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I Hate USMC Boot Camp

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2010/01/17

When going through Boot and you have 10 minutes for the triple-S at night (Something, Shower and Shave) and you have 10 shower heads, 5 sinks, 3 stalls for 70+ men, and you get quarter-decked for unsat shave, dirt, odor, you learn to do all of that very fast and very precisely.

24 years later, when I decide to take a nice, leisurely 15 minute shower, I lather up and rinse off, and try to stand there, bored with nothing to do for the other 14 minutes. And I can’t do it. A nice, long, hot 15 minute shower sounds oh so nice until I get in it. Then it is oh so boring just standing there after cleaning up.

I hate Boot. It ruined my pleasurable long showers.

2 Responses to “I Hate USMC Boot Camp”

  1. Dana said

    Color scheme is better!

    PFC Pico could always take hour-long showers before she went to BCT; because we use the regular boiler for hot water instead of a regular hot water heater, the hot water supply is limited only by the 275 gallon heating oil tank!

    And when she got back from BCT and AIT? She can still take an hour long shower.


  2. Oh, poo. I lost everything I wrote due to some stupid “fill in the blanks” I can’t fill in. So, lemme try again.

    Is the color scheme better because you can see better or because Corps color scheme is better? And Corps color scheme is the best (and their training is the most difficult).

    PFC Pico, PVT Pico, spare Pico should count themselves lucky they didn’t grow up in my house. My daughter learned at an early age that hyper-extended showers weren’t good for her health or her emotional well-being. She learned that lesson rather quickly. 😛 And prior to her reaching the ripe old age of 7. I’m sure she would agree with that statement.

    But there’s a huge difference between being unable to be bored enough in a 15 minute shower and lounging around for an hour. (A whole hour?!?)


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