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Educating The Jew-Haters

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/09/25

As anyone who runs a blog site knows, there are a great many searches that find their blogs. Well, I had a Jew-hater who found my blog today. He found something he didn’t want to find because he hates him some Jews. His search term:

coward israeli soldiers stepping with his feet on a girl

What he found on my site, that he didn’t want to find.

I seriously doubt that educated him, because hatred of Jews is very much a Lucifer-inspired thing, but he definitely saw the Truth, which is anathema to his hate-filled agenda.

Just remember, the Koran says it is perfectly acceptable to lie to any non-Mohammedan in the furtherance of the Mohammedan religion (and world conquest is part of the Koranic Mohammedan religion). Much the same as the Leftist JournoList said it was perfectly acceptable for journalists to lie in the furtherance of the Liberal agenda.

And Jesus said they were doing the work of their father Satan, the father of all lies.

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Israeli Atrocities?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/06/17

This is supposedly a photo of an Israeli soldier with his foot on a Palestinian girl.

What’s wrong with this photo? Find out below the fold.

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