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I Hate USMC Boot Camp

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2010/01/17

When going through Boot and you have 10 minutes for the triple-S at night (Something, Shower and Shave) and you have 10 shower heads, 5 sinks, 3 stalls for 70+ men, and you get quarter-decked for unsat shave, dirt, odor, you learn to do all of that very fast and very precisely.

24 years later, when I decide to take a nice, leisurely 15 minute shower, I lather up and rinse off, and try to stand there, bored with nothing to do for the other 14 minutes. And I can’t do it. A nice, long, hot 15 minute shower sounds oh so nice until I get in it. Then it is oh so boring just standing there after cleaning up.

I hate Boot. It ruined my pleasurable long showers.

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