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2012 Presidential Election Results As They Come In

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/11/06



Welcome to Truth Before Dishonor’s version of live-blogging the 2012 Presidential election. As a reminder, here’s how the 2008 elections turned out (via US Election

Note the Republican states are in blue and the Democrat states are in red. Republicans were not always red and Democrats were not always blue. It wasn’t until someone on MSNBC decided to employ some psychological propaganda that the colors were set in that way. As I noted in my Obama Wins 2008, In All Likelihood Loses 2012 article, it is my plan that Republicans and Democrats revert back to their appropriate colors.

This is set to be a long day of poll-watching from home. Stay tuned for the updates, and may Providence guide the election results.

UPDATE 8:00am Texas time: The longest day of 2012 has barely begun and we already have vote fraud allegations.

UPDATE 8:15am Texas time: It’s already old news, but the first official counts are in, with Barack Obama taking a commanding lead. Dixville Notch, NH and Hart’s Location, NH have opened and closed their precincts.

President Obama and Republican Mitt Romney each won five votes in the small town of Dixville Notch, which was the first to announce its results after polls opened and closed within 43 seconds.

In Hart’s Location Obama won with 23 votes, Romney received 9 and Libertarian Gary Johnson received 1 vote after 5 minutes, 42 seconds of voting. The towns have enjoyed first-vote status since 1948.

Alright, not so commanding a lead, but those are the first official results. In 2008, Obama beat McCain 15-6 in Dixville Notch. Obama lost 2/3 of his vote totals for that precinct, while Republicans only lost 1/6 of theirs. (Hey, it’s early. May as well have some fun with the first official results, right?)

9:15am, Romney apparently leads Obama by 92,000 votes in early voting in bellwether Ohio, the state I spent 44 years in. This is big news because Obama carried an insurmountable vote lead into election day in 2008. It’s even bigger news in that stridently Democrat Cuyahoga County (that’s Cleveland, folks) went Romney in the early voting. It seems the outrageously Democrat-tilted polls will prove to have been outrageously tilted away from reality, as I have previously said.

It’s important to note that Democrats have historically been much more apt to vote early than Republicans. Ohio is a perfect example of this history, as John McCain actually defeated Barack Obama in election-day voting in Ohio in 2008, but Obama came into election day with an insurmountable early vote lead there. According to US Election, Obama won Ohio overall by 262,000 votes.

Rove was on FOX News last night with updated early-voting numbers that show Obama has now lost his entire 262,224 early voting and absentee ballot 2008 margin of victory. So Democrats continue to under-perform, while the GOP is over-performing with early voting and absentee ballots.

Remember, John McCain defeated Barack Obama in Ohio (and across the nation) with votes cast on Election Day. Obama’s entire margin of victory was achieved with early voting. The GOP has just about eliminated Obama’s early voting advantage and will now swamp Obama with Election Day votes. Republicans traditionally vote on Election Day.

So it’s game over for Obama on this early-voting and absentee ballot data alone.

10:30am Texas time, in more Ohio news, Robert Stacy McCain (on the ground in Ohio) reports an Ali Akbar tweet.

Last night’s rally at the Columbus Airport was a wonderful experience. How many people attended? Just say “capacity crowd” and leave it at that. More importantly, further Ohio early-voting data continued to come in, reinforcing the conclusions Ali Akbar drew from his previous analysis — Romney’s numbers here look very encouraging.

RT HotlineJosh: Overall, early vote turnout OH up 2.44% in state. Down -4.1% in Obama/Kerry counties; up 14.39% in Bush/McCain counties.

Trying to avoid violating the First Electoral Axiom of Instapundit (“Don’t get cocky“), I will objectively report what Ali said when he got the latest numbers: “There’s no other way. We’ve won.”

11:50am: If you haven’t already clicked over to my above “election fraud” link, you might want to do so. Illegal electioneering in Philadelphia and Detroit, forcibly removing Republican election officials in Philadelphia, a Democrat physically assaulting a citizen and a police officer in Detroit, and more.

UPDATE 1:50pm Texas time: Colorado reports Republicans came out ahead of Democrats in early voting, by 35,000. Independents, with 547,000 early votes, trailed Democrats by 106,000 votes and trailed Republicans by 141,000 votes. Remember, Democrats have a historical early vote advantage and a historical election-day vote disadvantage, as Republicans are clearly more likely to vote on the day of the election than are Democrats. Also remember, day-of-election voting in 2008 went McCain nationwide; independent voters in 2008 went Obama by 8 points but are going Romney by double digits this year. How’s that unreasonably Democrat-skewed polling data looking now, Democrat operatives (AKA Mainstream Media and polling firms)?

UPDATE 6:00pm Texas time: FOX News projects Indiana and Kentucky go Republican and Vermont goes Democrat. Virginia is currently too close to call. Exit polling in Virginia show Independent voters breaking heavily for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

UPDATE 6:30pm Texas time: Ohio and North Carolina are currently too close to call. FOX News has called West Virginia for Romney/Ryan.

6:37pm: With 24 percent reporting, Obama leads Romney 51 to 48. It’s important to remember that the Florida panhandle is in Central time and has not closed. It is also a Republican bastion.

6:50pm: In North Carolina, with 12 percent reporting, Obama leads Romney 54 to 45. FOX News calls Georgia for Romney/Ryan.

6:58pm: FOX News currently has Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia for Romney and Vermont for Obama.

7:03pm Texas time: FOX News has called Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, DC, Illinois for Obama and Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma forRomney.

7:18pm: FOX News has called Tennessee for Romney and 3 of Maine’s 4 Electoral College votes for Obama. The fourth EC vote is too close to call.

7:31pm Texas time: FOX News has called Arkansas for Romney.

7:47pm: In Ohio, with 22 percent reporting, Obama leads 57 to 41. In North Carolina, with 59 percent reporting, Romney has an 11,000 vote edge, 50 to 49.

7:56pm Texas time: In Florida, with 67 percent reporting, Obama has a 43,000 vote lead, 50 to 49.

8:00pm Texas time: FOX News projects Michigan and New York for Obama, at least 4 of the 5 Nebraska electors, Texas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Louisiana, Wyoming for Romney.

8:15pm Texas time: FOX News projects Pennsylvania for Obama.

8:24pm: FOX News projects Wisconsin for Obama.

Currently, the Electoral College is tied at 154. Romney has a 654,000 vote lead nationwide. Correction: 153 to 153 in the Electoral College. One District in Maine and one District in Nebraska are too close to call, the only two states that divide their EC votes.

8:55pm Texas Time: FOX News calls New Hampshire for Obama.

9:00pm: FOX News calls Utah, Montana for Romney.

Obama currently has a 157 to 156 EV lead. Romney currently has a 922,000 vote lead.

9:24pm Texas time: FOX News calls New Mexico and the final Maine EV for Obama, the final Nebraska EV for Romney.

9:48pm Texas time: FOX News calls Arizona for Romney. Colorado, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida all still currently too close to call.

9:57pm Texas time: FOX News calls Minnesota for Obama, and North Carolina for Romney.

Currently, Romney holds a 189 to 173 Electoral Vote advantage.

10:01pm Texas time: FOX News calls California, Hawai’i, and Washington for Obama. Idaho goes to Romney.

10:10pm: Missouri goes to Romney.

10:18pm Texas time: FOX News calls Ohio for Obama, declares Obama has all but won re-election.

10:20pm: FOX News calls Iowa and Oregon for Obama, declares Obama the winner of the Presidential election.

40 Responses to “2012 Presidential Election Results As They Come In”

  1. Howell W. Ramsey said

    Ode to Bama and Mama;
    Our country has grown tired of thee;
    You could have goverened better in Cecile:
    Your policies could not help Mickey Mouse;
    He would have lost his car and then his house:
    Oh,How your promises flew a great speaker, yes, that’s you!
    Your words …your economy … your actions …are stuck like glue!
    And he wants four more years; even Bo is filled with tears!
    Bama – Mama can”t you see!
    Our country has NO MORE to give to thee!


  2. […] via 2012 Presidential Election Results As They Come In « Truth Before Dishonor. […]


  3. Dana Pico said

    Well, I have voted. I got off work precisely at 1700. After nearly being involved in an accident when an ugly white chick turned her car the wrong way on a one-way street — I’m sure she was an Obama voter! — I got to my precinct polling place at about 1715. I had to stand in a huge line, with five people ahead of me! The election official asked to see my ID, which was a pleasant surprise, and I said, “I thought we didn’t have to have them.”

    “Oh, you don’t, but I’m supposed to at least ask,” she replied.

    “Oh, believe me, I am more than happy you asked, and I am very willing to present my identification, and I wish it was mandatory.”

    The next lady over, a white haired elderly woman — the same one who didn’t want to see my ID during the primary election — gave me a dirty look. She was the one who was manning the signature book. I signed in, got my Voter Access Card — the card which enables the voter to use the machine — and went over to vote. It was easy, pushing the “Straight Republican” option on the first page. I proceeded through, to make sure that my votes were recorded properly, and then cast my ballot. I withdrew my voter access card, returned it to the election official, and left; I arrived home at 1730 on the dot.

    There was one campaigner outside, a Democrat with a big sign for the Democratic state representative candidate, and a smaller one for President Obama. He looked cold (as far as I could tell; it was getting dark) and made no attempt at all to engage me either before or after I went in the polling place. I was not wearing any campaign buttons or anything like that, but I was dressed in work clothes; as someone with a job, he probably knew I am a Republican.


  4. John Hitchcock is live-blogging the election results!…

    Rather than have an open post on this site, I suggest that we all go over to 2012 Presidential Election Results As They Come In on TRUTH BEFORE DISHONOR. Live blogging on two sites just means we have less interaction on each one…….


  5. Dana Pico said

    My darling bride just got home.


  6. Dana Pico said

    In no surprise at all, CNN has just called Kentucky (almost always the first state to report) for Mitt Romney.


  7. Dana Pico said

    CNN projects that Mitt Romney will win Indiana. Barack Hussein Obama carrie Indiana in 2008.


  8. Dana Pico said

    According to Sister Toldjah, ABC has projected that Barack Obama will carry Vermont; no surprise there.


  9. Dana Pico said

    Robert Stacy McCain wrote, “CNN just called West Virginia for Obama, but South Carolina and Georgia “too close to call”? And they’re also reporting exit polls as if these were talking about actual results


  10. Dana Pico said


  11. Eric said

    I’m worried about N Carolina. It shouldn’t even be close.


  12. Eric said

    Sorry, S Carolina. That call must be ridiculous.


  13. Dana Pico said

    A lot of these early calls are being made on very limited returns confirming exit polling in so-called key precincts.


  14. Dana Pico said

    Obumble carried North Carolina, by a whisker, in 2008. South Carolina has already been called for Mitt Romney, but that’s based on a few precincts.


  15. Dana Pico said

    Extremely crowded polling places in the Old Dominion has Virginia delaying results. Under federal law, if you are in line at the time the polls officially close, you must be allowed to vote.


  16. Dana Pico said

    CNN calls South Carolina for Mitt Romney


  17. Dana Pico said


  18. Dana Pico said


  19. Dana Pico said

    With 54% of the vote in, Mitt Romney leads Barack Obama 50% to 49% in Florida.


  20. Dana Pico said


  21. Dana Pico said


  22. Dana Pico said


  23. Virginia and Florida are making me nervous. Also note: I have a US Senate thread available.


  24. Eric said

    I’m worried about Ohio. Will the vermin win? Did Obama’s campaign of hate against Romney succeed? Did Romney fail to fight back? Have we run another “Nice guy” like McCain and Dole? When will we finally stand up to these scum and FIGHT???


  25. Dana Pico said

    Florida is very close; another recount battle, perhaps? Ohio doesn’t look good by the numbers, but nobody is calling it yet, which means that the numbers are coming in from an unbalanced set of precincts. With 79% in, CNN has Romney up 50% to 49%.


  26. Dana Pico said

    Virginia 45% in, Romney up 51-47%


  27. Dana Pico said


  28. Dana Pico said

    No surprises yet: CNN projects: Romney will win KS, LA, MS, NE, ND, SD, TX and WY; Obama to take MI, NJ and NY.


  29. Dana Pico said

    It’s coming down to exactly what everybody expected: Ohio, Virginia and Florida. Romney will win Virginia, and will probably eke out a narrow victory in Florida, but he has to win all three to win the election, and Obama has a lead in Ohio.


  30. Dana Pico said

    And Fox has called Pennsylvania for Obumble. 😦


  31. I don’t have a US House of Representatives thread, so I’ll post it here. FOX News has declared that not only will the Democrats not gain seats, but Republicans will actually gain.


  32. Eric said

    It worries me that N Carolina hasn’t been called yet. And the fake Indian won Mass. What does it take to defeat these scum? They play hardball, we play wiffleball.


  33. Dana Pico said

    Well, we need that House majority. It looks like the Democrats will retain control of the Senate, and I’m very worried about Ohio. If Obama is re-elected, we’ll need the House to stop his idiocy. Nothing will get done for two years, which is a good thing.


  34. For the record, Eric, your comment went into moderation, I believe, due to your writing the word “mass”. It would likewise go into moderation if you write “Hitchcock”. As an aside, my daughter wanted to order a pair of personalized Nikes at one time, with her last name (before she went and got married) on the heel. Nike wouldn’t allow it, due to her last name.


  35. Florida is returning the nut-case Grayson to the US House.


  36. Eric said

    No more RINO’s.

    No more Doles, McCains, and Romneys. These RINOs will not fight. How can you lose to Obama with his Jimmy Carter economy? You lose by failing to attack your opponent. You lose by being a Mr. Nice Guy. When will we ever stand up to left wing evil?


  37. Hoagie said

    I think we lost. Sh** happens.


  38. Hoagie said

    Frankly, I believe our country has gone socialist. I don’t believe we can do anything about it. Bye, bye, America! This was our last chance. We loose. Admit it. Too many people are against us,


  39. Dana Pico said

    I am still literally shaking with anger over this one. What we must do now is use our majority in the House of Representatives to block every last initiative Obama makes, we must do everything we can to limit the damage of this decision by the voters. I don’t know how much can be done: if there is any enabling legislation required by the health care law, we must refuse to pass it. We must fight every appropriation bill, we must fight every appointment, we must fight everything that bastard tries to do.


  40. DNW said

    Looking at the election results presents some real puzzles. Romney, received fewer popular votes than did McCain. In addition, even in non-urban states which Romney took, Obama had strong pockets of support.

    We expect Democrats to sweep the client class, as it is their natural constituency. Hard leftists, public employee and militant union types, as well as brainless young people who only wanna have fun and fairness and free contraception, are naturally added to the Democrat pile. Their idea being that they will not have to be “victims of their biology”, if you can be coerced to be.

    But what’s really amazing is that despite the tremendously precarious situation in this nation, voting was down.

    Obviously fewer people were motivated to vote for Republican Romney after experiencing 4 disastrous years of incompetent Democrat governance than were willing to support McCain four years before. Huge numbers of people appear to have sat out. Given a choice between fighting for their heritage of liberties, or seeing the country slide further down the path toward welfare-statism, they did nothing effective.

    Now, how can this be?

    My first guess, or informed surmise, is that most of those who didn’t act simply don’t understand what was really at stake. On the Democrat side, even a near moron can be trained and delivered – and many millions of them have been – to pull a lever in return for a government check.

    On the other hand to get someone already overwhelmed by life motivated to limit an encroachment, means they have to be clear on just how this will affect them all down the road. Unfortunately even persons of average intelligence have trouble with chains of logical inferences and entailments, and may not even have the knowledge base to begin to draw such inferences.. They live life from moment to moment, and having no historical perspective cannot imagine that what exists now could really be altered “that much!”

    My second guess is that there was a significant amount of self-destructive petulance in operation here among those who we might have hoped could be converted to be potential Romney voters this once at least. Petulance of two kinds.

    1. The first type would be that of the purists who couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Romney because of his lack of libertarian credentials, i.e., “Romney care”, or his Mormonism.
    2. The second kind of petulance is found in the emotionally satisfying expressions of cynicism evinced by people who are essentially non-political go-along types who might be persuaded to vote Republican rather than default to Democrat, but who while obviously unhappy with the direction of the country instead proclaimed ” a plague on both their houses” and sat out. Some, I know one fairly well, were so resentful of Romney’ wealth that they couldn’t bring themselves to think of voting for him. I believe that we seriously underestimate the power of envy and personal frustration in Modern America to influence people who we would normally think of as somewhat toward “the middle”.

    When we look at our fellow Americans in an everyday context , it’s only natural to politely look away from some of the unpleasant things we may be seeing: especially when those unpleasant traits are detected in folks we must deal with on a regular basis. That hapless but usually amiable brother-in-law who sometimes reveals disturbing undercurrents of destructive resentment ; the elderly aunt retired from a public sector job, and her knee jerk liberalism; the friend who goes on and on about the evil Bush years, are all granted a kind of fig leaf because we don’t really want to face what living closely among such associates tells us about the state of society in general.and our willingness to risk a serious cost by speaking out.

    Obama’s suggestion to his supporters that voting was the best revenge, provided a glimpse into the soul of the modern liberal his class of dependents. It’s something we need to take into account when evaluating what we are really dealing with in our personal relationships.

    If liberty valuing men and women really wish to save themselves from being dragged down into the socialist sump, they may have to take a serious look at how they set their own limits in everyday life: and what they are or are not enabling thereby.

    I am not suggesting the kind of informal witch trials run by progressives when one of their kind steps out of line. But with our churches reduced to nesting places for progressive-like bureaucrats who could not find a place in government, with fraternal organizations on the decline, I am at the outside suggesting that for those who do value liberty, the time may have come for constructing, or re-constructing, kinds of associative organizations which serve to advance and reward certain patterns of behavior and values, while making it make it clear that they reject others.

    Somehow, the productive, and the self-governing capable need to find a way to get the monkey off their back, or lessen its weight, through non-governmental means.

    One minor tactic, which would involve nothing in the way of public or social commitment at all would simply involve making wise decisions as to who it is we reward with our economic choices. The Chick-fil-a affair highlighted the importance of this kind of selection.

    Do we know what GEICO stands for? Do we know who is behind Progressive Insurance? Knowing that would we nonetheless think it ” unfair” to all the innocent employees of these organizations to consider these things while making our choices?

    Maybe core conservatives – so motivated and admirable as they obviously have been in this election – could step up their everyday game just a little, and in the process, help to pave the way for future successes.


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