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A Stranger Among Us

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2010/01/10

Thanks to that moonbat Jeff, I have a tune stuck in my head (and you can, too, if you watch the video in the article below). But it reminded me of a movie with no connection other than it portrays a very specific sect of Jews in New York City. A Stranger Among US has Melanie Griffith and a bunch of others I don’t know.

Melanie plays a streetwise detective who is man enough to do any job and has less than optimal morals from a Judeo-Christian perspective. In her efforts to find a murderer, she assimilates herself into a freakish Jewish sect. Okay, it’s only freakish if you’re very shallow and you’re not interested in learning the whys of their ultra-moral lifestyle. But she goes under cover and joins the community to catch a murderer.

As Melanie works to immerse herself and learn the ways and reasons of the Hacidic Jewish community, she learns more about herself and eventually alters her own view of life. And we learn more about the reasons behind the ways of the Hacidic community in the process.

In the end, she captures the bad guy, of course. But her life has also been changed for the better by her immersion into that culture.

I am very quick to rail against Hollyweird for their atrocious portrayals of Christians and “religious” Jews, and there is much against which to rail. But this movie in particular provides a much more honest appraisal of an easily mocked sect of Judaism. I did not see any mockery in the construction of the characters, but I did see a light bulb over Melanie’s head gain in illumination until it had shown brightly.

I consider this particular movie one of the things Hollyweird did right in all the things they do wrong. Having seen it several times myself, I highly recommend it, especially to those weirdos out there that accidentally read my blog.

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Eight Days Of Hanukkah

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2010/01/10

That moonbat Jeff and his Opinions Nobody Asked For site that I have linked in my sidebar has a wonderful article that I wish I saw during the season but I didn’t so I’m posting it now even though it’s late and is this a long enough run-on sentence for you yet? Okay, Jeff’s article is good, maybe not wonderful, but he leads to a wonderful article and provides a very uplifting song that I quite enjoy.

Eight Days of Hanukkah from Tablet Magazine on Vimeo.

(I couldn’t get the Vimeo vid to go so I used the YouTube alternative.)

What else can you say about a song written by a Mormon Senator from Utah with the music written by a Jewish writer of Christian Contemporary music and sung by a Syrian woman from Indiana with backup vocals by Jewish children and the Mormon Senator other than take a listen and be uplifted?

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