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Bill Cosby Breaks Silence On Trayvon Martin

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/04/09

That’s ABC’s title.

When I entered Malone College in Canton, Ohio, I loved chocolate. … Alright, I liked chocolate, having already accidentally breaking myself of sweets. (That’s a different story, that I intend to tell you in another article, now that I brought it up.) I accidentally broke myself of liking chocolate (it’s okay if I have some, okay if I don’t) almost immediately after enrolling at Malone College. A very quick walk past the post office and across the highway to 31st street brought me to Dairy Queen. I bought a sundae that destroyed my like for chocolate. I bought a sundae. A hot fudge sundae. With double chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla. A double chocolate hot fudge sundae with sprinkles. A large double chocolate hot fudge sundae with sprinkles. A large double chocolate hot fudge sundae with extra sprinkles. A large double chocolate hot fudge sundae with extra chocolate sprinkles.

That killed my like for chocolate, about half way through the evil thing.

ABC’s article provides a Bill Cosby video that I did not watch. But I did read the article, and holy cow! If it isn’t the above sundae version of propaganda!!! Holy cow! ABC doesn’t even try to be honest in its revisionist history hit-job for its radical Leftist race-baiting hit-job!

Holy cow!

A grand jury later found insufficient evidence of a rape, and Brawley and her advisers — including Rev. Al Sharpton, who was thrust into the spotlight — were successfully sued for defamation. The incident inflamed racial tension nationwide.

Holy cow! What a propagandastic hit piece! Al Sharpton, the race-baiter extraordinaire, was not “thrust into the spotlight”! He actively and violently forced his way into the spotlight! He, himself, caused a violent mob to violently vandalize and pillage and murder! He is responsible for the murder of an innocent! And for mob violence! And for mob vandalism! Al Sharpton, the absolute racist race-baiter, should have been wholly criminally responsible for all the violence, all the vandalism, and the murder that he caused! He should have gone to prison for the rest of his life and been forced to pay multiple millions of dollars in fines for his criminal actions! “Successfully sued for defamation”? Are you serious, ABC, with that absolutely passive declaration? As if Al Sharpton didn’t bring it upon himself!!! Al Sharpton actively forced himself into a situation and actively participated in behaviors that were so far beyond the pale that he got only a taste of his just rewards! He’ll get the full flavor once he sees the Great White Throne. And that’s a guarantee. (For the record, Born-Again Christians do not stand before The Great White Throne.)

ABC News produced an absolutely propagandastic, dishonorable, dishonest, race-baiting, radical Leftist-loving hit piece and took no interest in reporting actual, you know, facts in its malicious, agenda-filled misreporting.

Oh, by the way! Look how ABC so sweetly and so blatantly inserted its anti-Second Amendment agenda into the story! Syrupy sweet and absolutely disgusting! It is to hurl!

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Oh, that unbiased professional media!

Posted by Dana Pico on 2012/04/05

Not one story, but two, from Sister Toldjah:

#Trayvon: @NBCNews blames “error in production process” for doctored Zimmerman 911 call

Posted by: ST on April 3, 2012 at 5:58 pm<
Via WaPo’s Erik Wemple:

NBC has completed its investigation into the mishandling of the police dispatcher’s conversation with George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case. And the process ends with a finding of error, plus an apology. Here is the statement just issued by the network:

During our investigation it became evident that there was an error made in the production process that we deeply regret. We will be taking the necessary steps to prevent this from happening in the future and apologize to our viewers.

That apology addresses the “Today” show’s failure to abridge accurately the conversation between Zimmerman and the dispatcher in this high-profile case. This is how the program portrayed a segment of that conversation:

Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.

And here is how it actually went down:

Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. Or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.

Dispatcher: OK, and this guy — is he black, white or Hispanic?

Zimmerman: He looks black.

“Error made in the production process”? What a flimsy, lame excuse. And completely unbelievable. Heads should roll over this. Not only that, but NBC should also be apologizing to George Zimmerman and his family for the doctored tape, which I would bet money was deliberately doctored before airing. Hey, they’ve pulled racially sensationalistic crap like this before.

As I’ve said before, when all is said and done and assuming Zimmerman isn’t put in jail for the rest of his life over killing Trayvon Martin, both he and his family should sue the mainstream media for the outright falsehoods they’ve reported and the unsubstantiated speculation some members of the press corps have shamelessly tried to pass off as “fact.” The dereliction of duty by “straight news reporters” on this case is simply staggering, and it is paramount that they be held to account.

Isn’t it amazing that an “error made in the production process” would just so happen to put a comment by George Zimmerman in the racism category rather than as a response to a question from a police dispatcher? Quite a coincidence there, wouldn’t you say?

But nobody is perfect, and mistakes can be made, even by professionals. But now comes the second story:

#Trayvon: @CNN cleans up “racist” Zimmerman 911 audio – he says “It’s f–king cold”!

Posted by: ST on April 5, 2012 at 12:44 am

This is absolutely HUGE! The national mainstream media, race pimps and liberal commentators galore have been declaring for weeks that George Zimmerman is guilty of a “vicious hate crime” because he allegedly said “f–king coons” on his 911 call before he “murdered” (their words) Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26th. CNN has cleaned up the audio clip and if you listen to it it sounds very clear that he says “It’s f–king” cold. Listen and watch (via @informedblackmn):

People may be wondering why Zimmerman would say it was “cold” in south Florida. It was rainy and in the low 60s that night, and that IS cold for south Florida.

More at the link.

There was, as we all remember, the video presented by ABC News in which we were told that there was no visible injury to the back of George Zimmerman’s head, as one would have expected given the claim that Trayvon Martim bashed Mr Zimmerman’s head to the ground more than once. Then, lo and behold, the tape was enhanced, by someone other than ABC News, and, amazingly enough, the wound one would expect to be there, was there.

Now, none of this either proves nor disproves whether Mr Zimmerman acted legally in self-defense, or committed a crime; that determination awaits a professional investigation by trained personnel at the scene. Those of us looking at the case from a distance simply do not have the evidence or the professional skills to know what happened.

What these stories do indicate is that those of us looking at the case from a distance cannot even trust the partial evidence we have, because the supposedly professional media have been making mistake after mistake after mistake, to the point at which it is reasonable to believe that these aren’t just mistakes anymore, but deliberate attempts to influence people’s judgement by giving them false or misleading or deliberately incomplete information. And, just as importantly, it took individuals from the right of the political spectrum to discover these “mistakes” on the part of the professional media!

Nor is this even the first time. CBS News used forged documents, documents which were such obvious forgeries that the conservatively biased bloggers from Powerline were able to spot them from video tapes, before high-definition television, even though CBS News somehow couldn’t, with the documents in their hands. CBS News was shilling for Democratic presidential nominee Senator John F Kerry (D-MA) at the time, and one of the CBS News people, the since-fired Mary Mapes, even contacted the Kerry campaign in advance of this story.

Why did it take conservative bloggers to discover the fraud? The answer is simple: because the liberals liked the story, and weren’t going to check it any further. The same thing is happening today.

The moral of the story is clear: if it comes from ABC, CBS or NBC, check their stories before you believe them.
Cross Posted on The First Street Journal.

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“Where Is Your Plan?”

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/09/12

That is a lie in the form of a question the radical Left use constantly, and have been using constantly for years. Libertarians have formulated plans to rescue the nation’s economy. Conservatives have formulated plans to rescue the US economy. Those plans have been put out for public examination. Many of them have been available for examination for years. But the radical Left demand that Libertarians and Conservatives have no plan, just a raaaaacist hatred for “the black President.”

As “anecdotal” evidence of the radical Leftist mantra in action, I give you one Perry Hood, who regularly chants that mantra at Conservatives on Common Sense Political Thought. Delaware Libertarian found it necessary to write an entire article solely devoted to pointing out Perry Hood’s dishonorable lying chant.

So not only has an alternative been offered here, Perry, you went on record as agreeing with substantial parts of it–even though you seem to have … forgotten that part.

You have offered engaging insights and shown the willingness to admit that part of President Obama’s plan is a massive gamble with our future.

And you’re certainly free to disagree with anything we offer.

But please, stop suggesting that libertarians here have not been discussing solutions…

That article was written in March, 2009 so Delaware Libertarian was already tired of Perry Hood’s radical Leftist, wholly dishonest chant of “where’s your plan” way back in early 2009, right after Barack Obama was sworn in. People were tired of the lying accusation that the opposition had no plan years ago because there were plans years ago which were readily available for discussion, but Perry Hood soldiers on with his radical Leftist, dishonorable chant even to this day. Because he is incapable of allowing himself to be drawn in to discussing the various Conservative and Libertarian plans that are readily available for discussion.

Sarah Palin has a plan. Paul Ryan has a plan. Michele Bachmann (that’s one “l” and two “n”s, people) has a plan. Rick Perry has a plan. Tea Party Express has a plan. Tea Party Patriots has a plan. Contract From America has a plan. Freedom Works has a plan. Americans for Prosperity has a plan. Conservatives have plans. Libertarians have plans. Republicans have plans. There are many plans on the Conservative and Libertarian sides. There have been plans since before Obama became President. And they have been available for public discussion from the get-go. So radical Leftists like Perry Hood have to lyingly claim we have no plan in their wholly dishonorable, age-old, and worn-out chant “where’s your plan” in order to not have to discuss the plans they are dishonestly avoiding discussing.

Aside from all that, I have a question to ask the dishonorable radical Leftists like Perry Hood: Where’s your Budget? The radical Leftist Nancy Pelosi refused to even attempt a Budget from April, 2009 until the day the American people overwhelmingly threw her and the Democrats out of power in the House in the 2010 TEAnami. Despite Federal Law requiring they provide a Budget and the US Constitution giving them the responsibility of providing a Budget. To this day, Harry Reid has steadfastly refused to even attempt a Budget, again despite Federal Law requiring such and the US Constitution giving him and his fellow Democrat Senators the responsibility for such. It has been over 850 days. Where’s your Budget?

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Comment Rescue: JudgeRight on Liberal Racism And Historical Revisionism

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/05/23

JudgeRight posted a comment on my article Liberal Racism And Historical Revisionism which I believe deserves a second look. As he was commenting on a new (to him) site, he didn’t make use of paragraph breaks (Some sites don’t allow for paragraph breaks. Crazy but true.) but his words rang true then and still ring true now. And with everything going on in the world and in the US, his words should be seen again. And that’s why I’m posting them now.

Its painfully obvious to me, John that Ben is religiously Liberal Democrat. No evidence will suffice for him. It was Zo from Zonation now on PJTV which turned me on to the correct history of civil rights. With a little deeper study, I learned the first black representative serving in Congress was in 1822 long before the Civil War. Blacks have a proud history of service in the United States Government and all were Republican because the Democrats initiated the KKK as an organization to assassinate Republicans who supported the black inclusion in American culture on equal basis. Since all blacks were Republican, they were easier to identify and thus, the plethora of evidence of persecution against the blacks was by Democrats. However, the Democrats created cards with names and addresses as well as pictures of prominent Republicans they wanted targeted by those KKK members. The more you know, the more you distrust liberals. The uninvolved, uninformed, uninterested voter is the most dangerous element in American culture today. I have learned everything I thought I knew about everything was a pack of lies. Jesus did not mean for Christians never to use their judgment. America is not an imperialist, expansionist, genocidal, culture and government. Anti-religion forces shed vastly more blood over the 20th century than all the religions combined over the rest of history. The Crusades did involve terrible abuses, particularly of Jews, however they were preceded by 400 years of Islamic murderous aggression in Christian lands and thus was a defensive endeavor. Creation has better evidential scientific support than evolution. Palestinians are Arab and are refugees not because of Israel but because of Arabs. You should never accept even expert advice without skepticism. Appeasing a bully makes the bully meaner and bolder. Appeasing a despot or a genocidal maniac or even a junk yard dog is no different. Sometimes, fighting (war) is the only answer. Work is ennobling, business is not inherently evil, government is inherently evil. And thousands of other liberal reversal nuggets.

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