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RS McCain’s Exclusive Interview With Rick Santorum

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/07

From The Other McCain:

RS McCain: We’re here in Washington, DC, at the Value Voters Summit at the Omni Shoreham Hotel, talking to former Senator Rick Santorum. How are you, sir?

Rick Santorum: Doing great, Stace, how are you?

McCain: I’m doing pretty good. How’s your campaign been going the last couple of weeks since we’ve seen you?

Santorum: We feel very, very good. I think we’re picking up some traction, getting – I think getting the reputation as being a serious candidate who’s got you know the grass-roots effort out there as well as the substance to do the job as President and to win a tough election against what will be a tough opponent. And the more people look at the candidates and make an assessment as to who can deliver the mail, who can stand up for Conservative principles, get things done in Washington, bring the country together and first and foremost, win the election, that we’re going to be on top.

McCain: And you just got back from a three-day swing in Iowa-

Santorum: Yeah, I was in Iowa for most of the week, actually, and hit I think close to my 70th county in the state, and back again to New Hampshire this coming week, and then South Carolina, and then the following week back to Iowa. So, we’re working all the three early Primary states and giving the chance for the voters to get the chance to kick the tires and find out about who we are. Not just, you know, go and give speeches or do television interviews, but really have a chance for the interaction that at least I’m told the voters in Iowa would really appreciate and that pays off if you do well in the long term.

McCain: And your debate performances- a lot of people have praise for your performance in Orlando, and I believe I characterized you as a “brutal counter-puncher”. Sometimes these debates have been kinda rough at times.

Santorum: Well, my feeling is that if there are differences between the candidates on substance, you have to let the folks who are going to make these tough decisions — you have to let them know what those differences are. And there clearly were differences between me and Governor Perry on the issue of immigration and on the issue of these mandatory vaccines — his Executive Order on vaccines. And there have been differences between me and Ron Paul on the issue of Iran and Israel, and our position in Afghanistan. So I’m not shy about pointing out those differences when they are, and looking forward to doing more of that in the debates ahead on other issues.

McCain: Alright then, and your website is?

Santorum: Go and send us a check.

McCain: Alright, thanks.

Santorum: Thanks.

Rick Santorum may deserve a second look, now that Sarah Palin is out and I have major issues with practically all the candidates.

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Florida Establishment Republicans Declare War

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/02

… on TEA Party Conservatives. The Establishment Ruling Class Republicans, nationally and in Florida, do not want We the People to have our input. They are afraid of us and what we’ll do once we take over. To that end, the Florida Ruling Class Republicans have pushed their Primary up to January 31. They are cutting off their noses to spite their face, attempting to kill the giant that awoke in 2009. As I have noted many times before, 70 percent of the Republican base and a majority of independents consider the Republican leadership to be to the Left of and out of touch with the Republican base. As I have also noted, I am a Conservative; I am only a Republican because there isn’t currently a viable Conservative party. And I’m working with grass-roots Conservatives nationwide to change that, to the chagrin of the Republican Elites.

RS McCain, who doesn’t hold back in the least, had this to say:

You may have noticed that the sudden announcement of Florida’s Jan. 31 date swiftly followed Cain’s upset win in the Florida straw poll — a result that had caused some people to urge New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to get in. But there won’t be time now for Christie to organize a campaign in time to compete in Iowa or New Hamphire.

Bonus for the old-boy Establishment? By making this move, the Florida GOP makes it all but certain that Sarah Palin can’t run in 2012.

What would really shake things up — and it would be just like her — is if Palin decided to pay back the Establishment by messing up their little insider game and endorsing Herman Cain. [bold mine, italics his]

Don’t be so certain, Florida Ruling Class Republicans, that you have beaten Sarah Palin with your fool’s gambit. But that is exactly what you’re trying to do: prevent a grass-roots Conservative like Sarah Palin from running and prevent a grass-roots Conservative like Herman Cain from winning since he’s already running. Because you want the game of “war” to be about which Ruling Class Establishment Republican gets to try to rule over We the People. But hear this: We the People are fighting mad. As RS McCain said, “Once Tea Party activists figure out what the Florida GOP bosses are up to, I guarantee you there will be hell to pay.” You betcha, bless your hearts.

The Underground Conservative piles on.

In other words, what we predicted yesterday here will happen: a front-loaded presidential primary system guaranteed to pick an establishment GOP candidate. Mitt Romney = John McCain 2.0.

RSM notes:

Let’s just hope Reince Priebus can stop these crazy Florida bastards from ruining Christmas.

Reince, the ball is in your court.

That’s the end result: the Cocktail Party GOP showing the Tea Party who’s boss. Same old RINO crap sandwich. No Herman Cain. No Sarah Palin. No real conservative.

Again, that’s the end result the National and Florida Establishment Ruling Class Republicans want. There’s a good chance they will fail at what they want. And I hope they do fail, for the good of the country and for the good of the Republican Party.

The Ruling Class Republicans still don’t understand they are the reason the Republicans were whomped in 2006 and 2008. They still don’t understand Republicans won a huge victory in 2010 despite the machinations of the Coctail Party Republicans. The Democrats fear the TEA Party movement and with just reason: they are losing the ability to rule the peons with an iron fist. The Ruling Class Republicans, who are completely out of touch with We the People, neither understand us nor want us involved in deciding who rules over us. And they fear us as much as, or moreso than, the Democrats do. Because We the People do not want rulers. We the People are coming for them. And We the People are intent on taking our nation back from the Ruling Class. Because it was ours to begin with.

Don’t forget, the Establishment Republicans — nationally and in Florida — tried to foist a Senator Crist on us but when We the People made it clear Marco Rubio was the man, Charlie “Orange Man” Crist jumped to Independent and took his Republican money with him. In Florida, as with many other parts of the nation, the Establishment Republicans refused to coalesce behind the Republican candidate the people wanted and worked hard to defeat the choice of We the People — even after the Primary where We the People made our choice clear. The “you cannot win without us” crowd decided they would rather lose than support the candidate of the People’s choice.

So, Florida and Ruling Class Republicans everywhere, “It’s on like Donkey Kong.”

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Dear Rick Perry, Please Stop Digging

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/01

Rick Perry, who accused 81 percent of the public of being heartless, is still digging. Allahpundit says:

Matt Lewis says he’s improving on this issue. I guess, but that’s mainly because after you’ve tried to win over voters by calling them heartless, there’s really nowhere to go but up.

I’m not so sure. I think Rick Perry is, at best, going sideways and not up. Allahpundit goes on to quote MSNBC.

“We have, for decades, had a federal government that has absolutely failed in its constitutional duty to defend our border,” Perry said.

“I’m a governor. I don’t have the pleasure of standing on the stage and criticizing. I have to deal with these issues,” he later added.

Perry continued, “In 2001, we had this choice: Are we going to kick these children over to the curb and say you cannot have access to college? Because the fact of the matter is there’s no way they could pay the out-of-state tuition. And are we going to have them on the government dole over here because they’re not educated? Or are we going to have them in our institutions of higher learning, paying in state tuition, pursuing citizenship?”

How about we quit enabling illegal aliens in their illegal activities? Ever think of that, Governor Perry? Allahpundit notes Rick Perry opposes E-Verify, his wife has framed the question of either tuition subsidies or welfare payments — to illegals — a Left-wing Big Government false dichotomy fallacy, not only do illegals get in-state tuition subsidies (paid for by the tax-payers) but also tax-payer funded financial aid.

No, Rick Perry is not a small government Conservative. On this issue, he’s not a Conservative at all. As I said before, Rick Perry is a Bell Curve Tenther and not a True Tenther in that he supports State-level Big Government at the expense of the citizens. And I have no doubt that, if he were to become President, he will drop all pretenses at being a Tenther altogether for his Big Government approach.

And that Left-wing Big Government false dichotomy fallacy? How about we don’t subsidize the education of illegal aliens? How about we don’t give tax-payer funded Welfare to illegal aliens? How about we don’t allow businesses to hire illegal aliens? Do you know what that would do? It would save the tax-payers lots of money and it would stop enabling the illegal aliens and their illegal behavior. That would be the Small Government Conservative approach, and that would encourage the illegal aliens to return home.

RS McCain mocks Rick Perry and his hole-digging self-inflicted and possibly politically-fatal wound.

Go back just 10 days — before the Orlando debate, before the Florida straw poll — and remember how Perry was the unstoppable juggernaut, the bandwagon everyone was going to ride to glory.

And now it’s over. Completely and irretrievably over. How over is it? Mitt Romney is mocking Perry as a RINO sellout[.]

When even Flip Flopney tags you for being clearly to the Left of the Conservative base, you know you done a bad thing. Seriously Rick, stop digging. Put that shovel down and don’t pick it back up again.

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Herman Cain Wins Florida Straw Poll

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/09/25

Morgan Freeman hardest hit (along with Common Sense Political Thought’s radical Leftist commenter Perry Hood).

How dare those raaaaacist TEA Partiers vote for a black man to replace the half white, less-than-half black Socialist in the Oval Office? Don’t those raaaaacist TEA Partiers know the black man they voted for is blacker than the Socialist in the Oval Office?

Conservative businessman and economist Herman Cain won the Florida Straw Poll going away, gaining more votes than the next two combined. The biggest losers in this straw poll were Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann. Rick Santorum cracked the 10 percent barrier.

Cain garnered 37.1 percent of the votes while front-running Perry, who lobbied very hard for the vote, managed a mere 15.4 percent and Romney, who didn’t campaign all that hard for the straw poll, garnered 14.7 percent of the voting. Bachmann, her star having fallen prior, finished last in the voting at 1.5 percent while Jon Huntsman, the squish alternative to the squish Romney whom Liberals are trying to foist on Republicans (when those selfsame Liberals know full-well they’ll be voting for the Democrat regardless), managed a meager 2.3 percent.

Doug Powers observes:

A personal observation about Herman Cain from my corner of the world: In talking with, or just overhearing, various friends, family, professional acquaintances, people at the next table at the restaurant, etc., I’ve noticed that lately Cain is getting a little more air under his wings in a “I kind of like that Cain guy” sort of way. We’ll see what kind of a lift this gives him, but his name recognition is certainly on the rise, and today’s straw poll results might give him added momentum.

RS McCain, not to be confused with his distant cousin, the left-of-center John McCain, is downright giddy.

Yes, we have “entered a new phase,” the phase where talking heads on the Sunday morning shows will be discussing the first draft of Rick Perry’s political obituary. Didn’t I try to warn everybody about the “Phantom Menace”?

Don’t doubt my Jedi senses on this one, folks. I’m getting spooky vibes. . . .

Yeah, I know political journalists aren’t supposed to believe in “omens.” Still, there’s something vaguely . . . hinky about the way Perry’s stealth campaign has been operating here in Iowa.

Call me crazy. Attribute my forebodings of doom to irrational prejudice. Say what you will, and I don’t care, but I felt a need to put on the record my instinctive sense that there’s something fundamentally wrong about the Perry campaign.

That was on Aug. 9, four days before Perry officially announced.

Now here we are, six weeks later, and the Perry bandwagon is inarguably in the ditch — thanks to Perry’s own “tin ear” blundering and the triumph of my man Herman Cain:

The Georgia businessman won more votes than the Republican primary’s frontrunners — Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney — combined.

Where is my vindication? Where are those who scoffed at my prophetic foresight?

Allahpundit reports on some possibly hinky Romney staff activities:

Not only did Cain pull it off, it wasn’t close. The numbers: Cain 37%, Perry 15%, Romney 14%. A total embarrassment for Perry, and it actually could have been worse. Here’s what Florida state representative Matt Gaetz tweeted before the vote:

Romney campaign is having their #Presidency5 delegates vote for Cain to skew results. #dirtytricks

If that’s true, and no one knows if it is, then Romney’s supporters might have pushed Mitt to second and Perry all the way down to third simply by sticking with their guy.

Allahpundit goes on to report how badly Perry wanted to win the straw poll and then how terribly Perry spun the resounding straw poll defeat. It’s real a piece of work.

As I reported in a previous article, Rick Perry’s downfall was widely viewed as his adamant stand to the Left of a very clear majority of the voting public regarding immigration-related issues. His problems with his unilateral Big Government crony capitalism “pay to play” Gardasil Executive Order and his subsequent “erroneous” memory also came into play. He became a detriment to himself and a live grenade for the Conservative/TEA Party base, so they pitched that hot potato and selected someone else.

Now here’s where RS McCain and I disagree. (And Mr McCain, feel free to beat me up on your site. I could use the hits you would deliver me. (Or is that too much violent rhetoric for the Leftist weenies to handle?)) But first a bit more agreement. RS McCain offers some advice — in a very impolitic fashion — for the false Conservative Bill Kristol: Quit offering up Chris Christie. Absolutely. Perry lost the straw poll because he was too Liberal, too Big Government, too crony capitalist. Christie, the New Jersey Rocket Man, is more Liberal than Perry.

The Conservatives that are flying away from Perry will not be flying to someone even more Liberal than Perry. They want a Conservative. While Christie is a very unique political creature in that he is a Moderate with a backbone, and he went viral multiple times showing his spine, he’s still an unacceptable Moderate outside Liberal Land. He’s great for New Jersey, not so great for the US.

The reason I believe people selected Cain (other than that hinky Romney campaign stuff) is because Cain is a businessman and a Conservative who won’t go in for the lobbyist “pay to play” schemes but will get the Business of America (is business) back on track. Well, that’s not the whole reason. (Mr McCain, here it comes.) Cain is a place-holder, but not a place-holder place-holder. Cain is currently “the best of the rest” among available Conservatives and, yes, getting more looks. Rick Santorum is not getting any traction, although he benefited from the twin-failings of the two previous Conservative Rock Stars in Michele “gaffe-tastic” Bachmann and Rick “Conservative tips, Liberal roots” Perry. And Newt “Scozzafava, Pelosi” Gingrich isn’t going anywhere. Ron “crazy man” Paul? Whatevs.

But Cain doesn’t have the foreign policy/relations chops and he won’t have those chops in time to be sworn in. I definitely like Cain but I see him more taking over as Department of Labor Secretary where the name can be changed to Department of Business and he can get to work repurposing the department to allow for a much better environment for business and economic growth within the US.

It is highly unlikely Cain will win the nomination. But Perry and Bachmann left the door wide open for the Thrilla from Wasilla to step in and take the mantel. And just to be crystal clear (since there was that little edginess in those body blows to Bill Kristol), my endorsement in my sidebar has been present for quite some time now. Just wanted to help you out, Mr McCain, in your effort to give me a beat-down.

But here, let me conduct an informal poll. Those who believe I’m onto something regarding Cain can vote by “hitting my tip jar” for 5 dollars, while those who believe Mr McCain is right regarding Cain can vote by “hitting my tip jar” for 10 dollars. That way, I can better judge the opinions of the readers. (Or you can be cheap and just write a comment, taking note of my “about” page and my “comment policy” page.)

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Sarah Palin Does Not Need To Announce Yet

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/07/13

Do I want Sarah Palin to announce today that she’s running for President?
Absolutely not.
Yes, I do.
Well, maybe not yet.

As you can see, I’m decidedly of two minds on the issue, and I’m a staunch Sarah Palin/Allen West 2012 supporter. Just this past week, two big news events came out regarding Sarah Palin. Well, one big news event and one viral event. Okay, one small news event that went viral and one FaceBook post that went viral.

Sarah Palin wrote a lengthy FaceBook post, and as with all of her FaceBook posts, it went viral. And Newsweek had a cover story on Sarah Palin for all ten of its readers. And that cover story went viral. Those are the two events.

From what I’ve read, the Newsweek story where Sarahcuda said she could win a National election was a very even-handed story. Needless to say, that surprised most everyone who follows politics and the news media. Those of us on the Right were very surprised that a radical Leftist rag like Newsweak would actually play fair on anything, much less regarding Mama Grizzly herself. And the self-declared Socialist Larry O’Donnell of the radical Leftist propaganda outfit MSNBC became unhinged.

Sarah Palin’s FaceBook note is full of zingers (not all directed solely at Democrats) and has a huge, massive “tell”. Here are some of the zingers:

Barack Obama’s big government policies continue to fail. He should put a link to the national debt clock on his BlackBerry. The gears on that clock have nearly exploded during his administration.

The “elite” political class in this country with their heads in the sand had better face some unpleasant facts about the world as it is. They’ve run out of money and no amount of accounting gimmicks or happy talk will change this reality. Those of us who live in the real world could see this day coming.

The same “experts” who got us into this mess are now telling us that the only way out of our debt crisis is to “increase revenue,” but not by creating more jobs and therefore a larger tax base; no, they want to “increase revenue” by raising taxes on job creators who are taxed enough already!

See, Washington is addicted to OPM – Other People’s Money. And like any junkie, they will lie, steal, and cheat to fund their addiction.

We are in desperate need of real leadership, but President Obama’s solution to everything is to grow government by borrowing more money, spending more money, printing more money, and taxing our job creators. He once said that he “believes in American Exceptionalism…just as the Greeks believe in Greek Exceptionalism.” Well, the path he has us on will make us just as “exceptional” as Greece – debt crisis, stagnation, permanent high unemployment, and all.

It means bucking the status quo, fighting the corrupt powers that be, serving the common good, and leaving the country better than you found it. Most of us don’t see a lot of that real leadership in D.C., and it’s profoundly disappointing.

That’s just some of the zingers in her FaceBook note. As for the “tell”:

But we will never recover, we will never get free of devastating debt, unless we make tough choices now. We don’t hear talk like this from leaders in D.C. or from those running for office because they say what they think we want to hear rather than what must be said.

From that, I gather Sarah’s not satisfied with any of the Republicans in the race. It’s obvious that she is highly dissatisfied with Barack Obama — as everyone should be. It also suggests to me that Sarahcuda has absolutely made up her mind to run for President. It’s now only a matter of timing her roll-out.

I would absolutely love for her to announce immediately. The whole game would change in an instant, without a doubt. But she doesn’t need to announce yet. In fact, it would be better if she waited to announce until a later date.

Reasons why a candidate should announce early:

The two major Parties have severely front-loaded the Primary season, forcing a much earlier announcement and campaign process and making it more expensive overall and less likely some outsider could gain any traction while simultaneously curtailing any actual vetting process.

Unknowns and Regionally-knowns need time to get name recognition.

Campaigns need lots of donors and lots of cash, which requires time to build.

Policy positions need time to be threshed and spread throughout the populace.

The media need time to vet the candidates.

None of these reasons for an early campaign start apply to Sarah Palin. Not a single one. She has been the most vetted politico in US history. Practically everyone knows her name and that she was Governor of Alaska. Every one of her FaceBook posts goes viral. Many of her tweets have gone viral. The media cannot stop talking about her, even when they try. The media cannot stop chasing her all over the country. The media cannot stop trying to dig up dirt on her, even as they continuously fail to find any dirt.

Sarah Palin says “don’t party like it’s 1773” and the rabid Left go wild. Obviously she meant 1776 and was too dumb to know. Except she meant the Boston Tea Party, which took place in 1773, and the rabid Left were too dumb to know.

Sarah Palin talks about “death panels” and the whole discussion on the foul, evil ObamaCare gets shifted.

Sarah Palin rails on the Left’s blood libel and the Left goes nuts. But prominent Jews declare she used the term properly.

Sarah Palin talks about Paul Revere warning the British and the Left goes insane. And the historians declare she had her histo-facts right.

The media declare she’s irrelevant and unserious but then complain that she doesn’t give them her itinerary.

Even when SarahCuda “goes dark” or “goes to ground” the media and politicos continue talking about her incessantly.

24,000 pages of emails from when Mama Grizzly was Governor of Alaska get released and it’s a media feeding frenzy — until absolutely nothing damaging to Sarah comes out; on the contrary, the 24,000 pages prove she’s serious, knowledgeable, studious, likeable and well-liked, and the same in private as she is in public. And the media “go to ground” on the emails.

From what I read, Sarah’s negatives among “all adults” was 69 percent prior to her Northeast historical site trip, but went to 52 percent immediately following. And her favorables among Republicans are the highest of any candidate or potential candidate. The Undefeated is being released, showing the real Sarah Palin, as her bus tour of the Northeast did, and running counter to nearly all the media stories of her.

Every state has large groups of people actively working for her presumed candidacy or itching to get going, without anyone from the top directing them. She has over 3.1 million FaceBook followers. As soon as she announces, her campaign will be inundated with cash, with donations likely to crash her servers on the outset.

All the reasons to announce early are void. There is no cause for her to need to jump in in a hurry. In fact, the story goes that there is a lot of establishment money and endorsements just waiting on the sidelines with Rick Perry’s name possibly attached, should Governor Perry jump in. And that would hurt Mitt Romney. So, there’s still room for two powerhouse Republicans to jump into the mix.

Why Sarah Palin can and maybe should wait ’til August or September to announce:

Her FaceBook notes will continue to go viral.

Her speeches and interviews will continue to go viral.

The Undefeated will be widely watched as it opens in more cities after its Premiere.

The media can’t stay away from a Sarah Palin story, even when she goes to ground.

It’s not costing her a cent.

The longer she stays out, the longer the other Republican candidates have to take some of the heat from vetting and a deceitful media.

The other Republican candidates still have to consider Sarah Palin in all they do and say.

The Statute of Limitations for frivolous lawsuits against her expires at the end of July.

So, by my own estimations, Sarah Palin would do well to wait until August or September to announce her candidacy. None of the reasons for an early announcement apply to her while all the reasons for a later announcement fit her to a “t”.

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The Republican Path To The Presidency

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/05/24

The lamestream media wants to nominate the Republican Presidential candidate for us like it did in 2008 with the help of Democrats voting in the Republican Primary. Then, they propped up the squishiest of candidates until McCain gained the nomination. And KABLOWIE!!! The lamestream media turned on him in an instant, printing unsubstantiated rumors that turned out to be lies, and attacking him with everything they had. But only after he beat out more conservative candidates. McCain didn’t help matters by absolutely refusing to fight Obama and refusing to allow his people to fight Obama. And throwing a hissy fit when other people fought Obama. McCain’s only saving grace was choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate. Suddenly, many people were willing to vote for the Republican Ticket. I, myself, was ready to vote Third Party until he chose Palin. No way was I going to vote McCain, and I didn’t — I voted Palin.

Once again, the lamestream media is trying to nominate the Republican candidate — a candidate they won’t vote for, regardless. And the Big Government Republican machine is acting as the accomplice. You see, the Ruling Class Republicans are more afeared of the Grass Roots than they are of Democrats. And that’s the huge problem.

7 in 10 grass-roots Republicans and a majority of independents deem the Ruling Class Republicans (inside the beltway Republicans) to be out of touch with and to the left of the base.
42 percent Conservative
36 percent Moderate
20 percent Liberal
And the Ruling Class Republicans are Moderate, the whole lot of them. “You cannot win without us” is a two-way street, folks, and don’t you forget it. Lamestream media and the RCR want you to forget that. The RCR cannot win without you and they want to keep you down and ignorant and stupid so you vote for RCR-approved candidates instead of voting your conscience.

Due to my weak research skills, I couldn’t find the famous quote from the famous European writer who described Americans as rubes and country-class folk who eschewed aristocracy and governed themselves. But that’s how Americans were until the 20th Century. And that’s what made America great. The 20th Century rolled around and the Ruling Class gained power, and that has been the downfall of the US. Our 20th Century achievements have been made as a result of inertia and world events (WWI and WWII propelling the US onto the World Stage because nobody else was able to produce). Ruling Class Socialism in the US began prior to World War One and has caused the deterioration of the US since then.

But I did find some very worthwhile quotes.

“The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission.” — John F Kennedy (Too bad the Democrats absolutely demand surrender and submission today.)

“I think the most un-American thing you can say is, “You can’t say that”.” — Garrison Keillor (And the Left is very busily working hard to prevent anyone on the Right from being able to say anything. The same goes for the RCRs and the grass-roots.)

“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” — Thomas Jefferson (Hello, Democrats and RCRs.)

“We can have no “50-50″ allegiance in this country. Either a man is an American and nothing else, or he is not an American at all.” — Theodore Roosevelt (Hello, Democrats and Barack Obama)

“America’s abundance was not created by public sacrifices to “the common good”, but by the productive genius of free men who pursued their own personal interests and the making of their own private fortunes.” — Ayn Rand (Hello, Democrats and Barack Obama and RCRs.)

“The character inherent in the American people has done all that has been accomplished; and it would have done somewhat more, if the government had not sometimes got in its way.” — Henry David Thoreau (Hello, Democrats and Barack Obama and RCRs.)

For most of American History, Americans have rejected the Aristocracy, the Ruling Class mentality of Europe. And for most of American History, we have outclassed the entirety of the world in every measure (except barbarity). But as the 20th Century rolled in, we started giving in to Socialism (which has never, anywhere, succeeded) and European-style Aristocracy. And that has been to our demise. Ronald Reagan changed that picture.

The Democrats absolutely ate him alive. The lamestream media absolutely ate him alive (but I’m repeating myself). The RCRs, including George Herbert Walker Bush, absolutely ate him alive. But he won anyway, despite being called a dunce and considered stupid, ignorant, unwise, a fool by both the Democrats and the RCRs. He won because he appealed to the regular people. He made sense to the regular people, who eschewed Aristocracy and Socialism and held to the original American Values that made this country great.

Reagan was mostly victorious against the Democrats and the RCRs. Reagan absolutely brought about the collapse of the Stalinist Iron Curtain and ushered in a new age of Freedom to Eastern Europeans. Reagan oversaw the crushing of the Carter Malaise/Stagflation and brought about the greatest economic boom since the 1940s.

Then came the RCR Bush 41 and his “read my lips” lie, which brought on the Big Government “think with his prick” Democrat perjurist Clinton and the RCR Bush 43. And the free-fall into Socialist Hell was once again in full swing. But Barack Obama changed all that. The Socialist Democrat Barack Obama put a jet-pack on the free-falling US to send us into total Socialist impoverishment (as all Socialist schemes inevitably lead to impoverishment).

But there is a cure. And it’s pretty much the same cure Ronald Reagan used. Ignore the lamestream media which has sold its soul to the Far Left and focus on the people themselves. But today is very different than 1980. Today, true American Values cannot be found in some regions, so those regions may as well be written off from the get-go (and repaired later in the process).

As such, my view for a Conservative Republican’s path to the Presidency:
1. Forget about California’s Primary.
California will vote majority Democrat, regardless of who runs.
California’s Republicans are majority RCR regardless, and a candidate who wins the RCR vote will not defeat the Democrat who scores higher in the areas the RCRs work in.

2. Forget about most of New England.
Aside from maybe New Hampshire (and possibly Maine), the Democrat will win New England regardless of the Republican candidate.
The majority of New England Republicans are RCR types and the Democrat scores higher on RCR values than RCR candidates.

3. Forget about the lamestream media.
While they will try to pick the Republican nominee like they did in 2008, they will still destroy that nominee and vote for the Democrat, so their opinions are worth less than a possum skin after it was run over by a CSX train.

4. Focus on the grass-roots Conservatives outside California and New England.
The best chance for a Republican victory resides everywhere except the West Coast and New England. As such, those are the Primary and Caucus voters the Republican candidates need to focus on.

5. Don’t be “me, too” to the Democrat or RCR position. Provide a true contrast in agendas.
Too many people see the two Party monstrosities as basically the same thing. Six of one, half a dozen of another. Provide a true difference from the “government owns and rules all” Democrats and RCRs. As Reagan proved, and the TEA Party groups demand, this is the winning hand. A return to what made America great is what the people demand, not a “me, too” Aristocracy and continued government dominance over every aspect of Americans’ lives.

Note to you RCRs out there: Be warned, you are on your way out of grace. This includes Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Karl “Tokyo” Rove, and others.

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Herman Cain and Israel

Posted by Foxfier on 2011/05/22

…I’m not seeing the big problem.

Here’s the quote, at the location I read it:

“I don’t think Israel has any problem with Palestinians’ returning,”

Don’t think like a politician, think like a normal human who didn’t know what all the baggage involved in “right of return” might be, not being familiar with the term itself.

I KNOW that Israel doesn’t have a problem with Palestinians being in Israel, and I’m guessing that they care more about “are you a freaking psycho who wants to kill us?” than “did your ancestors ever live in the area” or even “were your ancestors at any level among those who attacked our nation?”

It’s the same trick used for “are you pro-choice?” or “do you want to protect the environment?” or even “do you believe in global warming?”

Heck, I don’t even like talking about “Palestinians” as some kind of racial group— a quasi-national-regional-political one?  OK, even though it goes back to the Romans being blankers to the Jews, which isn’t really odd.

I’d guess Mr. Cain doesn’t know enough to respond “how about letting the Palestinians return to their home nations like Jordan?” or any other really cool response.

Heh, while checking to see if there was a video of the answer like I remembered, I noticed that I’m not the only one who took the answer this way.

K, watched the video.

“The Palestinian right of return” is NOT an explanation when someone responds “right of return?”
I thought the interviewer had at least said something like “the ability for those Palestinians who use to live in the land that is now Israel to return to Israel.”  Sure, the interviewer explained it a little more afterwards, and Cain reiterated that IT IS UP TO ISRAEL. Not seeing a big problem, there, if one ignores the automatic baggage.  Anybody with some unbiased brain power knows that Israel, left to her own choices, is pretty good at surviving.

I know that I’d love to see the refugee camps gone.

Real important part of his quote: “It is up to Israel to determine what they will accept.”

Of course, I’m fond of this– from the primary source, the page for the Fox News interview:

Cain was asked what he’d give the Palestinian’s in a peace deal. He replied, “Nothing. Because I’m not convinced that the Palestinians are really interested in peace… if we look at history, it has been clear that the Palestinians have always wanted to push Israelis and push Israel for more and more and more.”

Come on, folks, don’t let people spin this into a story instead of a report.

Rather annoyed that Ms. Berlinski apparently got all that from a second or third hand source that couldn’t be bothered to link to even where the video would be. (The Commentary piece was posted at 9:19AM, no time zone listed; the Fox page I linked was put up at 11:16AM ET; it looks like Commentary is Pacific, but I don’t care enough to support that solidly.)

On the off hand, I’m laughing a bit because it’s WAY smaller than Daniels’ “truce” thing, with far less polish involved… and it sure seems like a bunch of angry Daniels fans are jumping on it, though that may be a bit of bias on my part.  Only good salad bar I’ve ever had at a pizza place– let alone one aimed at families– was at a Godfather’s.
(Very late flight, my mom came to pick me up, and there was NOTHING open besides that anywhere near the motel–  it was good enough that mom even enjoyed it.)

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Mitch Daniels Declares

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/05/22

… that he is not running for the Republican nomination for President.

HT Hot Air headlines

From the Los Angeles Times:

May 21, 2011, 11:30 p.m.
Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels said early Sunday that he won’t run for president because of family considerations, narrowing the field in the race for the GOP nomination.

“In the end, I was able to resolve every competing consideration but one,” Daniels said, disclosing his decision in an e-mail to supporters. “The interests and wishes of my family, is the most important consideration of all. If I have disappointed you, I will always be sorry.”

The e-mail, sent by the governor through Eric Holcomb, the Indiana Republican Party chairman and one of Daniels’ closest advisers, was confirmed by another aide close to Daniels on the condition of anonymity to avoid publicly pre-empting the governor’s announcement.

While many Republicans considered him Conservative, I personally considered him weak. And I wasn’t alone in that opinion. But the real question now is: Who will his supporters back? I believe due to his Conservative persona, his supporters won’t be backing Mitt Romney but rather another Conservative. T-Paw? Cain? Palin? That’s where I think his supporters will go, further weakening the squish opportunity for a 2008 repeat.

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