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My Holiday and Other Occasions Unrant Rant

Posted by Yorkshire on 2011/11/23

You know it’s coming. The house is on High Alert. Company is coming. And the great UPHEAVAL begins. Like all families you want to make the house look like it is not lived in. So, the first thing that was stopped was “the project” because it meant sanding spackle even though I have a palm sander with the shop vac attached. Then the area invasion starts. First, all your daily stuff on the table must be quarantined. So, the daily routine is altered. Then the stack of mail that was split into subsections of Bills, Magazines, and stuff you need two weeks to decide to throw it out. With the grandbabies at 11 months acting like sea turtles, they are officially moving on their own. So, baby proofing everything is in order. Then the turkey. (By this time the cat has been spooked by the sea turtles and is hiding under the quilt on our bed.) We’ll sit down to our dinner, and two people will play Jack-in-the-Box jumping up to get stuff.

Then the grand clean-up starts, and pumpkin pie shows up. (With REAL whipped cream) Mostly everybody helps to clean-up. My yearly job is to produce a turkey bone carcas and cut off all the left-overs. Of course FOOTBALL. But the “Harbaugh Bowl” is on tomorrow night – RAVENS and 49ers. It’s the first time two brothers as head coaches play against each other. Their father said he was going to hide.

Then Friday comes. Now here is where the “real fun” begins, where did you hide all the stuff that usually sits out waiting for some action. You’re still in a Turkey Coma, but it will give you something to do all day, that is if you are not dragged out kicking and screaming to Black Friday sales.

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Occupy Morrow County

Posted by Dana Pico on 2011/11/23

From a Facebook friend:

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