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I Hate My Cell Phone Service

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2010/01/19

I pay for every minute I use on my cell phone. When I hang up and look at the time used and see 1:05 used, I know I just paid for 2 minutes. (Maybe not, but let me know what I know anyway.) It isn’t fair that I have to pay for time I didn’t actually use. The cell phone service providers are huge cheats. (Ignore the fact I have a pre-paid cell phone and if I don’t actually use it, I can get away with phone service for 2 months for a mere 10 dollars every 2 months.) (And ignore the fact I don’t usually make phone calls and I almost never receive phone calls since I talk to my daughter online and I have no life.) It’s just not fair that I have to pay for 2 minutes on the phone when I used only 65 seconds!

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There Are No Absolutes

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2010/01/19

Are you absolutely sure about that?

There is no right or wrong.
Is that right?

Nobody can be certain about anything.
Are you certain?

Everything is relative.
Absolutely everything?

You have your truth and I have mine.
Then why should I believe anything you say?

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