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Talking To A Man About A Horse

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/11/30

I do not know the origination of the well-known quote I ripped off for the title of this. But what that quote means to me is rather direct and obvious. Someone was looking into transportation options. And this article is about someone with transportation issues.

As you may recall, I discussed my car issues previously, and requested money. And I got money. And I’m very appreciative of those funds, they were well-spent. If you recall, I regaled you about the money I’ll have to spend to get my Camaro Z-28 (which will be old enough to vote in the upcoming Republican Primaries) up to snuff to pass a Texas inspection. And how, suddenly, I absolutely needed a new tire on top of all that (because one of the old things decided to shred itself on my way to work). Well, you readers came to the rescue. And this is the story of how your Christmas present (in the true spirit of Christmas) was spent.

I checked to see about a tire and found the store in Harker Heights had one in stock. So I drove the 15-20 miles from nowheresville to Harker Heights, getting there in the morning so I would have the afternoon to do various housework. Around 10am, the manager told me he had two tires available, neither of which were in his shop. The one which cost 150 could be there by 1 or 2 that afternoon, or the high performance “best” rated tire could be there a day or two later.

So I decided to go ahead and have the tire shipped over for that afternoon and went to do something I hadn’t done in a couple years: watch a movie in a movie theatre. I watched The Immortals. Nothing to write home about — which is why I’m writing you and not home. Then I went back to the shop around 2 as the manager was on the phone talking to some person about my tire. It was on the truck. His shop was the last visit of the day. It would be there by 3.

So I went back across the highway and went window shopping, stopping in at the local Big Box bookstore. I bought The Road to Serfdom; The Definitive Edition. (I know, I know, but that’s what always happens when I window shop.) And I went back to Discount Tire and pulled into their parking lot. As I was setting myself up to back into a parking space, the manager was out there and directed me into the bay that was just vacated.

I explained I got the tire and jack out at night when I couldn’t see much of anything and didn’t know exactly how to get it all back in (and watch out for that hatch, it will not stay open by itself). They said they’d deal with that (the spare and jack) for me. And my car went up on the jack and my donut came off the front, and my rear tire (which used to be on the front) was put on the front. And then it sat there half naked, its back end hoisted up in the air for all the world to see. How embarrassing for my car. It sat there for a good 20 minutes.

And all of a sudden, people were running around. The manager was rushing from place to place with utmost urgency. A couple other employees were likewise rushing around. And they were all focusing in on getting my car done and out of there. Why couldn’t they have done that when they first put it up on the jack?

Well, the car was done and it was time to pay the man. Just a hair shy of 150, as he had promised. And then I found out. The place where the tire was coming from sent the wrong tire. They sent a tire Discount Tire doesn’t even carry, and wouldn’t fit my car, regardless. When the wrong tire arrived, the manager sent one of his employees 30 minutes away to personally pick up the right tire and come back with it. He was on his way back when I pulled into the shop and they jacked up my car.

When all was said and done, I had spent 6 hours on my day off in town buying a tire, the manager made a special effort to get my tire for me, and I really enjoy my Christmas present from the readers.

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