad initially claimed credit for the bombing, but it was eventually determined that Hamas was responsible. News of this murderous atrocity “was greeted with jubilation in Ramallah and parts of Gaza, where people danced in the streets and fired guns in the air. ” Documents captured during Israel’s 2002 military invasion of the West Bank showed that the Palestinian Authority had paid $2,000 to the family of the suicide bomber Houtari, who was celebrated as a “martyr” by the Palestinians.

“Both Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad initially claimed credit for the bombing, but it was eventually determined that Hamas was responsible.” Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad claimed “credit” for the terroristic murder of Israeli teenagers, many of whom were former serfs of the Communist Soviet Union, but Hamas did the deed. And Hamas just this month declared they have absolutely zero intent on recognizing Israel’s right to exist. Zero intent at all.

Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Muslim Brotherhood (which is set to own Egypt), Syria, Iran, Lebanon are all tied together in the terroristic and anti-semitic and anti-Zionist desire to eradicate Israel and Jews from the face of the Earth. Period. End of sentence. For any Leftist idiot who claims Israel should negotiate with these murderous cowards, these terroristic genocidal maniacs, these Islamic Terrorists, that Leftist idiot has no business discussing any philosophical or Current Events point whatsoever. It is clear the Islamic Terrorists, which includes Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Muslim Brotherhood (which is set to own Egypt), Syria, Iran, Lebanon want nothing but the complete and utter annihilation of Israel and the Jewish bloodline, period.

You Leftists can be the Quislings and Chamberlains and cowards you want to be, but the truth is absolutely not in you. The truth is your goal will include the genocide of the Jewish people; the completion of the “Final Solution” Adolf Hitler tried in the 1940s. And, no, this is not a “Godwin Rule” event. Many Mohammedan leaders were actually under the tutelage of Nazis in the 1930s and 1940s. And the Koran itself demands the annihilation of the Jews and all those who support the Jews.

Grow up, wake up, realize the truth, Leftists. Oh, and you Paulians, you do the same.

Tel Aviv, June 10, 2001 (Photo by IDF)

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They Didn’t Just Say That, Did They?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/10/30

A news brief from Israel (full copy because it’s already brief):

U.S. Seeks Stronger Syria Ties

Reported: 09:39 AM – Oct/29/09

( The United States is interested in strengthening its diplomatic ties with Syria, U.S. advisor Jeffrey Feltman reported Wednesday. However, Feltman said, America will not risk its existing relationship with Lebanon.

Feltman, formerly the U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon, now advises Secretary of State Hillary Clinton regarding Middle East affairs.

We want stronger ties with Syria but we don’t want to offend the … Lebanese?!? We want stronger ties with Syria when Syria is arming Hamas and Hezbollah in their attempt to eradicate the Jews??? We don’t want to offend the Lebanese but we are more than willing to offend the only true democratic nation in the region? We want stronger ties with a nation which is still at war with our only ally in the region?

This is disgusting on so many fronts.

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