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Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/07/29

John Hitchcock:

The terrorist, forger, drug dealer, perjurer, suspected pedophile cries to the court that people call him a terrorist, forger, drug dealer, perjurer, pedophile, other mean and nasty things online.

Originally posted on hogewash:

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin haz sad. He says that Aaron Walker and I called him bad names. This is from his letter seeking to file a preliminary injunction in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.ECF 163 at 1

Terrorist? Here’s what the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals said.

Kimberlin was convicted as the so-called “Speedway Bomber,” who terrorized the city of Speedway, Indiana, by detonating a series of explosives in early September 1978. In the worst incident, Kimberlin placed one of his bombs in a gym bag, and left it in a parking lot outside Speedway High School. Carl Delong was leaving the high school football game with his wife when he attempted to pick up the bag and it exploded. The blast tore off his lower right leg and two fingers, and embedded bomb fragments in his wife’s leg.

Kimberlin v. White, 7 F.3d 527 (6th Cir…

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Italian journalist: Al Shati ‘massacre’ caused by Hamas misfire, not Israel

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/07/29

John Hitchcock:

I’ll take “Stories You Won’t Hear From US Media” for 2000, Alex.

edit: You’ll have to follow the original to see the true story as it didn’t come through on the re-blog.

Originally posted on Twitchy:

Various news outlets are reporting that it was a ‘suspected’ Israeli air strike that killed 10 at the Al Shati refugee camp in Gaza.

Middle East Eye: In pictures: Death and devastation at al-Shati refugee camp

A suspected Israeli strike on a playground in the western Gaza City’s Al-Shati Camp killed 10 children on Monday, though the Israeli army denied culpability -

The Nation: Missile Strike at Al-Shati Refugee Camp Kills 10, Including 8 Children

Ten people were killed in the attack, including eight children, and forty were injured, thirty-two of them children, according to Gaza’s Health Ministry. Israel claimed a misfired militant rocket caused the carnage, but several eyewitnesses blamed the explosion on an airstrike.

The Daily Beast: Israel’s Campaign to Send Gaza Back to the Stone Age

In the emergency room yesterday afternoon, young children writhed in pain on gurneys waiting for scrambling ER doctors to attend to them following…

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‘Jew-hating bitch Pelosi’ says Hamas is a humanitarian group

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/07/29

John Hitchcock:

Why friends don’t let friends vote Democrat.

Originally posted on Twitchy:

That’s a rhetorical question, right?

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#OurLeaderTheMockingjay Hunger Games Continues!

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/07/29

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 comes out in November, and I, for one, am waiting on pins and needles for it to come out on DVD. If you haven’t seen The Hunger Games or The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, what are you waiting for? A personal invitation? (This is it.)

Let’s just say I believe Democrats and Establishment Republicans should be fearful these movies might put ideas in the heads of We, The People. So, watch the movies.

HT The Other McCain

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In Re RICO Madness

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/07/28

John Hitchcock:

If I’m reading this order right, the judge told convicted terrorist, drug dealer, perjurer Brett Kimberlin to “prove it or shut up” and “quit lying to me or you’re in deep trouble”. It looks like the blob’s (friend of Brett) predictions were – predictably – 100 percent inaccurate.

Originally posted on hogewash:

Last week, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin filed a sealed motion for a preliminary injunction (which he did not bother to serve on me) in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness. Judge Hazel unsealed the motion this morning, and issued an order relating to it and some other pending matters.

Also this morning, I filed the following request for permission to file a motion.

Aaron Walker filed the following three letters.

I may have some comments later today or this evening. I expect that Aaron Walker will have a comment up at Allergic to Bull shortly.

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Ignorance on parade: Anti-Israel protesters stage die-in to shame Boeing [photos]

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/07/28

John Hitchcock:

Look at all the brainwashed anti-Semites obstructing traffic at Boeing! Those who will not believe the Truth (such as these useful idiots) will be sent a powerful delusion so they cannot believe the Truth.

Originally posted on Twitchy:

Haven’t you heard? Hamas isn’t the enemy in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Hamas isn’t responsible for the rising death toll among Palestinian civilians and Israelis — Boeing is! Just ask Jewish Voice for Peace, a “diverse and democratic community of activists” taking to the streets of Seattle to protest Boeing’s involvement in “Israel’s machine of war and occupation”:

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‘Fogged with hate!’ You won’t believe the BBC’s latest example of anti-Israel bias

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/07/27

John Hitchcock:

Did I say mainstream media was anti-Semitic? If not, well… mainstream media hates them some Jews who are trying not to be exterminated.

Originally posted on Twitchy:

We’ll go with “fogged with hate.” Take a gander at the BBC’s latest example of anti-Israel bias:

Wait … what?!

Stupid and reprehensible.

Ding, ding, ding! Truth is hard for the consistently biased BBC.

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David Draiman has a kick-ass message for the MSM and anti-Semites [pic]

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/07/26

Originally posted on Twitchy:

Disturbed and Device vocalist David Draiman has devoted his Twitter feed to supporting Israel and smacking down Hamas propaganda. And he’s had it with all the b.s. from the “mainstream media, anti-Semites, propagandists, and attackers of Israel.”



‘#TeamIsrael’: 10 celebs using social media to stand with Israel

‘My new hero’! Joan Rivers shames Gaza apologists in awesome pro-Israel rant

‘Rock on, Israel’: Actor Mark Pellegrino’s defense of Israel should be required reading

‘The shame is entirely on Hamas’: Actor Mark Pellegrino schools the ‘blame Israel’ crowd

‘Spoken like a true badass’: Dr. Ruth weighs in on…

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Reaction to Sen. Chuck Grassley’s pro-Israel tweet about what you’d expect

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/07/26

John Hitchcock:

Democrats, mainstream media still anti-Semites. Mohammedans (who claim a known pedophile as their prophet) still genocidal toward Jews and Israel.

Originally posted on Twitchy:

Spot on. Naturally, the anti-Israel crowd isn’t happy:



Foreign Journalists Acknowledge Hamas’ Human Shields Tactics

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Rule 5 For #IDF @IDFspokesperson

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/07/25

There’s a new Facebook page called Standing With IDF that is full of Rule 5. And The Other McCain found it. They’re all about teh Rule 5ive. Lots of women doing the 21st Century version of America’s World War II pin-up girl morale-building campaign.

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Hate Messages Sent To This Site

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/07/25

you were a lousy teacher and you totes deserve your bad karma. hope you bankrupt soon.

That was attempted to be put up on my Good News And Bad News article.

The bad news is I’m not a professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison, or at Wyoming. You see, I died in 1712.

The good news is I’m one undead individual with enough brain power left not to vote Democrat.

Let’s see how many remember this:

“Will the real John Hitchcock please stand up?”

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Obamacare architect admits in 2012 that subsidies were limited to state-run exchanges

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/07/25

John Hitchcock:

Post-modernism is never admitting there is a history to be doomed to forget in the first place. And Leftism is never having to admit to the Truth.

Originally posted on Twitchy: Thursday night is reporting on a YouTube find by Ryan Radia at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, “a libertarian think tank which has participated in the legal challenge to the IRS rule allowing subsidies in federal exchanges.”

The video shows Jonathan Gruber, one of the architects of Obamacare, saying “exactly what challengers to the administration’s implementation of the law have been arguing — that if a state chooses not to establish its own exchange, then residents of those states will not be able to access Obamacare’s health insurance tax credits.”

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‘Live Jan Schakowsky’s wage for a week': Elitism inspires snark-fest

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/07/25

John Hitchcock:

I spent less than ten dollars a week on spaghetti and sauce. I splurged sometimes and bought cheese. Sometimes the sauce ran out and I used Louisiana Hot Sauce instead. My choice, RedHot, was too expensive. Go cry me a river, Socialist garbage.

Originally posted on Twitchy:

Another day, another political stunt mocked and ridiculed. The #LiveTheWage posturing elicited some hilarity.

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You are a modern liberal …

Posted by DNW on 2014/07/21



You are a modern liberal

… and you don’t believe in natural rights.

Ok … let’s ask some questions which may even seem silly at first, but which, in the asking, will clear away some of the unhappy vagueness we tend to live with out of social politeness or the fear of seeming too radical.


Do you have, let’s say, a right to breathe? If so, where does this “right” come from? An act of Congress?

Do you have a right to be served by others? If so;

Do they have a right to be served by you? If so;

Do they have a right to serve themselves by not serving you?


The questions are too general or abstract or silly or provocative you say? And anyway, it all depends, you say? Alright then, “it all depends”.

In hopes of making some kind of progress, let’s wave away any of the question begging “balancing of rights” or “cultural context” distractions into which you would like segue, and try to press forward instead.

To continue on a slightly different tack.

Do you (yeah you personally) let’s say, have a right to speak freely? If the answer is “yes”, is that “right” merely a contingent legal permission – be it constitutional, statutory, whatever – which you for the time being enjoy? Can you equally well be deprived of that permission in a way which would leave you with no rational cause for complaint to someone else? If you cannot so be deprived without a rational cause for complaint to someone else, do you then claim a more basic right to that express right? If so, how, or upon what, is that claim grounded?


You are a modern liberal; and, let’s say for the sake of argument, that I am not.

And you’re determined that you are not  going to “fall for” any of the questions I have asked. A “right” you insist and will boldly maintain, is nothing more than an arbitrarily recognized social permission – that tolerance or support which others are habituated or intimidated into conceding to you. Usually written down if it is to mean anything.

You then as a modern liberal, consistently and without exception or proviso do assert and affirm that the concept of “rights” really renders down to what are in essence, no more than social permissions; having no other objective grounding or reality.

So now, let’s say that you the modern liberal, and I the not-modern-liberal find ourselves on an island. One with no law books.

I’m stronger that you are and … Yeah, yeah, trust me, I am. And, and anyway as I was about to say, although there is enough for both of us to survive, if I kill you now, I can live more than just comfortably. Besides, I find your weakness and whiny-ness annoying.

If I do kill you, have I done anything objectively wrong? If so what is it, and how do you know? Have I thereby, on this law book free island, deprived you of anything that could be called “rights”? Is my killing of you, “unjust” in any sense, even though no judicial writ runs here? If so, then how so; and, how do you know?

Have you any reason to complain over an injustice in my act? Notice I said “reason”; and notice that your utility to me is not an issue here. How would all this be balanced out under a social permission theory of rights?

Well now, I don’t really expect you as a liberal to answer these questions, or to take them seriously, or even to grant that the framing of the speculations is something you would abide or tolerate.

Because of course, these questions are not really meant to change a liberal mind regarding the nature and status of rights by means of pointing out just how incoherent the liberal use of the term rights is, when the term is used in the sense conceived of, and conceded by, liberals.

I know this because I have wasted many hours attempting to get modern-liberals to explain themselves: and their strategy has been, without exception, to either refuse to do so, or to shelter behind the terminology of a moral worldview which they in fact reject.

You liberals, high-minded or low, already know all this too. You know, explicitly or implicitly that you are are spouting clandestinely self-serving rhetoric not reason, and emoting, not deducing, when you speak of “rights”.

So what’s the point?

The point is that: what this exercise is really meant to do is to remind non-liberals that, in the final analysis, modern liberals are motivated by a simple will to power and/or by urges which they themselves don’t care to justify or explore too deeply.

This is a fact of social life which non-liberals need to face, and of which they need to steadily keep reminding themselves.

Liberals are able not only to readily face this view of themselves, they ultimately embrace it; and when pushed to the wall, they will even proclaim it. They see it – entropy, inherent meaninglessness, and ultimate nothingness – as a state of affairs which grants them freedom from ultimate consequences. Insofar of course, as there is a coherent “they” to them, and insofar as “freedom” has any any meaning, insofar as consequences have any significance, and insofar, insofar, insofar …

So, isn’t it about time that conservatives become brave enough to face what it is that liberals are blithely admitting about themselves as liberals?

Its only prudent, after all.


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Debbie Wasserman Schultz to Michelle Malkin: You’re going to eat your words about Obamacare; Updated

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/07/20

John Hitchcock:

Debbie Whatsherface Schmuck, back in December 2013 said ObamaCare was gonna be the hip thang in 2014. How’s that workin out for ya, Debster?

Originally posted on Twitchy:

As Twitchy reported earlier, Debbie Wasserman Schultz pestered moms to have “the talk” with their adult kids. That “talk” being about Obamacare, of course.

Twitchy founder, author and syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin sent up a warning flare:

Wasserman Schultz then claimed that Malkin will be proven wrong and that Obamacare will be vindicated in 2014:

“You’re going to eat your words” would be a great DNC slogan to win over new voters next year who are currently skeptical about the ACA, and we hope they run with it.

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