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Star Power Addition To The TBD Lineup?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/11/17

Truth Before Dishonor is currently in negotiations to acquire a new author. This person has a certain star power and has proven elsewhere to be able to destroy the lies of the Loony Left with shock and awe. Amazing has this person’s total destruction of the whiny Left’s comments been. Truth Before Dishonor has given an offer of authorship here to this particular star, and the star has declared a definite interest. But prior obligations for the month of November and a previously scheduled month of December separation from serious internet activities has pushed back the decision date until January, 2013.

But I strongly hope and believe this particular person of a specific star power will become an author on Truth Before Dishonor in 2013. Stay tuned. If this person does indeed join the ranks of Truth Before Dishonor authors, I guarantee you, you will not be disappointed.

I now open the floor for the ever hopeful to be ever hopeful.


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