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Is The Obama Economy Growing?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/04/21

Radical Leftist Socialist Democrats, such as Barack Obama and Perry Hood (Perry for those who met his lying ass years ago on Delaware Liberal or for those who met his lying ass years ago on Colossus of Rhodey (found in my side bar) or for those who met his lying ass on Common Sense Political Thought (found in my side bar), or Wagonwheel (and a sock puppet) for those who found his lying ass on The First Street Journal (found in my sidebar)), are very busily giving Barack Obama all the credit in the world for “saving the US from a second Great Depression and turning the US around.” But is it so? The turn-around, such as it is, did not begin until 2011. There may have been a deceleration in the decline in 2010, but any economist worth his salt will tell you, the closer you get to zero economic activity the harder it will be for the rate toward zero economic activity to continue. It’s only logical. No matter how difficult the times, there will still remain recession-proof jobs. People still need to eat. And after eating, they still need toilet paper. And they will still need garbage collection. So, why is it Obama and the rest of the Socialist Democrats feel worthy to claim any sort of “recovery” (such as it is, and it’s no recovery at all) which took place in 2011? It is because, for some of them, they know there are a huge number of absolutely politically ignorant people in the US who vote out of their absolute ignorance. For the rest of them, it’s due to their arrogantly ignorant and willfully ignorant hatred of anything that has a Conservative tag or an affiliation with the Founders and Framers.

Let’s look at some facts.

Wisconsin elects Governor Walker. Governor Walker keeps his campaign promises. Democrats shirk their responsibilities and flee to Illinois. The Republican agenda is passed anyway. Wisconsin citizens save money on their property taxes for the first time in years, many public schools went from deficit spending to being in the black, Wisconsin went from Democrat Deficit to Republican Balanced, Wisconsin became most improved economic outlook of all 50 states.

John Kasich, the man who became the Budget Committee Chairman after the Republican wave election of 1994 and handed Bill Clinton his “balanced” Budgets that Democrats praise, becomes Governor of Ohio. And proceeds to keep his campaign promises. Ohio’s budget goes from deficit to balanced without a tax increase. Ohio’s economy turns around much more strongly than the US economy.

A more fiscally Conservative Republican takes over for a fiscally irresponsible Democrat as Governor of Pennsylvania.

Southern states see their Legislatures become majority Republican and lose their majority Democrat status for the first time since Reformation (that would be the 1860s for the historically illiterate (read Democrats) among us). Note: that would necessarily mean majority Republican for the first time, since the Republicans supplanted the Whigs most fervently with the Abraham Lincoln election, which the southern states didn’t want.

Republican-led Texas has lowered its unemployment rate down to 7 percent — more than one full percent lower than the US average — despite Obama’s Contempt of Court actions to destroy domestic oil production and despite the Obama administration’s EPA war on Texas electric output.

Over 700 Democrat seats became Republican seats. Actually, a swing of over 700 seats net from Democrat to Republican, counting the very few seats that went from Republican to Democrat.

And after all that (and more that I didn’t list), the national economy quit sinking like a rock and showed signs of growth. And, of course, Democrats are claiming credit for all the work Republicans did. Just like during the Clinton administration, when Republicans tortured to death the Bill Clinton Big Government agenda and replaced it with a smaller (but not small), far less intrusive (but still intrusive), far more fiscally responsible (but still fiscally irresponsible) government agenda.

On the flip side, Democrat-run Illinois pumped multiple massive tax increases — the last happening 3 hours before they lost the vote power to cause it to happen, as the new Legislators would take their seats 3 hours after the vote — and Illinois went from a continuous slow uptick in total jobs in the state to a sudden retraction. After the last, and most major, tax increase from Illinois Democrats, businesses began to flee the state and jobs began to disappear. A net loss in total jobs occurred immediately after that huge tax increase on producers — people and businesses. And that net loss kept accruing for months on end. In fact, I have not seen any report that that sudden turnaround to despair has stopped or even slowed.

California has been losing huge numbers of businesses as they flee that Leftist state. In the wave TEA Party elections, California bucked the trend and pumped Democrats into office. And California’s unemployment rate is further above the national average than Texas’ is below. Businesses are fleeing California, other businesses are refusing to even bother trying to build in California, people are fleeing California.

If you look at economic activity and what rebound it has had, and you plot it according to the time it occurred and the location it occurred, you will find that growth in activity most clearly shown in states that were Republican and stayed Republican, or in states that were Democrat and became Republican. States like California and Illinois, which were Democrat and remained Democrat (doubled down on dumb-o-crap agendae), have suffered greatly. Perhaps even moreso after the 2010 TEAnami than before. Definitely the differences are stark: Conservative and Republican area has amplified its economic superiority over Socialist Democrat area. Just a quick perusal of the facts as I have noted above proves my case. A far more in-depth examination would only serve to prove my case even further. No detached logical fact-based reasoning could result in anything even remotely related to oppositional toward my declaration.

Go ahead. Look at the numbers. Look at the improvement. And look at it state by state and district by district. Or, if you’re a radical leftist like the Democrat power-brokers, don’t. Because radical Leftists will not like what they find (if they even bother to search for Truth, as they are not known for their Honor).

What caused me to write this article? The comment section on a The First Street Journal article covering vote fraud in Philadelphia. Read it.

For those legitimately wanting documentation, there are multiple articles covering Wisconsin, Illinois, Meatchicken (I’m a Buckeye through and through, so it’s excruciatingly painful to type out the name of that state), California on Truth Before Dishonor. And they have all manner of links. Of course, you could be Perry Hood, who demands documentation as a mere ploy to shut down discussion of facts he deplores and then never admits the facts absolutely support what his mortal enemy (not some foreign country but, rather, Conservatives in the US) say, in which case, don’t even bother.

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