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#Jesus: The Poor Will Always Be With Us. #Obama: You’re Wrong.

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2015/05/15

That’s right, Obama said it’s important not to be cynical enough to claim that the poor will always be with us. And Jesus said “the poor will always be with you.” Matthew 26:11

See for yourself.

All who claim Obama is a Christian, just because he says he’s one, I dare you to tell me how someone who thinks he can dismiss Jesus and call Him a cynic can at the same time be a servant of Christ. It is impossible. Not only does Obama continuously prove he is not a Christian, but also continuously prove he hates Christianity and those who practice it.

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Leftist Class Envy (Commandment Ten Violation)

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/08/24

I worked eight years for a manufacturing firm that had both hourly employees and piece-rate employees. The top hourly employees could expect to earn 25,000 a year plus any overtime, whereas the top piece-rate employees were earning as much as 40,000 a year plus overtime.

There was a lady who worked hourly who had been there for five years, so she was at the top of the hourly pay-scale. She was very offended that she was earning 12 dollars an hour while other employees were earning as much as 20 dollars an hour (me, for one). Her solution: Cut the pay of the top earners so theirs would be closer to hers. Understand, cutting the top would not add a dime to her pay, but she thought it only fair that the top not get paid as much since she didn’t.

She could’ve bid onto a piece-rate job, but she did not want that job. There was no hourly rate, unless equipment was broken. All the money had to be made by actually producing product. And at 14 to 23 cents per piece for the vast majority of the product (4 to 8 cents per piece of pipe, more for other items), it was very hard, demanding, fast-paced work to get up to 20 dollars per hour working piece-rate. And rating out her product that she was paid hourly for, her actual piece-rate would have been well below 10 an hour instead of the 12 an hour she earned.

She didn’t want to do what it took to earn the higher pay; she just wanted to take that higher pay away from those who did earn it. And yes, it was much more important to her that the top get chopped than the bottom like her (remember, she was the top hourly rate, not the bottom like she had in her mind) get more. After all, it was only fair to violate the Tenth Commandment and be envious of the pay of other Union members in the same Union shop.

And that’s how it is with the American Leftist agenda. They are all about cutting the top and violating the Tenth Commandment. They aren’t, in actuality, about raising the bottom. “There’s a point when you’ve made enough money” has absolutely nothing with raising the bottom and absolutely everything with cutting down the top and the Envy of Your Neighbor’s Possessions. Where were all the stories about the suffering, starving, poor Americans when Bill Clinton was President? Where are all those stories now? They only show up when a Republican is President. It’s not really about raising the bottom; it’s all about maintaining a victim class that will permanently vote Democrat and advancing the violation of the Tenth Commandment.

And like that woman who was actually the top of her classification and not the bottom, the American Left and their Class Envy are also at the top of the World Poverty classification. Bill Whittle shows very clearly that America’s poor aren’t all that poor.

And most of America’s poor are better off than Europe’s, Africa’s, Asia’s middle class. How did America’s poor become so well-off? Traditional American values, which run afoul of American Leftists’ values. A strong work ethic, a belief that if you work hard enough and smart enough, there is no limit to what you can achieve or have. But the Left, both in the US and in the world (see United Nations) absolutely believe there is a point where you can make or have too much, a most definite limit.

Over 3 billion people would absolutely love to be “poor” like America’s poor. But the world’s Leftist Elite are more interested in pushing Class Envy, being envious of and jealous of their neighbor’s possessions, than in actually lifting up the condition of the world’s poor.

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