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More About Purple Penguins

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/12/17

Stop the Purple Penguin invasion. And the Common Core invasion. And the total destruction of public education (oops, too late).


I have received the following email which I pass along to those of you interested in the issue of the norming of the abnormal.

Back in October, you ran a story about the “Purple Penguin” gender identity training materials that were used by a school district in Lincoln, Nebraska. I am the mother who first received the materials from worried teachers and who organized parents to address the school board about the issue. In the two months between then and now, we parents have realized after many board meetings, letters, and one-on-one conferences with individual board members that the current school board is uninterested in our concerns, so I have decided to run for school board this coming spring.

What at first appeared to be a local issue is looking more and more like a national issue. These same gender identity training handouts recently showed up in Northern California, and…

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