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Obama Strikes Fear In Hearts Of … Democrats

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/18

Republicans across the nation are learning quite well that one of the best tools in the shed for defeating Democrats is to tie Barack Obama to those Democrats. And Democrats are learning that as well. They are avoiding him like the plague in their election and re-election bids. Tim Kaine, former DNC head, former Virginia Governor, does not want to be seen with Obama. Claire McCaskill, Democrat Senator from Missouri who supported Obama in 2008 does not want to be seen with Obama. Many other Democrats don’t want to be seen with Obama and don’t want Obama to be tied to them. I saw an ad from a Virginia Democrat candidate talking about how Republicans are trying to compare him with Obama. The candidate himself said “That’s quite a stretch. I’m Pro-Life and Pro-Gun.”

As a matter of fact, Obama’s political campaign trips to North Carolina and Virginia had many stops planned that were subsequently dropped because the Democrat candidates in those areas didn’t want any ties at all to Obama or his “jobs” campaign trick. Because in all the “battleground” districts and states nationwide, both the Republicans and the Democrats know tying Barack Obama to the Democrat is like tying a boat anchor to Sham and still expecting Sham to win the Belmont Stakes. The idea of having a photo of Obama and these Democrats together strikes fear in the hearts of the Democrats, even this far out ahead of the election.

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