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Texas Beats National Average 65 Months Straight

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/06/20

We at Truth Before Dishonor have covered the Illinois Democrat tax-raising scheme and the damage it has done to Illinois.

In order to keep Motorola in Illinois after the largest tax increases in state history, Illinois had to offer up 100 MILLION dollars in tax breaks, proving even Illinois Democrats knew the massive tax hikes were destroying businesses and employment in the state. So, those tax hikes intended to “soak the rich” actually decimated the middle class and not the rich, and led to massive job losses for Illinois.

We have also covered California’s job-and-people flight as the California Democrat Party taxes and regulates its state to death. We have covered Wisconsin’s budget repair without a single tax increase. In fact, the single move by the Wisconsin Legislature and Governor not only closed the State Budget gap, it also closed multiple municipal and school district budget gaps without a single tax increase. In fact, the budget gaps were closed while simultaneously lowering property taxes for the first time in 30 years. And Wisconsin had the greatest improvement in economic outlook of the 50 (or 57) states as a result. Ohio and Pennsylvania both improved their economic standing after switching from Democrat control to Republican leadership. I have provided the 2012 economic strength rankings for the 366 US metropolitan areas, showing Texas to be much stronger than the rest of the nation.

From June 2006 to June 2011, Texas was one of only nine states plus DC that added jobs. During that time-frame, Texas added 537,500 jobs, or over 73 percent of the total jobs added (a rate of 2,138 new jobs per 100,000 population). At the same time the US lost 4,818,000 jobs (a rate of 1,561 jobs lost per 100,000 population).

I have some new information that will help to drive the Leftists wild, from the print version of the Temple Daily Telegram. From a 16 June 2012 Cristina Waits article:

Statewide, private employers added about 15,300 positions in May, and 287,800 in the last year.

“It is good to see Texas’ private employers continuing to add to their payrolls,” said Tom Pauken, TWC Commisioner representing employers. “Texas’ economy continues to stand out, as our unemployment rate remains below the national unemployment rate for the 65th straight month.”

Some of the unemployment rates noted in the article:
Midland, 3.8 percent
Odessa 4.3 percent
Killeen-Temple 7.6 percent
Lubbock 5.3 percent
Texas 6.9 percent

Since Texas’ unemployment rate in May 2012 marked the 65th straight month that Texas’ unemployment was better than the US average, that means the streak started in January 2007. What happened in January 2007? Why, that would be the month Democrats took over the US Congress. Of the US House of Representatives, the US Senate, the US Presidency, Democrats have had two of the three bodies every month since then, including all three for 24 of those 65 months. But Republicans have held the leadership in Texas the entire time.

Now, with all the data points available for study, it is not post hoc, ergo propter hoc to say the Conservative and Republican position provides economic growth and health while the Leftist and Democrat position provides economic atrophy and hardship. The data prove the truth of it.

Legal Insurrection made this the Post of the Day for Thursday, June 21!

And with huge, impactful SCOTUS rulings expected to come out possibly today, people are going to be flocking to Legal Insurrection to try to catch the news and commentary, and we might get a residual link-love effect on top of the good Ivy League Law Professor’s normal mini-me version of the coveted Instalanche. The last couple times TBD made Post of the Day at Legal Insurrection, we got over 300 hits out of it. No small potatoes, that!

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