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Another “Sarah Palin Was Right” Article

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/06/23

Back in November, Ben Bernanke said of his QE2 printing press hyper-drive that his goal was 2 percent inflation. Sarah Palin said, in November, that it would cause inflation. We’re now officially at 3.6 percent inflation and that number is growing steadily and rapidly.

Bernanke expected QE2 would weaken the dollar (it has) and improve our net exports. Sarah Palin said that any net improvement would only be temporary. Again, Sarah Palin was right.

Bernanke expected QE2 to result in greater business investment. Sarah Palin said, in effect, “not so fast there, bub.” And then she explained exactly why it wouldn’t work and exactly why businesses aren’t investing. And again, Sarah Palin was right.

All the supersmart elite Leftists, such as Bernanke and Krugman and all the other Keynesians, mocked Sarah Palin’s pronouncements and said she didn’t know economics. The actual economic news on all fronts is totally “unexpected” news to all the supersmart elite Leftist Expert Economists, but precisely what Sarah Palin predicted.

The American Thinker has all the facts and figures, including quality charts.

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