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Dying California Cannibalizes Itself

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/11/07

I have written multiple articles chronicling California’s Leftismcaused death throes. Yesterday, Californians, in their great wisdom, have decided to cannibalize themselves, (HT Patterico) devouring whatever healthy parts they had left. As businesses and working families have been fleeing the state for healthier locales, Californians have just finished voting to raise income taxes on the most productive of what’s left, raise corporate tax rates for the businesses which haven’t yet fled, raise sales taxes. Californians have also voted not to curtail Public Employee Union power, that power that has already caused multiple California cities to declare bankruptcy. What does this mean for the once-great state of California? It means more business closures. It means more flight of the producers out of the state. It means less tax revenue for the state. It means higher unemployment, higher poverty rates, more personal and corporate bankruptcies. It means more cities going bankrupt.

And this time, it also means fewer places to run to. Because the next four years will be Sheol for all of the US, as Obama exacts revenge on everyone who stood in his Socialist way (meaning Conservative states and Conservative people) as he unleashes his bureaucrats to write all manner of growth-destroying laws, free of the need to even consult the US Congress.

The next four years are going to be a very bumpy ride for all of us, but never so bumpy as the ride Californians, Illinoisians, Marylanders, New Yorkers are going to take.

Welcome to the Socialist caused Sheol, folks.

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Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/10/20

To borrow from a fast food restaurant chain, who borrowed it from American culture: I’m lovin’ it!!! Gimme more, gimme more, gimme more!!! And, pass the popcorn (coconut oil and extra butter, please)

What’s money got to do with it?

Why, everything, of course.

Let’s throw out some seemingly random points.

Barack Obama’s reelection campaign claimed at one point (was it before or after he was innaugurated?) that they would spend ONE BILLION DOLLARS (pinky stuck to the corner of their mouth, no doubt) on this reelection campaign. Even with turning off the online security that would’ve prevented fraudulent over-seas contributions and other fraudulent contributions and other election law violations, the Obama campaign is coming up waaaaaay short of that ONE BILLION DOLLARS (muhahaha) goal. Oops.

Barack Obama told the DNC and all other Democrat candidates “you’re on your own; I won’t be giving you any money”. Sucks to be them.

Barack Obama, in his original run for President, told the Unions he’d put on his comfortable shoes and be front and center in their lines, right there with them, as they pushed for whatever they were pushing for. (What do they push for, other than theft of private citizens’ property?)

So, what happened in Wisconsin when the Unions needed Obama to keep his promise? Wisconsin Unions found out they were in Flyover Country! As Obama flew over Wisconsin while visiting all the states that shared borders with Wisconsin. Obama didn’t have time for them because he was working to get himself reelected (years in advance).

And the Unions screamed in torture that the DNC and Obama weren’t ponying up the money they needed to achieve their goal.

Oh, by the way, the Unions were spending tens of millions of dollars to lose at the voting booth, all the while their forced Union dues were drying up. One of the biggest Public Employee Unions in Wisconsin lost over half of its dues-paying members in under a year, all the while, the Union was spending like gangbusters on politics.


Obama didn’t put on his comfortable shoes and walk the picket like he promised he would. Quelle dommage! Quel suprise! Obama broke a promise! A promise made to get himself elected! Because he was too busy trying to get money to get reelected to help someone not named Barack Obama. And he isn’t getting his ONE BILLION DOLLARS (muhahaha), despite his aiding and abetting fraud and felonies.

I, for one, was loudly cheering on the Unions. I strongly encouraged them to spend all the money they could, and then to spend more. For a very simple reason.

Moving on, the DNC has decided to thank the Charlotte DNC Committee for the free lunch. That’s right. The national Democrat party has stiffed the committee that organized and ran the Democrat National Convention. “Thank you for putting on this extravagant gala. No, we won’t be giving you any money.” It turns out the Charlotte DNC Committee has run 12.5 MILLION DOLLARS short in paying its bills to run a gala for Barack Obama and the National Democrats. And Obama and the National Democrats aren’t about to help the Charlotte DNC Committee in its shortfall. And the Charlotte DNC Committee is depending on future donations to pay off that 12.5 MILLION DOLLAR debt. “Hey, buddy, do you want to chip in to pay for an event that has already happened, to support a candidate and cause that lost? We could really use your money, or businesses could go bankrupt and people could lose their jobs because we can’t pay them.” That’s not going to sell.

Oh, by the way, the Unions (who support Democrats 99 percent of the time and with 99 percent of their dollars) were busy boycotting the Convention because it took place in a Right To Work state!

And now we have news about the terrible financial state of the DNC (who refused to help defray the costs of their own convention). From The Other McCain:

RNC Trounces DNC in Fundraising as Democrat Party Goes Bankrupt

[Link to site that I don’t link to] The official Federal Election Committee reports for September are out [end link to site that I don’t link to], and Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s DNC is a complete wreck. The Democrats ended September with cash on hand of $4.6 million, compared to the Republican National Committee’s $82.6 million.

That’s nearly an 18-to-1 cash advantage for Republicans.

Worse still for the DNC, they had to take out loans to pay the bills so that they owed $20.5 million at the end of September, meaning that that (subtracting cash on hand from total debt) they were $15.9 million in the red — essentially bankrupt. Wasserman-Schultz’s committee only raised $3.7 million in September; at that pace, it would take them more than four months to clear their debt, even if they didn’t spend another dime in the meantime.

So, let’s recap.

Barack Obama, who told all the other Democrats “you’ll get no money from me”, cannot get to his ONE BILLION DOLLARS (muhahaha) goal, and is losing in the polls and is losing in the Electoral College and is being rolled over by the political tide (Roll, Tide!).

The DNC, who refused to “pay their fair share” of the costs to bring you the DNC Convention and all its lies and pandering (not to mention the complete face plant with all those anti-Israel and anti-Providence boisterous boos), is 20 MILLION DOLLARS in debt and has 1/18 (one eighteenth) the cash on hand as the RNC.

The Charlotte DNC Committee is 12.5 MILLION DOLLARS in debt and cannot get any money from higher up, and is depending on people to contribute money for an event that already took place.

The Unions have spent tens of millions of dollars they couldn’t afford, only to lose the elections they had to win in order to zombify their dead Union Dues — to — Democrat Election machine. All the while, watching their Union Dues dry up as newly liberated people used their liberation to extricate themselves from the Union leeches.

In short, all those whose goals would necessarily impoverish America are, themselves, becoming impoverished. Their money-making outlets are drying up. They’re going deep into debt, spending their future election money today. They’re losing their enslaved contributors. And they’re losing the elections. All the while, they’re refusing to support one another, as they each look out for their own selves. Which is typical of the sort of mindset that is necessary to be part and parcel of any of their various sub-groups. And the outyears will find them needing to cover costs for previous losing campaigns with their greatly reduced future money, leaving them less able in the future to spend the big bucks.

All the better for Conservatives. All the better for the poor. All the better for the middle class. All the better for small businesses. All the better for America!!!


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Advice For The National Education Association

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/07/03

Mike Antonucci has an article entitled NEA Convention 2012: America’s Greatest Education Governor Not So Great at Math. You should read it. In fact, it’s part of a series on the NEA Convention this year. You should read the whole series.

It seems the NEA eliminated ten manager positions, and the delegates wanted to change that situation but got shot down. (A violent, gun-related term relating to a school-related group? Am I in trouble with the Thought Police?)

NBI 10 revealed that 10 NEA managers had been notified by telephone that their positions were being eliminated, but the effort to address it was ruled out of order. NEA president Van Roekel cited the by-law that gives the union’s executive director exclusive responsibility over staff matters.

What is that? A totalitarian, top-down, fascist rule within the NEA? Where have I heard of that sort of thing before? Oh yeah. Here’s my free advice to the officers and delegates of the National Education Association: You all should Unionize! And then you all should strike the NEA, demanding job security and a change in the NEA bylaws to strip the tippy top of his tyrannical totalitarian authoriteh!!! And you should do it right now!!!

But on a serious note, a NBI (new business item) wanted the NEA to declare itself opposed to any military action against Iran. Nevermind how mindlessly foolish such a stance would be. At least the delegates had the good sense to vote not to consider the proposal. But here’s the nub of it: Jobs within the NEA are out of order for discussion while foreign policy is not out of order for the National Education Association to consider. Foreign policy is none of the business of an organization dedicated to education, but jobs within the organization is the business of the organization.

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The Outsized Political Might Of Unions

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/06/09

Public Employee Unions and private sector Unions have far too much political influence compared to their size. And that political influence is bought through the forced Union dues paid by many people who are diametrically opposed to the political goals of those Unions, like the Ohio teacher who had her Union dues spent to fight her husband’s political candidacy. Her husband won the election, despite the Ohio Education Association stealing her money and then using that ill gotten booty to attack her husband.

Here are Jade Thompson’s own words:

Teachers should be free to spend their hard-earned dollars to contribute to the candidates and causes they actually support. The OEA and its parent organization, the NEA, refuse to acquiesce because they have an obvious agenda. After all, as the general counsel for the NEA once said in federal court, “if you take away payroll deduction, you won’t collect a penny from these people, and it has nothing to do with voluntary or involuntary. I think it has to do with the nature of the beast, and the beasts who are our teachers … (They) simply don’t come up with the money regardless of the purpose.” Teachers, this is what your union thinks of you.


Do Unions forcibly take Union dues away from people who do not want to be in the Unions? Yes, they do. Do those same Unions then spend those Union dollars on political campaigns many of their members vehemently oppose? Yes, they do. And it’s sinful and tyrannical.

Now, how big are the unions? Not very big when compared to the rest of the people. The Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics spells it out rather clearly in its January, 2012 summary.

In 2011, the union membership rate–the percent of wage and salary workers who were members of a union–was 11.8 percent, essentially unchanged from 11.9 percent in 2010, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. The number of wage and salary workers belonging to unions, at 14.8 million, also showed little movement over the year. In 1983, the first year for which comparable union data are available, the union membership rate was 20.1 percent and there were 17.7 million union workers.

So, less than 12 percent of America’s workers are members of Unions (and I already pointed out that many of those Union members are unwilling members but were forced to be members against their will). But the news for the American public is much worse than that. A reasonable person would tend to believe there are more private sector Union members than public sector Union members simply because there are vastly more private sector jobs than public sector jobs. That reasonable person would be grossly in error.

From the same Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics report comes the data. Of the 14.8 million Union members, representing a mere 11.8 percent of the workforce, 7.2 million are in private sector Unions while 7.6 million are in public sector Unions. 51.4 percent of all Union members have public sector jobs while only 48.6 percent of all Union members work for businesses. That means Public Employee Unions represent 6.06 percent of all people in the workforce, or barely over 1 in 20 employees. And yet, as the chart on the right, from Open Secrets, shows, Public Employee Unions are among the absolute biggest political spenders in the nation. And they’re almost monolithic in their support for the Democrat Party (as opposed to businesses, which are far more balanced in their political spending, and spend far less money in politics). The top 4 highlighted groups on that chart are Public Employee Unions, and the 5th highlighted one is a group of Unions that contain both PEUs and private sector Unions. That, alone, would show an over-stated position of political power compared to their relatively small size.

But this isn’t about just the Public Employee Unions. It’s about all the Unions. So take a look at that chart of the biggest political spenders again.
3. Public Employee Union
5. Public Employee Union
7. Public Employee Union
9. Union
10. Public Employee Union
11. Union
12. Union (that I was a forced member of, twice)
13. Union
14. union
17. Union
18. Union
20. Union
29. Union
30. group of Unions

14 of the top 30 biggest political spenders are all Unions, and yet, Unions represent less than 12 percent of the workforce. But the Union spending doesn’t stop there.

40. Union (that I was a forced member of for nearly 9 years)
43. Union
44. Union
49. Union
52. Union
57. Union
58. Union
59. Union
65. Union
75. Union
85. Union
117. Union
119. Union
128. Union
133. Union

For Unions to be proportionately representative, they would need to have only 15 of the top 140 biggest political spenders, and yet they have 14 of the top 30 and 15 of the top 40! Unions represent 29 of the top 140 biggest political spenders, or just over 20 percent. From 1989 to present, Unions in the top 140 biggest political spenders have spent a combined 667,321,417 dollars on politics, and almost monolithically Democrat/Leftist politics. The top 140 spent a combined 2,367,159,046 dollars on politics in that time period, meaning Unions spent 28.2 percent of the political money of the top 140, far in excess of their proportionate representation, even considering Unions’ 21 percent representation in 1983 (which has been steadily falling since then).

Again, since 1989, Unions have spent 667.3 million (over 2/3 of a billion) dollars on politics. How much has the Left’s bogeyman, the Koch brothers, spent? A paltry 12.7 million dollars. So, next time some radical Leftist complains about the Koch brothers, remind that person that Unions are outspending the Koch brothers nearly 55 to 1. And while you’re at it, remind them that Unions are outspending their representative proportion more than 2 to 1.

Oh, by the way, that great evil, FOX News? Its parent company is on the list, at number 81, with 51 percent of its political money going to Democrats and only 48 percent going to Republicans. But in Liberal la-la land, that means they’re in the tank for Republicans.

From Bill Whittle (via Hot Air) comes this strong video:

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It’s All About The (Union) Money

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/06/08

Since Governor Walker won election in the TEAnami of 2010 and proceeded to follow through with his campaign promises, Unions have spent 50 million or more fighting against the democratic election. And for good reason: the money. Unions saw their cash cow — forced Union dues to fund their politicking and to line their pockets — vanishing before their very eyes, and they had to do something to stop it. So they spent millions of dollars they couldn’t afford to lose in order to try to prevent losing even millions more dollars. They failed, of course.

From The Wall Street Journal (via American Thinker‘s May 31 article):

Wisconsin membership in the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees-the state’s second-largest public-sector union after the National Education Association, which represents teachers-fell to 28,745 in February from 62,818 in March 2011, according to a person who has viewed Afscme’s figures. A spokesman for Afscme declined to comment.

Much of that decline came from Afscme Council 24, which represents Wisconsin state workers, whose membership plunged by two-thirds to 7,100 from 22,300 last year.

AFSCME Wisconsin lost more than 54 percent of its members in only one year since the Wisconsin Law went into effect. And those numbers are several months old. Guaranteed AFSCME Wisconsin has lost even more members since February. But to the Union Leaders, it’s not about the number of members (34,073 from March 2011 to February 2012) it loses, but the amount of dollars it loses.

I was a forced Union member for far too many years. My Union dues — which I did not want to pay but were required by Law to be taken out of my paycheck before I ever saw it — amounted to 60 dollars a month, 720 dollars a year. And that was actually on the bottom end of the dues rate for that Local (which served more than that one shop, of course). Washington State AFSCME members can be forced to pay as much as 76 dollars a month, 912 dollars a year. So, using what I paid in dues as the marker, AFSCME Wisconsin in just one year of dues-payer losses lost 24,532,560 dollars per year in Union dues. 24 and a half million dollars a year gone from the Union Leaders’ slush funds, and gone from the Democrat Party’s re-election funds. And that’s just from a single Union in a single State. That doesn’t count all the other Unions who lost members in Wisconsin, nor all the other states where Unions have recently lost large numbers of members. It only counts AFSCME and only in Wisconsin.

That is why the Unions spent upwards of 50 million dollars trying to overturn democratic elections.

(The above chart is of the all-time top political contributors nationally, as documented by Open Secrets. The top four circled political contributors are all Public Employee Unions and the bottom circled political contributor contains Public Employee Unions. Before any radical Leftist start screaming about the Koch Brothers not being on the list, they are … at number 77.)

UPDATE 2012610
Hot Air has more very related information today. It would be wise to read it (and watch the two videos).

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More Bad News For Wisconsin Democrats

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/05/14

The news coming out of Wisconsin continues to be bad for Democrats and good for the state. I have previously reported on the tens of millions of dollars Wisconsin schools have saved, with many schools going from deficit to surplus without raising taxes (in fact, property taxes were lower for the first time since 1999), while Democrats and Union thugs have spent tens of millions of dollars trying to rescue their tax-payer funded multi-million dollar cash cows and freebies, and used violence, threats of violence, destruction of public and private property in the process. I have also previously reported on the fact that Wisconsin has had its most improved economic forecast since 2003 and that its economic forecast improved more than any other state, after the Walker Budget was put in place.

Here’s what I said regarding the tens of millions of dollars Democrats and Union thugs spent in vain in Wisconsin in 2010 and 2011:

[Allahpundit] quotes that site I refuse to link (if I can avoid it) discussing the fact all those outside resources won’t be available to Recall Governor Walker in 2012 because there is the Obama campaign that needs fed, a US Senate campaign that needs fed, many other political races in Wisconsin that need fed, let alone all the campaigns across the other 49 states that need fed. After spending tens of millions of outside, Union dollars in 2010 and 2011 with next to nothing to show from it, there will be too many other needs in 2012 to be focusing in on a single Governor.

I previously wrote about the economic improvement of states that went from Democrat control to Republican leadership compared to the economic deterioration of Democrat controlled states. Multiple articles can be found in the TBD archives covering the economic disasters of Liberal-owned California and Illinois.

Well, Democrats have even more bad news coming out of Wisconsin. It seems the analysts were wrong about Wisconsin’s budgetary surplus. They underestimated it in their forecast. Wisconsin will have an even larger budgetary surplus than forecast. Without tax increases. In fact, with reduced taxes. Even as Wisconsin’s taxpayers had to foot a multi-million dollar bill to repair all the damage the Democrats, Union thugs, Occupods criminally did to public property. As Wisconsin’s economic forecast has improved more than any other state (as a result of flipping from Liberal Big Government tax-and-spend to Conservative small government restraint). As I have said many times before, these expert analysts are always wrong because they use static models and don’t account for a change in behavior that results from a change in tax and/or regulation policy. Just like the severely worsened budgetary outlook the Editor of The First Street Journal pointed out for the failed State of California. While the Republican agenda has improved the state of the State of Wisconsin, the Democrat agenda has worsened the state of the State of California. And that’s bad news for Wisconsin Democrats. They cannot have economic conditions and budgetary conditions improving while people are doing the opposite of what the Democrats want.

And they definitely cannot allow for the public to find out the Conservative approach is far more successful and liberating than the Liberal approach. Oops, too late. With the Conservative grass-roots giant very much awake, Liberals no longer have the ability to keep the news away from the people. And that leads to the most recent, and very terrible news (for Democrats) coming out of Wisconsin today. Polling shows Governor Walker with a very large 9 point lead over his Democrat challenger, who had raised taxes and fees in Milwaukee while simultaneously making Milwaukee’s economic condition worse (imagine that). To top it off, as I predicted, money is not coming in like Democrats want and need.

Update: Greg Sargent reports that Wisconsin Democrats are going public with their anger over a lack of support from the DNC:

“We are frustrated by the lack of support from the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Governors Association,” a top Wisconsin Democratic Party official tells me. “Scott Walker has the full support and backing of the Republican Party and all its tentacles. We are not getting similar support.”

“Considering that Scott Walker has already spent $30 million and we’re even in the polls, this is a winnable race,” the Wisconsin Dem continues. “We can get outspent two to one or five to one. We can’t get spent 20 to one.”

According to the Wisconsin Dem, the party has asked the DNC for $500,000 to help with its massive field operation. While the DNC has made generally supportive noises, the money has not been forthcoming, the official says — with less than a month until the June 5th recall election. The DNC did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

It apparently doesn’t look winnable to the DNC, which tells you all you need to know about the polls on which WI Democrats rely.

After spending tens of millions of dollars trying to get rid of the people who have made Wisconsin better for Wisconsinites, and failing miserably, some of the outside spigots are getting turned off. Those outside spigots have a lot more than just Wisconsin to worry about this year, as the Conservative grass-roots continue marching on, saving this country from certain economic disaster.

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On, Wisconsin (“Progressives” 0-for-4 In Birthplace Of Progressivism)

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/08/10

Among other things, Wisconsin is known as the “birthplace of Progressivism.” That’s important to remember.

The 2010 elections were very good for Wisconsin Republicans. One of the most Liberal members of the US Senate lost his bid for re-election to a Republican. The Wisconsin House, Senate, and Statehouse all went Republican. That despite heavy union money being poured into the state elections.

Governor Scott Walker and the Republican Legislature, doing what they said they would do, went to work to fix the broken State Budget. Unions were stripped of their non-salary negotiation abilities. Wisconsin no longer has to collect union dues, leaving that to the Unions and their union members to deal with privately. (I have heard from Wisconsinites over on Hot Air that Unions have lost as much as 40 percent of their dues on this point alone.) Various Public Employee Unions now have to have recertification votes annually. This means there’s a strong likelihood that some of the PEU Locals will voluntarily decertify in the coming couple years, the members no longer being automatically forced to be Union members to have a job.

Of course, as the Budget deal and the restraint on the overbearing PEU power was being dealt with through legal means, the Unions — from Wisconsin and the rest of the nation — pumped in millions of dollars to protest, as every last Democrat Senator not only refused to show up to work, but knowing the Governor had the Constitutional authority to physically force them to the Senate floor, fled the state for Illinois as they determined to hold representative government and the people of Wisconsin hostage for their tyrannical anti-democratic agenda.

What was the protesting like? Millions of dollars of damage due to vandalism, death threats, intimidating private citizens, assaulting private citizens, breaking-and-entering, criminal trespass, intimidating businesses, ethics violations, and the list goes on. That’s what the protesting was like.

So, the Democrats, Socialists, Communists, Progressives, Union leadership (different names, same thing) spent millions of dollars and used unethical and illegal tactics in a failed attempt to intimidate the duly elected representative government into doing the opposite of what the duly elected representative government set out to do.

Then came the Wisconsin Supreme Court election. And the Democrats, Socialists, Communists, Progressives, Union leadership (from the Redundant Department of Redundancy) spent millions of dollars making the election about Governor Scott Walker. And they went on a major smear campaign, including but not limited to airing an ad using a crime victim as fodder. When the crime victim asked Kloppenburg to get the deceptive smear ads pulled, she declined to lift a finger, so he personally got involved. He has a YouTube video calling out Klops and the unhinged Left for their duplicitousness and personally supported Prosser, the man they smeared by using him.

And Prosser won re-election (or is that re-certification in this case? I’m uncertain of the lingo) despite the millions the Unions pumped into the campaign.

So, the Progressives, Socialists, Communists, Democrats, Union leadership (repeating myself redundantly, again) decided it would be a good idea to have Recall Elections. And the Conservative grass-roots, although likely becoming exhausted from the continued fight against tyranny, followed suit with Recalls of their own. (The best defense is a good offense.) During the petition-signing process, the “good” Progressives showed how “good” they are by forcefully taking recall petitions which were full of signatures to recall Fleebaggers and tore them up — a felony. They also broke into a Recall Petition Headquarters and destroyed other petitions full of signatures — multiple felonies.

And the millions of Union dollars flooded into Wisconsin, once again focusing on Scott Walker. This past Tuesday (yesterday), 6 Republican Senators faced the Recall Elections. One Republican in a Democrat district fell. One scandal-plagued Republican fell. 4 Republicans defeated the Recall. The Democrats needed at least 3 victories to flip the Senate, and they failed. Not only did the Democrats need 3 victories yesterday, they needed to defeat both of next week’s Recall attempts in order to retake the Wisconsin Senate. It’s an impossibility now for Democrats to do that. And there’s a good chance one or both of the Democrat fleebaggers could fall to the Recalls, meaning there’s a good chance the Unions pumped in well over 10 million dollars in Union Member dues to achieve a wash.

Ed Morrissey says the Unions went 0-for-2 but by my count, it’s more like 0-for-4. The Unions spent tens of millions of dollars of Union Member dues to lose four times in a row. But fear not, they plan on spending even more millions to lose a Recall Walker effort and a General Election in 2012. Out of a shrinking slush-fund pool.

The Public Employee Unions are losing in Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut (where I read about a city firing all its teachers, then rehiring what they needed because the Union would not negotiate). And Obama needs those states, having won all but one in 2008. Obama won Wisconsin by 14 percent in 2008, but Democrats lost Wisconsin in 2010 and have been busily losing very loudly-fought and heavily-focused battles in Wisconsin in 2011. If Obama has to worry about a state he won by 14, he’s in deep trouble, as is the whole debased “Progressive” movement.

UPDATE: Allahpundit, the self-professed political “Eeyore”, sees little to be worried about with the fully expected Leftist attempt to Recall Governor Walker.

You’ve got to chase your dreams. Ahab had Moby Dick, Javert had Valjean, and these tools have a guy whose collective bargaining bill is a fiscal success even according to Milwaukee’s favorite newspaper.

Allahpundit’s link is to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online, which says in part:

The latest example is Milwaukee, where the most recent estimates show the city with a net gain of at least $11 million for its 2012 budget. That will take a slice out of the city’s structural deficit, which is created by costs rising faster than revenue, and will reduce cuts that Mayor Tom Barrett and the Common Council must impose.

The city projects it will save at least $25 million a year – the figure could be as high as $36 million in 2012 – from health care benefit and pension changes it didn’t have to negotiate with unions because of the changes wrought by the new law that ended most collective bargaining for most public employees.

That certainly will help the city deal with the $14 million in cuts in state aid in the 2011-’13 state budget.

Lest anyone suggest the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is a Conservative newspaper (hah!), a couple things to note: Milwaukee is very Liberal, and the JS had this quote in the very article I quoted above:

[W]e still maintain he could have reached his goals without dealing a body blow to public employee unions.

That’s not at all a Conservative position. In fact, that’s a very Liberal position.

Back to Allahpundit. He quotes that site I refuse to link (if I can avoid it) discussing the fact all those outside resources won’t be available to Recall Governor Walker in 2012 because there is the Obama campaign that needs fed, a US Senate campaign that needs fed, many other political races in Wisconsin that need fed, let alone all the campaigns across the other 49 states that need fed. After spending tens of millions of outside, Union dollars in 2010 and 2011 with next to nothing to show from it, there will be too many other needs in 2012 to be focusing in on a single Governor.

Allahpundit’s conclusion:

Walker’s approval rating was below 40 percent last month, but he has four more months of good press about the effects of the CB bill to penetrate. Let’s see where he is in January. Either way, the left will try to recall him if only to save face after losing last night and against Prosser. But whether it’s an earnest effort to win or just a pro forma attempt to hassle will depend on the rest of the year. I’m not worried, and as a famous eeyore, it’s practically my job to be worried.

And Governor Scott Walker’s reaction to the Recall efforts of yesterday:

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Wisconsin Supreme Court Slaps Usurper Sumi; Reinstates Collective Bargaining Law

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/06/14

From Madison, Wisconsin’s ABC affiliate WKOW:

MADISON (WKOW) — The state Supreme Court has struck down Dane County Judge MaryAnn Sumi’s restraining order on the collective bargaining law.

The WI Supreme Court’s ruling can be found here in pdf format or here in html format.

Allahpundit breaks out the so-called “humpbot” with trepidation. Law Professor William A Jacobson of Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion hits some overviews of pertinent portions of the decision before focusing in on paragraph 13:

The Court adopted the argument I had made here many times, that the Courts had no business questioning the legislatures interpretation of its own rules:

¶13 It also is argued that the Act is invalid because the legislature did not follow certain notice provisions of the Open Meetings Law for the March 9, 2011 meeting of the joint committee on conference. It is argued that Wis. Stat. § 19.84(3) required 24 hours notice of that meeting and such notice was not given. It is undisputed that the legislature posted notices of the March 9, 2011 meeting of the joint committee on conference on three bulletin boards, approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes before the start of the meeting. In the posting of notice that was done, the legislature relied on its interpretation of its own rules of proceeding. The court declines to review the validity of the procedure used to give notice of the joint committee on conference….

This is a sweeping victory for Republicans and Gov. Scott Walker. (And for my prior legal anaylsis, but that’s another matter. I’ll be spiking the football, for sure.)

This also is a vindication for the legal strategy of not backing down to the unjust, unwise, uncalled-for, unlawful rulings of Judge Sumi, who engaged in clearly unsound legal reasoning which — whether intended or not — took on the appearance of political posturing.

Definitely goto Law Professor William A Jacobson’s site so you can follow his well-deserved football-spike. The good professor noted paragraph 7 in his “highlight-in-passing” on his way to paragraph 13. I want to focus in on paragraphs 7-9 because it is a very powerful smack-down of activist Judge Maryann Sumi and her decision to ignore Wisconsin’s Constitution and the Separation of Powers that is so critical in a Constitutional Republic.

¶7 This court has granted the petition for an original action because one of the courts that we are charged with supervising has usurped the legislative power which the Wisconsin Constitution grants exclusively to the legislature. It is important for all courts to remember that Article IV, Section 1 of the Wisconsin Constitution provides: “The legislative power shall be vested in a senate and assembly.” Article IV, Section 17 of the Wisconsin Constitution provides in relevant part: “(2) . . . No law shall be in force until published. (3) The legislature shall provide by law for the speedy publication of all laws.”

¶8 In Goodland v. Zimmerman, 243 Wis. 459, 10 N.W.2d 180 (1943), the court focused on fundamental separation of powers principles and addressed whether a court has the power to enjoin publication of a bill duly enacted by the legislature. The court first explained that “governmental powers are divided among the three departments of government, the legislative, the executive, and judicial.” Id. at 466-67. The court then explained that the “judicial department has no jurisdiction or right to interfere with the legislative process. That is something committed by the constitution entirely to the legislature itself.” Id. at 467. The court held that “[b]ecause under our system of constitutional government, no one of the co-ordinate departments can interfere with the discharge of the constitutional duties of one of the other departments, no court has jurisdiction to enjoin the legislative process at any point.” Id. at 468. The court noted that “[i]f a court can intervene and prohibit the publication of an act, the court determines what shall be law and not the legislature. If the court does that, it does not in terms legislate but it invades the constitutional power of the legislature to declare what shall become law. This [a court] may not do.” Id.

¶9 Although all orders that preceded the circuit court’s judgment in Case No. 2011CV1244 may be characterized as moot in some respects, the court addresses whether a court can enjoin publication of a bill. The court does so because whether a court can enjoin a bill is a matter of great public importance and also because it appears necessary to confirm that Goodland remains the law that all courts must follow. State v. Cramer, 98 Wis. 2d 416, 420, 296 N.W.2d 921 (1980) (noting that we consider questions that have become moot “where the question is one of great public importance . . . or of public interest,” or “where the problem is likely to recur and is of sufficient importance to warrant a holding which will guide trial courts in similar circumstances”). Accordingly, because the circuit court did not follow the court’s directive in Goodland, it exceeded its jurisdiction, invaded the legislature’s constitutional powers under Article IV, Section 1 and Section 17 of the Wisconsin Constitution, and erred in enjoining the publication and further implementation of the Act.

Very clearly, Judge Maryann Sumi usurped the authority the Wisconsin Constitution placed exclusively in the hands of the Wisconsin Legislature. And, very clearly, the Wisconsin Supreme Court smacked her down but hard and issued a very clear and powerful declaration toward any other activist Judge who would, in the future, try to legislate from a Wisconsin Bench.

I also want to focus in on paragraphs 15 and 16 of the decision.

¶15 The court’s decision on the matter now presented is grounded in separation of powers principles. It is not affected by the wisdom or lack thereof evidenced in the Act. Choices about what laws represent wise public policy for the State of Wisconsin are not within the constitutional purview of the courts. The court’s task in the action for original jurisdiction that we have granted is limited to determining whether the legislature employed a constitutionally violative process in the enactment of the Act. We conclude that the legislature did not violate the Wisconsin Constitution by the process it used.

¶16 Chief Justice Shirley S. Abrahamson, Justice Ann Walsh Bradley and Justice N. Patrick Crooks concur in part and dissent in part from this order.

Clearly the Rule of Law won today. Also, while the decision was 4-3, the 3 dissenters nevertheless “concur[red] in part” with the majority decision.

Let’s break it down a bit, shall we?

1) The Wisconsin Legislature did not violate the Wisconsin Constitution in its actions.

2) Governor Walker did not violate the Wisconsin Constitution in his actions.

3) Judge Maryann Sumi did violate the Wisconsin Constitution in her activist actions.

4) The Courts have no jurisdiction over internal Legislature rules.

5) Leftists and law-breaking Unions, mobs, activist Judges hardest hit.

This is a win for Rule of Law and Separation of Powers and a loss for thugocracy and mob-rule. But let’s not rest on our laurels, shall we?

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