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Wisconsin Governor Recall Elections Today

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/06/05

Governor Scott Walker faced his Recall Election today. The polls closed at 8pm local time, and the results are starting to trickle in.

As of 8:18pm local time, with 1 percent of the precincts reporting, Republican Scott Walker leads Democrat Tom Barret 62 to 37 percent.

As of 8:24pm local time, with 133 of 3424 precincts reporting, Walker leads Barret 57 to 42. Walker leads by 14,500 votes.

Stories abound about 90 plus percent turnout in some precincts, virtually unheard of in US elections as far too many people are “not into politics”.

As of 8:30pm local time, with 254 of 3424 precincts reporting, Walker leads 58 to 41. Walker leads by 27,500 votes.

After Democrat and Union spending in the ballpark of 50 million dollars since Walker got elected, it all comes down to this vote. And Debbie Wasserman Schultz has already declared this election has no national impact. Quite the spin for an election that hadn’t happened yet when she made the statement.

As of 8:36pm local time, with 392 of 3424 precincts reporting, Walker leads 61 to 39, with an over 48,000 vote lead.

As of 8:42pm local time, with 566 of 3424 precincts reporting, Walker maintains his 61 to 39 lead, expanding his vote lead to 75,000.

As of 8:45pm local time, with 635 precincts reporting, Walker continues to lead by 61 to 39. His total vote lead has expanded to nearly 84,000.

Scott Walker and Tom Barrett faced off in 2010, with Walker obviously winning. To compare the county-by-county votes of this election with the 2010 TEAnami election, examine CNN’s county results for that election and the above link of today’s election.


As of 8:52pm local time, with 831 of 3424 precincts reporting, Walker leads Barrett 61 to 38. Walker has a 112,000 vote lead. (I know my running vote totals has a time previous to the FOX Business declaration, but my source hasn’t updated to a later total yet.)

As of 8:58pm local time, with 945 precincts reporting, Walker leads Barrett 60 to 40. Walker leads by 114,000 votes.

As of 9:01pm local time, with 1029 of 3424 precincts reporting, Walker is maintaining his 60-40 lead. Walker has a 123,600 vote lead. In 2010, Walker beat Barrett by single digits. When the TEAnami was overwhelming Democrats nationwide. With this total to this point, it appears Walker will, indeed, get a double-digit win. Of course, that will not stop the crazed lunatics from calling him “Dictator Walker”. Because those crazed lunatics cannot, at all, face reality.

With 1186 of 3424 precincts reporting, Walker leads 59 to 40, with a 142,000 vote lead. No wonder the National Democrats suddenly switched from calling the Wisconsin recall “what happens to people who stand up to Unions” to “this doesn’t mean anything”.

As of 9:19pm local time, with 1555 of 3424 precincts reporting, Walker leads 58 to 41, with a 165,000 vote lead.

In 2007 or 2008, Baraka Obama told the Unions he’d put on his comfortable shoes and walk with them. For this recall, Obama has been very visible by his total blackout of Wisconsin — where the biggest fight was made.

It is also important to note that Lt Gov Kleefisch (R) (pronounced CLAY fish) also prevailed in her recall election. In Wisconsin, Governors and Lt Governors run for regular elections as a ticket. If you vote for the Governor, you also vote for the Lt Governor. But in Recall Elections, they run on their own. So the Republican woman Lt Governor had to run on her own. And, just like the Republican Governor, she is beating the victory percentages and victory numbers she had in 2010 — when people weren’t voting for her but for the top of the ticket. And the Wisconsin Senate Leader, facing recall, has also won.

50 million Union dollars down the toilet, at the same time that Wisconsin Public Employee Unions are shedding huge numbers of members and Union dues.

As of 9:31pm local time, with 1889 of 3424 precincts reporting, Republican Governor Walker leads 58 to 41 with a 194,000 vote lead.

Republicans had 4 Senators facing recall. All 4 Senators had to survive recall for Republicans to maintain control of the Senate. All 4 Republican Senators facing recall are winning. The Lt Governor has won. The Governor has won by a mandate-level margin. And Unions threw tens of millions of dollars down the toilet.

As of 9:37pm local time, with 2057 of 3424 precincts reporting (60 percent), Walker leads 57 to 42, with a 196,000 vote lead. Of all the counties in Wisconsin, only 7 are currently majority Democrat. The rest are majority Republican. But that will change. Milwaukee County, currentlhy majority Republican (!!) will change to majority Democrat once all the votes are counted. But the County map of the state that is the “birthplace of American Progressivism” is painted remarkably Republican.

As of 9:46pm local time, with 2195 of 3424 precincts reporting (64 percent), Walker leads 58 to 41, with a 229,000 vote lead. The Democrat Barrett still only leads in 7 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties. Will that stop the radical Leftist hyper-partisan fools from calling him a “Dictator”, with such an overwhelming support level from the people of Wisconsin? Not on your life! They will continue to maliciously and hatefully call Governor Walker a “dictator”, despite all the facts. Because they have absolutely no desire to bridge any gaps, but to build them and to lie about people they hate — namely Conservatives who actually keep their promises.

As of 9:55pm local time, with 2391 precincts reporting, Walker is maintaining a 15 point lead, with a 230,000 vote lead. Milwaukee County has switched to Democrat as expected, making 8 out of 72 counties voting majority Democrat.

As of 10:16pm local time, with 2713 of 3424 precincts reporting, Walker leads 55 to 44, holding a 205,000 vote lead. 63 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties maintain a majority Republican vote count. Unions and Wisconsin Democrats are mad at Baraka Obama for breaking his promise to stand with Unions. Baraka Obama spent time in multiple states contiguous to Wisconsin in his money-grubbing campaign for re-election, but studiously avoided stepping foot in Wisconsin.

As of 10:34pm local time, with 2892 of 3424 precincts reporting, Governor Walker leads 54 to 45, with a 187,000 vote lead, what FOX Business called “about double” the victory margin of Walker’s 2010 election margin — which took place in the 2010 TEAnami.

Let’s look at some of the Wisconsin counties and their totals. Note: the 2012 recall totals are incomplete, whereas the 2010 TEAnami vote totals are (obviously) complete.

Walker’s vote margin 2010 compared to 2012, and his vote totals 2010 compared to 2012 (incomplete):
Adams County: 52-46/55-44 (100 percent), 3748/4497
Ashland County: 37-62 (Walker lost the county)/38-61 (100 percent), 2205/2595
Barron County: 55-43/59-40 (100 percent), 8486/10420
Bayfield County: 41-58/40-60 (100 percent), 2961/3269 (Note: Walker lost Bayfield by a larger margin in 2012 than 2010 but got more than 10 percent more votes. This shows how much more involved the voters were this year than in the very involved TEAnami of 2010.)
Brown County: 56-43/60-40 (99 percent), 49567/60804

Just looking at the first 5 counties (alphabetically), Walker has improved his vote percentage in 4 of the 5 counties while improving his vote totals in all 5 counties. And the total votes in all 5 counties are higher than the 2010 TEAnami when the sleeping giant had awoken.

Remember, Baraka Obama won Wisconsin by 14 points in 2008. Walker, the near polar opposite of Obama, won Wisconsin in 2010 and won Wisconsin by an even larger margin in 2012. But the Democrat Party is trying to claim that major switch in voting means nothing.

As of 11:14pm local time, with 3181 of 3424 precincts reporting, Governor Walker has a 54 to 45 lead (larger than his 2010 margin), with a 192,000 vote margin.

Special elections almost always have lower turnout than regular elections. But the Wisconsin Recall Election, a special election, had an even larger turnout than the massive TEAnami election year of 2010, Wisconsin’s regular Gubernatorial election. Of the last 4 Governors facing a recall, only Republican Governor Scott Walker won and survived recall. And that’s not even pointing to the fact that Governor Walker won by a larger margin and with more absolute votes than his regular election.

It is also true that smaller voter turnouts historically favor Republicans, the reason being a smaller turnout means fewer voters who “don’t get into politics” are voting. This time around, an even larger turnout than normal meant an even larger Republican victory in the state known as the “birthplace of US Progressivism” because even more people have actually “gotten into politics”.

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More Bad News For Wisconsin Democrats

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/05/14

The news coming out of Wisconsin continues to be bad for Democrats and good for the state. I have previously reported on the tens of millions of dollars Wisconsin schools have saved, with many schools going from deficit to surplus without raising taxes (in fact, property taxes were lower for the first time since 1999), while Democrats and Union thugs have spent tens of millions of dollars trying to rescue their tax-payer funded multi-million dollar cash cows and freebies, and used violence, threats of violence, destruction of public and private property in the process. I have also previously reported on the fact that Wisconsin has had its most improved economic forecast since 2003 and that its economic forecast improved more than any other state, after the Walker Budget was put in place.

Here’s what I said regarding the tens of millions of dollars Democrats and Union thugs spent in vain in Wisconsin in 2010 and 2011:

[Allahpundit] quotes that site I refuse to link (if I can avoid it) discussing the fact all those outside resources won’t be available to Recall Governor Walker in 2012 because there is the Obama campaign that needs fed, a US Senate campaign that needs fed, many other political races in Wisconsin that need fed, let alone all the campaigns across the other 49 states that need fed. After spending tens of millions of outside, Union dollars in 2010 and 2011 with next to nothing to show from it, there will be too many other needs in 2012 to be focusing in on a single Governor.

I previously wrote about the economic improvement of states that went from Democrat control to Republican leadership compared to the economic deterioration of Democrat controlled states. Multiple articles can be found in the TBD archives covering the economic disasters of Liberal-owned California and Illinois.

Well, Democrats have even more bad news coming out of Wisconsin. It seems the analysts were wrong about Wisconsin’s budgetary surplus. They underestimated it in their forecast. Wisconsin will have an even larger budgetary surplus than forecast. Without tax increases. In fact, with reduced taxes. Even as Wisconsin’s taxpayers had to foot a multi-million dollar bill to repair all the damage the Democrats, Union thugs, Occupods criminally did to public property. As Wisconsin’s economic forecast has improved more than any other state (as a result of flipping from Liberal Big Government tax-and-spend to Conservative small government restraint). As I have said many times before, these expert analysts are always wrong because they use static models and don’t account for a change in behavior that results from a change in tax and/or regulation policy. Just like the severely worsened budgetary outlook the Editor of The First Street Journal pointed out for the failed State of California. While the Republican agenda has improved the state of the State of Wisconsin, the Democrat agenda has worsened the state of the State of California. And that’s bad news for Wisconsin Democrats. They cannot have economic conditions and budgetary conditions improving while people are doing the opposite of what the Democrats want.

And they definitely cannot allow for the public to find out the Conservative approach is far more successful and liberating than the Liberal approach. Oops, too late. With the Conservative grass-roots giant very much awake, Liberals no longer have the ability to keep the news away from the people. And that leads to the most recent, and very terrible news (for Democrats) coming out of Wisconsin today. Polling shows Governor Walker with a very large 9 point lead over his Democrat challenger, who had raised taxes and fees in Milwaukee while simultaneously making Milwaukee’s economic condition worse (imagine that). To top it off, as I predicted, money is not coming in like Democrats want and need.

Update: Greg Sargent reports that Wisconsin Democrats are going public with their anger over a lack of support from the DNC:

“We are frustrated by the lack of support from the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Governors Association,” a top Wisconsin Democratic Party official tells me. “Scott Walker has the full support and backing of the Republican Party and all its tentacles. We are not getting similar support.”

“Considering that Scott Walker has already spent $30 million and we’re even in the polls, this is a winnable race,” the Wisconsin Dem continues. “We can get outspent two to one or five to one. We can’t get spent 20 to one.”

According to the Wisconsin Dem, the party has asked the DNC for $500,000 to help with its massive field operation. While the DNC has made generally supportive noises, the money has not been forthcoming, the official says — with less than a month until the June 5th recall election. The DNC did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

It apparently doesn’t look winnable to the DNC, which tells you all you need to know about the polls on which WI Democrats rely.

After spending tens of millions of dollars trying to get rid of the people who have made Wisconsin better for Wisconsinites, and failing miserably, some of the outside spigots are getting turned off. Those outside spigots have a lot more than just Wisconsin to worry about this year, as the Conservative grass-roots continue marching on, saving this country from certain economic disaster.

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