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Dear Quack Cult Leader Robert L Hymers Jr

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/07/10

Thank you for taking the time to try to pull the wool over my eyes. By your effort, you have given me information to add to my blacklist. I am not interested in receiving any more propaganda from you. But you may wish to repent of your sins against Joy McCann and against all the many others you abused and led astray and your sins against Providence before your time on Earth expires.

Remember, quack cult leader Robert L Hymers Jr, it would be better for you to have a millstone around your neck and to be cast into the river than for you to have done what you have been doing for decades.

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“Speaking as an objective third party outsider with absolutely no interest in the matter…”

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/07/08

Yup, unh hunh.

From Little Miss Attila‘s comment section:

Dale July 7, 2011 at 6:58 pm

As a casual observer and in no way affiliated with FBT or the Hymer family I really see an axe grinding at this Pillar of the southern California community and his family. This man has tireless preached Christ and his word for decades. Bob the third has followed in this tradition in a lay capacity. Can’t you give it a rest after all these years? Really don’t you have better uses of your time. Thank you.
Dale Drew


7 One last note. I am not R.L.Hymers nor am I affiliated with him or his church. I just want to see you malcontents get on with your life and not make statements that a site built in 2 minutes in notepad is better than a fully functional site. Dale(not Bob)

Posted by: Dale Drew at October 30, 2006 12:32 PM (fEnUg)

This “Dale Drew” character has enough contradictions within the first comment, not to mention the outright lies. And the second comment, dated five years earlier and making a similar assertion, proves my Amanda Bynes reference.

I guess I really should thank Chris Cagen “Dale Drew” for causing me to remember the sexy young comedian Amanda Bynes and her words.

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Robert L Hymers III Is In Deep Doodoo

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/06/08

Robert L Hymers, III has been indicted for fraud, identity theft, grand theft auto. Along with Lenny Dykstra. While Dykstra is the more famous, the schadenfreude should be directed at Hymers’ travails. Little Miss Attila has the coverage of Hymers’ troubles with the law.

But it’s “Who is Robert L Hymers, III” that is the real story here. And Little Miss Attila has first-hand information on that. Very first-hand. As in, she not only had to deal with him and his lawyers directly, she had to deal with his father personally. And it’s a very ugly story.

You see, Dr Robert L Hymers, Jr (how’d he get “Dr”? Cracker Jack box involved?) was her pastor back in the 1970s. When she was raped. As a 14-year-old. By a “boy” in Hymers’ cult. (I forget if he was 17 or 18.) And Hymers Jr labeled her as a sexual deviant.

Anyway, RL Hymers, III, who has been indicted on fraud, identity theft, grand theft auto charges, previously tried to bully Little Miss Attila, and went so far as to “report” her to the FBI as a “hate group” that basically wanted to murder Hymers, Jr. And, of course, used an attorney (who had multiple conflicts of interest in the case (sure sounds to me he was a Hymers cultist)).

You really need to go to the Little Miss Attila link above and follow her own Hymers links to her own blogsite to catch the full fury and evil hatred that is Hymers Jr, and apparently his son. (Who couldn’t see that one coming? Apple, tree, some assembly required.)

Like I said, vicious, evil, threatening. Also stalkerish and lying.

Here’s a Hymer Jr fact for you: he demanded that she return to his “church” and confess, repent and be beholden to, else she ain’t goin’ to no heaven place. Trust me on this one, neither of the Hymerses will step foot past the Pearly Gates with their dogma. For Hymers Jr to claim that Little Miss Attila had to go back to that specific “church” to publicly confess her “sins” in order to receive Providence’s forgiveness and no other “sin” confession in any other church would gain Providence’s forgiveness is beyond the pale. He was a cult leader then and from my understanding, he is still a cult leader today.

Here’s a hint: If you sin, that’s between you, Providence, and whomever is impacted by your sin. No other people need be involved in forgiveness. In fact, Providence doesn’t depend on any human for His forgiveness, and neither does the sinner. And Providence does not require any deeds, works, or repetitions for a sinner to be forgiven of the sins. Any claims otherwise are absolutely false. And dangerously close to being cultlike.

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